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   Chapter 2 You Are My Patient

Adorable Pigeon Pair and Superior Daddy By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4102

Updated: 2021-01-07 10:29

Her hands froze in mid-air, but she tried desperately to keep her voice steady. She withdrew her hands and said, "Then I'll have the nurse come.""I don't want to repeat it." Terrence's voice sounds cold and aggressive. The cold atmosphere in the ward is killing. He felt sick for even looking at her one more time. Feeling bitter, Arana replied with an 'okay', putting away her stethoscope and medical record book, "Well, then, if you… have any problem, ring the bell in time."A terrible silence. His thin and blade-like lip pursed, keeping her far away. Saying nothing, Arana put away her stethoscope and medical records, and turned around to escape. But at that moment, the door opened, a clear voice rang out, "Terrance, are you feeling better?"Arana saw Jane Yip in a snow-white wedding dress appearing at the door. She lifted the hemline of her dress and suddenly froze when she glanced at Arana. Jane was trying on wedding dresses in the fitting room when she was told by the shop assistant that Terrence had fainted and was urgently taken to the hospital. She didn't even have time to change dress before hurrying to the hospital, but she didn't expect to meet Arana here. What's even more coincidental was that she was actually Terrence's doctor! Jane's hand tightened, but she quickly pulled out a smile and asked, "Arana? You… When did you return?""A week ago." She answered. Indeed, she had just been dispatched to this hospital by the overseas headquarters a week ago. And to her surprise, they met in such a way. Her heart stung by the wedding dress on Jane, and her pale face betrayed her awkwardness. She tucked her hand back into her pocket and made room for Jane. "Well…" Jane paused for a moment, looking at the cold-eyed, reticent and silent man. Arana's squirming appearance told her everything. Sitting down on the bed, she continued to pretend as if nothing happened and gently spoke, "Terrence, why did you suddenly faint? Scared me."Arana turned sideways, trying her best to suppress her sadness, and said calmly, "Mr. Ku

is in a coma caused by acute gastritis. From now on, have light and less greasy, and take three meals on time.""And…" She paused, not wanting to speak, but added, "The constant irregularity of diet also contributes to the onset."Terrence stared at her with even colder eyes. Irregular diet? She remembered that well enough! "Did you hear that, Terrence? You'll have to eat breakfast from now on. You used to say you were busy, and didn't eat the lunch I specially prepared for you."Hearing these words, Arana felt sick and inadvertently bumped into a pair of sharp pupils with no temperature, making her distracted. She used to think that she may keep calm even if they met each other again. After all, seven years, a full 2, 560 days, were enough to rub out her love. She thought she would not care a pin. She even thought she would no longer love him. But who knows, Jane's words 'he doesn't eat breakfast' made her heart in turmoil, and a cold and distant look from him made her heart ache. Arana wondered did he not eat Jane's love lunch because of the promise he made before? It was surprising that she nourished such hopes. "By the way…Are you listening, Arana?"In her ears, once again, came Jane's nice voice. "Terrence and I are getting married early next month. Will you come? After all, we were the best friends. I want to invite you as my bridesmaid."The words came too suddenly, so suddenly that Arana was too late to respond, making her white-coat-covered body tensed up. "No bridesmaid needed at our wedding, just you as the bride is enough." Terrence said before Arana replied. He glanced at Arana with a disgusted expression, "Dr. Towne, are you going to stay her to appreciate the holy love between my fiancée and I?"How sarcastic! It also immediately shattered scanty hope in her heart into pieces! Being stunned, Arana subconsciously looked at the man with clear and cold eyebrows and pursed lips. She should have known he has nothing but loathing and hatred for her, but she was foolish enough to expect his scanty love.

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