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   Chapter 1 New Female Doctor

Adorable Pigeon Pair and Superior Daddy By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4144

Updated: 2021-01-07 10:28

Emergency Operating Room, Hai'an First Hospital. The three-hour operation was successfully completed. Arana Towne took off her medical gloves and mask, and threw them into the trash can. The associate physician passed her the hand sanitizer, "Dr. Arana, it's lucky that you were the chief surgeon, or the patient might have passed away."Arana got the sanitizer and rubbed her hands, "Observe the patient's post-operative reactions, especially ..."Halfway through her words, her eyes turned to nurses running in the corridor. People in the Emergency Department were all well-trained, so there must be an emergency. Arana washed off the foam on her hands and strode towards the emergency room without further guidance. Upon entering the emergency room, she heard several nurses discussing. "Another emergency?""Well, a patient in a sudden coma, who is even cared by the dean.""Goodness, Who?""Terrence Ku." T---Terrence?! Arana suffocated for a second…"How many Terrences are there in Hai'an City besides him? I heard that his fiancée was trying on wedding dresses before he was unconscious in the wedding dress store ...""Dr. Arana? You're here! Great!"At that moment, the nurse monitoring heartbeat and blood pressure spotted her and immediately presented her the blood test report, as if she did not notice her pale face. "Dr. Arana, the patient has elevated white blood cells along with hypoglycemia and has just been dosed with glucose. He could be suffering an acute gastritis."With a hesitation, Arana took over and checked the report. She took a deep breath and gave some instructions to the nurses. "I'll be here.""Then… I'll take my leave…Dr. Arana." The little nurse said and left. Arana consented. When the nurse pushed the sterile cart away, Arana picked up the stethoscope and walked to the sickbed. She couldn't keep calm as she expected when her gaze slowly turned to the man on the bed. Still unconscious, Terrence tightly closed his eyes, looking tired and weak. Even so, his charming yet chilling appearance even made Arana afraid to approach.

Arana's heart ached ... seven years! She had thought she would never meet him again in her life. She subconsciously raised her hand to smooth the wrinkle between his eyebrows, but retracted the moment she was about to touch it. Arana Towne, what are you doing? Now he is just your patient! Getting back her senses, Arana tucked away the sourness in her eyes and moved her gaze away from Terrence's face. Her fingers trembled slightly as she unbuttoned his suit jacket and the crisp, familiar scent burrowed into her nose. She tightened her breath, quickly held the probe of her stethoscope, bent down, and pressed it on his stomach through the shirt. The stomach echoes sounded muffled yet muddled. Diagnosed as acute gastritis. Arana stood up straight and unintentionally glanced at him. However, the stethoscope in her hand was dropped to the side. On the bed, Terrence, who was in a coma, kept his eyes on, and stared straight at her face with a pair of cold dark-brown pupils. He clasped her wrist. The tapes holding the needle on the back of his hand were ripped away. As a result, the needle that has been stuck into the vein was loosened with oozing blood. His eyes sank slightly and slowly moved down to the work badge on her chest. Chief Physician, Arana Towne! He raised his head and shook off her wrist. Looking at her with sharp eyes, he said with a cold and frightening voice. "Do you know how much I don't want to see your face?"It wasn't enough that this face appeared in his dreams every night, now it even appeared in front of him! Arana trembled. Staring at the pair of cold and disgusted eyes, she felt dry and uncomfortable in her throat, even difficult to breath. He, indeed, hated her! Intending to hide the wretchedness, Arana pretended to look away calmly. She glanced at the back of his hand, and turned to get medical tape, while struggling to recover her normal voice. "You are my patient."Tearing off three small pieces of tape and preparing to re-fix the needle for him, she heard his indifferent voice with a hint of disgust. "Get out!"

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