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   Chapter 6 The Greatest Shame of the First Half of His Life

Adorable Pigeon Pair and Superior Daddy By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4185

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Pretending to have a casual chat with Terrence, Jane peeled an apple, cut it into pieces and handed to his mouth, "Have some fruit."However, Terrence's face fell as if he didn't hear anything. Jane didn't know what he was thinking. Feeling unhappy, Jane awkwardly placed the apple on the plate and started another topic, "Darling, I've chosen a few venues for our wedding, have a look together?""No, it's all up to you.""Okay, I know you're busy, I'll handle this, " Jane looked hesitant, "and…about invitation, need I send one to Arana?"Terrence frowned. Jane quickly explained, "I just thought we were good friends after all, so it seems that I'm not generous if she is not invited to our wedding. Of course, I'll not invite her if you mind about this.""Don't guess my thoughts." Terrence suddenly glanced at her, as if he had seen through her intention. Jane shivered and got speechless. Terrence got up, "Aren't we discharging?""Huh?" Jane was stunned, "Now…?""Amm", he nodded and said without any emotion, "Poor atmosphere and air quality here."Behind him, Jane wrinkled tighter her hands. She didn't know why Terrence's reaction gave her a hint that she became alienated from him. "Check patient in bed 9 more frequently at night."In the corridor, Arana just finished her ward round with her interns, looking down at the medical records and checking the work. "Teacher, patient in bed 8 was diagnosed as ruptured fallopian due to fallopian pregnancy, why did you tell her family that she suffered an acute appendicitis?"Arana tapped the medical record and pointed to the "unmarried" column, but she saw two familiar figures before she said anything. Terrence had already changed his hospital gown and dressed casually. Dark eyes, light lips, cool face, and a simple white shirt all vividly embodied his unique charm. Jane was holding his arm. "It's Mr. Ku and his fiancée. A perfect match!"These words hit Arana's heart directly. Few people knew the romantic history between Terrence and Arana, except for Jane. "Arana, you and Terrence are a perfect match." Jane, her best f

riend, once said. Now, "a perfect match" was for Terrence and Jane. So ridiculous! "Miss Arana, " a student pulled her thoughts back. "Well, " she averted her gaze, "keep an eye on the patient in bed 8 who has a tendency to depression. Also care her physiologically and don't tell her family she got pregnancy now.""Okay, got it."As they spoke, Terrence and Jane were already walking head-on. "Dr. Towne is really quite busy, not only saving lives, but also educating students."Hearing these obviously sarcastic words, Arana looked to Terrence. He seemed to get better and became powerful enough to diss others. "Arana, we just get ready for discharge, " Jane broke the awkwardness with gentle and intimate voice like an old friend. But she held Terrence's arm even tighter to emphasize her identity. Arana was emotionless, "Then congratulations, and I also wish you a happy wedding and a long marriage.""Thanks, then Arana, you can go for work, we …""If you are sincere in your congratulations, why don't you come to our wedding?" Terrence interrupted with normal voice and conveyed a bit of compulsion. Jane looked up at Terrence in consternation. After all, he had rebuffed her proposal earlier. Terrence naturally held Jane's hand and clasped her fingers in front of Arena and her students, "It was you, the matchmaker, created such good destiny for Jane and I, so you'll be an important witness at our wedding?"What he said pierced deeply into Arana's heart. The word 'matchmaker' made Arana annoyed and depressed. But she still said arduously with an unperturbed look, "I am quite busy."Terrence stared at her, cynically and coldly, "Or you don't want to come?"Arana choked. His said it aggressively and straightforwardly. Jane had never seen this since she had been with him. She was not happy at all even though it was rare to hold hands with him in public. Students began to whisper something due to the stalemate atmosphere. "Yes, I'll definitely attend your weeding." Arana looked to Terrence calmly. Since he insisted and vented his anger in this way, and she was in.

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