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   Chapter 4 Queen

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Jasmine woke up the next day completely different from previous days. A small smile painted on her lips as she laid there in the most comfortable bed she ever slept on. Events from yesterday flooded her mind as she slowly opened her slightly tired eyes. Staring up at the plain white ceiling, she sighed. "What did I do to deserve this?" She questioned before her head turned to the sound of the door opening. The person that had just walked through the door was none other than Tommy, himself, who stared blankly at the girl, who slowly sat up.

"Goodmorning!" He greeted dryly as she narrowed. "Hm...what crawled up your ass?" She asked as a smirk painted on her lips. Tommy maintained his stare before he spoke up again. "Take a shower, get dressed, and come down to the kitchen for breakfast, we have a lot to discuss, " he said as Jasmine furrowed, folding her arms across her chest.

"We have nothing to talk about, Tommy, I'm leaving, " she said as he rolled his eyes. "Just do what I said, Jasmine, " he said, placing a paper shopping on the bed in front of her. "Your new clothes, " he said before turning to leave the room.

"I'm not doing anything, Tommy, the last time I checked, you weren't the boss of me, " she said as Tommy stood in front of the door. "Fine, stay in here, see if I care, " he coldly said before leaving, slamming the door behind him. Jasmine kicked up a storm as Tommy left, she was frustrated with Tommy's stubbornness.

She stared at the paper bag almost giving in but quickly shook her head, standing on both feet before heading towards the window. "If he doesn't want to let me leave, I'll do it myself, " she mumbled before successfully opening the window. Looking out of the window, her eyes widened at the distance from the window to the floor.

Saliva was forced down her throat as she gulped. "Come on, Jas, you can do it, " she encouraged herself before climbing over the frame. She took a deep breath before-

"JASMINE! I SWEAR TO GOD! IF YOU DON' T WANT TO DIE, YOU WOULD GET BACK INTO THAT GODDAMN ROOM!" The familiar voice startled Jasmine as she lost her grip.

"AHH! TOMMY!" She screamed as Tommy cursed under his breath quickly gathering some of his men.

"Was this how I was really going to die, " Jasmine thought as her eyes were shut tightly waiting for the impact of the fall as she hit the floor but she felt nothing but muscular arms. Thinking it was Tommy, she sighed in relief before saying. "Whew! Thanks, Tom-

A yelp escaped from her looking as she was forcefully grabbed coming to face with a furious beast. Jasmine instantly went pale and she began to slightly shake. "ARE YOU F**KING INSANE, YOU COULD'VE GOTTEN YOURSELF KILLED AGAIN, " he yelled in her face as her eyes welled up with tears.

"HOW MANY GODDAMN TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAVE YOUR ASS, HUH?" He continued to yell as her tears slowly began to roll down her reddish cheek.

"Can't you see I'm trying to offer you help to be able to protect yourself, survive for yourself, fight for yourself, be stronger for yourself, " he said in a softer tone followed by Jasmine's sniffles. "How do you expect me to help you, when you're being a brat right now, Jasmine?" He

asked, setting her down onto her two feet as she had completely stopped crying.

"You think, you're tough, Jasmine, huh?" He asked, shoving her as she got slightly annoyed. "Enough, Tommy, " she growled as Tommy smirked. "What? Watchu gonna do about it, Jas, you bad, you tough, little girl?" He asked, mocking her as she got angry.

"F**k off, Tommy, I'm not in the mood for your childish games, " she fired as Tommy's smirk dropped changing into a serious, clenched jaw expression. "Say that again, Jasmine, " he demanded as she rolled her eyes. "Don't roll your f**king eyes at me, " he sternly said stepping towards her as she didn't consider moving out of fear.

"Now do as I say, Jasmine, " he demanded as his voice got deeper, sending chills down Jasmine's spine. "F**k-

Before she could begin her sentence, Tommy quickly held her in a front headlock blocking her airway as she struggled. "Tommy! St-op please!" she pleaded as her face turned a dark red and her legs began to fight up. "Have some goddamn respect, Jasmine, or imma whoop your ass, " he harshly said in her ear before tackling her body down onto the floor earning a painful cough.

Releasing her from the headlock, she immediately gasped for air before a scream ripped through her vocal cords as Tommy brought her right arm back against her back. "TOMMY, STOP! I HAD ENOUGH!" She cried as her left fist pounded into the floor. "Nu-uh! Jasmine, that's not how it works, if you want to get out of a shitty situation then you gotta fight for yourself, " he said as he put more pressure onto her arm as she cried in pain.

"TOMMY, PLEASE STOP, YOU'RE HURTING ME? She pleaded once again as Tommy rolled his eyes. "Come on, Jasmine, I don't want to hear that, because fellas out there ain't gonna care if they're hurting you, they'll just kill your ass, so fight back, " he demanded harshly pushing down on her arm as she sobbed. "I CAN'T! I F**KING CAN'T!" She screamed as he finally let go of her arm.

Tommy scoffed as he stepped away from her. "You're weak, Jas, pathetic, a coward, how do you expect to survive out there, huh?" He asked as she continued to cry on the floor. "You're welcomed to leave Jasmine, and if you still think, you could survive and protect yourself out there then you'll be dead by tomorrow morning, " he said walking away before stopping at the sound of Jasmine's voice.

"WAIT! TOMMY! I'LL DO IT!" She yelled as he remained silent letting her continue. "I'll stay and let you help me, " she whispered loud enough for him to hear her before he turned around with soft eyes heading over to her body that still laid on the floor.

A whimper left her lips as he carried her into the mansion bridal style, going straight up to the room she was staying in.

As they entered, he quickly placed her gently onto the bed. "I'll send a maid to come to patch you up, " Tommy said heading towards the door before stopping, looking over his shoulder before saying.

"Training starts tomorrow, bright and early, so be prepared to be in a lot of pain, " he said as she furrowed.

"Pain?" she questioned as Tommy hummed.

"There isn't success without sacrifice and pain, I'll see you tomorrow."

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