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   Chapter 4 Who is the Child’s Father

Adorable Pigeon Pair and Superior Daddy By fanciyuan comic Characters: 5186

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Arana turned off the speaker. The soft voice cleared up her gloomy mood a lot. "I guess you are Lily.""Humph, why does Mummy always guess right? Bro and I sound exactly alike." The little girl over the phone was deflated and disgruntled. At this moment, Luke said collectedly, "That's because I'm not as bored as you.""I'm not bored. I'm just, just…missing mommy, woo."Arana felt distressed, "Lily, uncle Mo will bring you here when we get things down."Hearing this, Lily cried even louder, "uncle Mo doesn't want to back, woo…he has a new girlfriend and brings her home woo…I'm totally freaked out..."Eason Mo! He often changes girlfriends and even brings them home. This would misguide kids. Arana frowned, "Lily, don't cry, put your brother on the phone."Lily was too sad to say things clearly, so it was better to ask Luke. "Mommy." Luke answered calmly, unlike a child. "Did uncle Mo bring his girlfriend home again?""No." Luke replied. "So why did Lily say he did…""He did actually, but we were not freaked out. On the contrary, I thought Lily had them scared."Arana knew well what had happened after hearing Luke's explanation. Before she returned China, Eason promised her that he would take good care of her children without dating girls. However, the leopard cannot change his spots, he probably brought a woman back on a night. In a drunken stupor, he would do something ashamed in the living room, forgetting there are two children. However, Lily suddenly appeared in a pure white nightgown, with porcelain doll-like face and long hair down. On such a night of lightning and thunder, she held a doll and stared at the two people lost in their passionate on the sofa, "uncle, what are you doing?"Eason was scared to roll straight off the sofa, almost getting impotent. Luke's scrupulous narrative vividly pictured Arana what had happened. She couldn't hold back titter near her desk even though she felt sorry for Eason. "Mommy, you make fun of me, " the girl muttered, with a choked tone, "I don't want to live with uncle Mo any more. Mommy, I miss you.""Okay, Lily. I'll pick you and Luke up after all things are done.""Mommy is lying. I don't trust you anymore. I'll find you with bro."Arana didn't take what the tiny child said seriously, and she patiently followed, "Then how will Lily come to mommy?""I'll be there with bro by air!""…"Next morning. The dean informed Arana not to take care of Terrence and assigned her to another VIP ward next door to Terrence's. Battle-hardened Arana has never seen such a difficult patient. "Pain here?"Arana pressed again

st the man's heart through the hospital gown. "Not here, a little down.""Here?""Further down.""…"Arana's hand had already pressed on the man's lower abdomen, further down …She furrowed her brows and she said, "Mr. Chi, your medical records show it is heart disease. Further down, it will be a prostate problem. I will get you a urologist if you need."Mr. Chi had already rung the bell for countless times this morning, just to seek Arana's care. "No, just minor problems, " the man suddenly grabbed and felt Arana's hands, "Dr. Arana, you have such a pair of beautiful hands."His lewdness almost made Arana spit out. Arana drew back her hands and said, "Mr. Chi, I'll go out first now that you are already fine."With that, Arana walked out without looking back. Just outside the door, a familiar figure walked in the opposite direction. Terrence had just returned from a gastroscopy alone. In the corridor, they looked at each other, just like in still air. Arana was in a daze when the patient actually caught up with her, "Hey? Where are you going? You haven't finished the examination. If you don't give me a check-up, I'll make a complaint against you."The way the man touched her hands even made her toes curl. In haste, she walked briskly to Terrence, held his arm, and asked "Are you okay, Mr. Ku?"Staring at her hands, Terrence gradually raised his head and stared at Arana coldly, making her panic. "Dr. Arana---" The man had already caught up with her, but stopped in front of Terrence, "Mr. Ku? You..."Most of the VIPs were a class of people. It was not surprising that they know Terrence. Arana showed her look of help. Please, give me a hand! In Terrence's memory, Arana was outgoing and cheerful, warm and generous. She was always provoking pity in her relationships although she devoted herself to study and work - almost a model of perfect girlfriend. Even today, he was still unable to refuse her pitiful eyes. Terrence furrowed and said indifferently, "I don't feel well, so I need her to take me back.""Well. Then Dr. Arana, send Mr. Ku back please."Arana nodded and helped Terrence towards the ward with beating heart. She asked for help just under the emergency without any consideration. Now she felt that it was unexpected that Terrence will give her a hand. Maybe, he didn't hate her that much? "Take care. Arana held Terrence to sit down on the bed. She straightened up and extended her gratitude, "Thank you very much, then I'll go out...""Stop!"His cold voice sounded just like a stinging and chilling wind in the winter. Arana stopped in a flash.

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