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   Chapter 5 In which they see the neighbors

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We all went outside and saw the neighbors door open. Every step towards the music was blaring. "Okay, who's going to tell them?", Luke asked pointing at their door. "I am not going", we all said in unison.

"But we can't sleep with them doing this", he said raising his shoulder. "Practically speaking you are the one who know someone in that house", I stated trying to set him up. "So? I just know him. I don't know what they are doing in there?", he said in a squeaky voice.

"What do we do?", Abby asked scratching her head while yawning. "Let's go together", Matt said.

Finding it the most optimal thing we all followed Matt inside their house. The apartment was 2 times bigger than us. Strike it, it was like a penthouse. We were peeking inside the apartment from outside. The lights were on and music was tearing our ears, no one was in the living room. Matt had rung the bell 10 times but none of them came out. Wish I could be a thief.

We slowly stepped inside the apartment. The grandeur of the apartment made us gape. Every item in the house shouted luxury. "Do you guys see anyone ?", I asked looking around in the living area. "No, I don't", Abby whispered. "Hello?", Luke shouted while entering the kitchen. As we went deeper into the house the sound of the music escalated.

"Guys, the stereo is here", Matt pointed us to the sound source next to the big screen. Luke turned it down, we sighed and made our way out of the apartment.

"Who are you?", a guy asked pointing the gun at us. We all gathered together in shock.

"Calm down", Matt said stepping forward. From the way the guy was swaying, we could tell he was drunk and that made it more scary. All I could hope was that he didn't pull that stupid trigger

"Who the fuck are you?!!", he shouted at the top of his lungs when we were still in shock. Keep the gun in front of your face and fucking answer you bastard

My stomach dropped when he pointed the gun to Matt's forehead, "Dude, listen to me, we are your neighbors. We came in here after hearing the loud music". Matt was slowly coercing him to drop the weapon, fortunately, the plan succeeded when that guy dropped the arm. The guy staggered to the nearby couch and passed out.

"Lucas, what are you doing here?", a familiar voice said behind us. We all turned to see a sleepy Connor looking at us with wide eyes. "Hey Connor, we came after hearing the loud music. Since the door was open and not to mention none was here in the room, we turned the system off. And then this friend of yours pointed a fucking gun at my brother scaring the shit out of me", Lucas ratted out in a haste.

The crease of his eyebrows left when he realized what was happening. "I am s

orry. He's drunk and crazy", he apologized. Clearly.

"Irresponsible brat", Abby whispered next to me. I hit her with my elbow and she looked at me narrowing her eyes. "What? What kind of person leaves the door open?", she asked me. Connor threw an awkward smile, "He's like that when he is drunk. Don't mind, I'll talk about it with him. I am sorry this happened".

Connor just won a brownie points for his sweet attitude. He looked so cute with his sleepy hair and loose t shirt.

What are you thinking? Concentrate Emily. I shook my head and noticed Abby was looking at me questioningly. I smiled and looked at Connor, who was already looking at me. Worst part, he wasn't breaking the contact, which made me uncomfortable.

Time was 3 in the morning when we went to our rooms.

The next day was as hectic as it could get. We got our schedules and went on tour at our college. We went to the library to get our membership cards and to the cafeteria, grounds, theatres and garden areas. Every nook of the place was amusing to us. The infrastructure and the history had us inspired.

"I just hope studying will be as beautiful as it", Luke said while we were driving back home. "I hope so", I said watching the buildings pass by. "I just hope I see some nice hot guy like our neighbor, what's his name? Connor ", Abby said with a dreamy eyes.

There she goes.

"Today, you try cooking", Matt said to me. "Me? Cooking?", I asked him with a questioning look. "You are the most experienced among the no-experiencers", he said entering the key into the apartment. Giggling noise distracted us to the elevator.

A guy about six feet tall with hoodie walked out of the elevator. He was looking down shadowing his entire face, while the girl behind him was latching on him. What bothered was the butt squeezing short pants and breast pouring top. I wasn't the one wearing it, still I felt naked. The guy walked into our neighbors house with the girl giggling alone like an idiot.

"That's the one among the two we didn't meet yet", Abby said while entering the house. "I hope not to meet him", I said with a disgusting look. "Yeah you've got the other hottie", Abby said with a smirk. "What are you talking about?", I narrowed my eyes on her. "Come on, we all saw how he was looking at you last night. He is smitten", she dramatically. "No one's smitten", I waved at her assumptions. "Let's see how it goes. I am already excited about your love story. By the way, you two look good". Okay, that's too far.

"Keep your fantasy to yourself, Ab. No one's loving no one", I said and went to my room.

I made sandwich and a failed pasta for dinner. Strange enough, I dreamed about Connor that night.

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