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   Chapter 5 I’m Not Interested in You

Adorable Pigeon Pair and Superior Daddy By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4283

Updated: 2021-01-10 00:02

"Did I let you go?"Terrence looked at her coldly, "I have no interest in free services, and business people are all about consideration and equivalent exchange."Arana was speechless at that moment and finally came to her sense, "What do you mean?"Terrence swept over her nameplate and sneered, "An authoritative attending doctor would never serve a patient with a cup of water."Arana paused but quickly responded, "It's my pleasure."There was a filtered kettle right in the room so she quickly brought water back, "Warm, I have tried, and you can drink straight."Terrence furrowed his brows. "Don't get me wrong, I sensed the temperature across the cup with my hand back."Arana regretted a little. Terrence said nothing before her explanation. How ridiculous! But Terrence didn't take the cup. "You really take good care of your patients, no wonder you catch their fancy."Hearing these sarcastic words, Arana felt disappointed and said, "Doctors always meet all kinds of patients. I put the water here, drink it soon."Before Arana turned around, she was pulled by a force and fell towards the bed. "Ah..."In a cry of alarm, a shadow pressed down. When she regained her sense, she saw Terrence's face that is just the same as the one she knew seven years ago, except for the hostility between his eyebrows. "Arana, every dog has its day. I'm impressed by your taste now. You're so good with all kinds of men. Why? Are you short of money after being rousted out by Towne family?"The taunting words buzzed like pins and needles in her eardrum. Absolutely, the people you love most knew how to make you desperate. Unable to struggle, Arena said resentfully "Let me go" when he pressed even harder. "Annoyed?" Terrence coldly snorted. He freed a hand and touched her forehead little by little, as if he was remembering the sweet times they had spent. But finally he pinched her hard on the chin. "Ouch..." Arana's eyebrows knitted together. "Don't flatter yourself. I'm not interested in you. It is yucky to stay with you in the same place."All these words hit her heart directly. Arana clenched the bed sheet, forcing herself to make

the calmest response as she endured the mental and physical pain, "If so, what is Mr. Ku doing now? Remember you're getting married next month. This scene may give rise to misunderstanding …"The calmer Arana was, the angrier Terrence felt. How could she remain so righteous without any guilt even she abandoned him seven years ago? Things appeared in Terrence's mind aroused his anger. He clutched her even tighter, "Why didn't you care so much about your reputation when you eloped with others?""…""Eloped with whom?""What? Forget it? Did you break up with Samuel?"Seven years ago, Arana suddenly left the country and lost contact with all her classmates, friends and even relatives. Terrence used to search for her crazily until he heard that she had eloped with someone. For the next seven years, Arana and Samuel were like shadows in his life, looming over every dream, lingering on and on. For him, it was the greatest shame of the first half of life. Hearing 'Samuel', she froze slightly, but quickly snapped back to her senses. If Terrence hadn't mentioned it, she would have almost forgotten what kind of clumsy but deadly lie she had used to end their five-year relationship. "Mr. Ku, " a nurse knocked on the door. Arana pushed Terrence away at a draught, and quickly stood up. Seeing her flustered figure, Terrence recovered his cold mood. "What is it?" He asked. "I've just heard you're not feeling well; do you need a doctor?""No, go out, I'm tired.""Okay."The door closed. Arana relieved and dared not stay any longer or look at Terrence one more time, so she said in panic, "I'll leave first for something else."Terrence said nothing and just looked at her back, getting a bit uncomfortable. He was suddenly impatient, unable to understand why he had been pining for this cold and selfish woman for so many years. In the following two days, Arana deliberately avoided Terrence. Jane visited every day and nodded as a greeting when she met Arana. "Terrence, as suggested by the doctor, your actually need to adjust your diet for a long time which can also be done at home, so we can discharge earlier if you like?"

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