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   Chapter 4 In which they prepare for their college

Ten Dates By shri reddy Characters: 6295

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There was two days left to start our college. Boys were relatively more relaxed than us. Abby was going through her wardrobe for the tenth time today. "You think this looks good? ", She asked me, who had zero interest in such things. "The dress is perfect and you are perfect in any dress. Don't stress too much ", I put the blue shirt down from her hand. "What did you choose ?", she directed. I shrugged at her question, "Whatever I touch first that morning?". She grunted. "What did I tell you? Be prepare, at least with the dresses". " Choosing clothes is difficult, I decided to go with the flow. I'll get headache otherwise", I defended my state. "Come with me. I'll choose it for you ". She pulled me into my room. I sat on my bed letting her go through my closet. The first dress she pulled out was a navy blue knee length party dress. "Seriously?", I glowered. She smiled wickedly, "Just kidding" and she started digging in my jeans section. After an hour long battle with my, we finally settled with a jean and a white t- shirt. "I am tired", she said laying on bed. I laid next to her, " That's why I don't choose my clothes", I stated the obvious. "I am hungry", Lucas announced breaking into the house, fully covered in sweat. "Then eat", Matt replied curtly. Lucas flipped him and went to dig into the fridge. A minute and 10 seconds, we heard Lucas screaming. We all rushed to see him standing in front of the fridge with a face of an angry ape. "What happened?", I asked him. "Guys, we have an emergency. We don't have any food left. What are we going to do?", he said pointing towards the empty fridge. "Calm down. We can cook or buy something", Abby said. We all turned towards her. She knew none of us could cook. "Abby's right, we have to cook then and there. We can't keep on buying outside food. Let's try starting today", Matt said. "But I am hungry. If I had known there would be no food left, I wouldn't have gone to the gym", Lucas said with a grimace patting his stomach. "I think a bath will be better than food, Luke", Abby said closing her nose with two fingers. "Suddenly, I want to hug you. Come here", he said coming closer to Abby with wide hands. "Don't you dare come closer to me", Abby started running in the living room while Lucas was following her like a ghost. "Who's going to cook?", Matt asked me. "Definitely not me. We'll take a draw", I said and started preparing the papers. Fate was on my side when Matt was chosen to cook today. We were ecstatic since it was Matt who suggested us to cook. "Someone has to buy groceries", Matt said. "Emily will go buy groceries", Luke said. "What? No. We will take a draw again", I said taking all the papers again. "I am tired, just buy this one time. I promise I'll buy it next time", Abby said and left to her room. Lucas got up and I quickly grabbed his collar, " Where are you going, Mr. Driver?". Luke turned to pout at me but I stood sternly making him finally give in. " You are so cruel."

"Say something new". We both started leaving after Luke took a bath. Luke car was parked in the dark side of the lot. There was a guy standing in

front of a car talking on the phone. He shook his head towards Luke while he return the same. I entered into the car and the guy winked at me when we were about to pull out. "You know that guy.", I asked Lucas while driving. "He is our neighbor. I saw him the day when I dropped the drunk guy". We a were in the middle of taking life changing decisions by picking up the ingredients for the pancakes and sandwiches when someone hummed next to me.

I turned to see the guy from the garage next to me. "Hi", he was waving at me. I looked at him narrowing my eyes and started moving towards Luke. "That guy is following us", I pointed to the guy standing at the aisle and looking at us. Luke started waving at him, I held his hands together, "What are you doing, Luke?", I whisper yelled at him. On cue, that guy started walking towards us, "He is a friend".

"You said you saw him once. Seeing once doesn't make friends!", I said raising my shoulder. "So?", before I opened my mouth again, the guy came next to me. Anxiety rolled over realizing an handsome, add some more, was standing next to me. He beamed at me, "Hey". I slowly moved beside Luke to clear the haze. I slowly pulled my lips upside, "Hey". Luke pushed me back giving him a shoulder hug. Really, he just saw him at the parking lot. "What are you doing here?", Luke asked him. "Well, this store is the closest to the apartment", he said and looked at me. I managed to put on a smile to cover that awkwardness. "Well, this is Emily, we live together", Lucas pulled me to the front. " Hi, I'm Emily", I said with a gentle smile. "Hi Emily, I am Connor. I live across you", he said with a constrained smile. Looking both of us, "So you guys couple?". Luke burst laughing, "No, we are friends. We live together in the apartment with my brother and other friend". The awkwardness in his face increased ten fold and I was on the verge on bursting looking at his funny face. I managed. "That's what most people say. Don't worry about it. We are cool", I said trying make him less awkward. "Yes, that happened a lot before.", Luke backed me up. Connor let out a relieved sigh and smiled at us. Strange that I thought he would leave us in the store but he followed us till the door, even waved and went into his apartment. By how things turned out, I forgot some ingredients in the list. Matt made us sandwich for dinner and a what-not pancake, which we decided not to call that. I couldn't say it was good but wasn't bad either. The day was diffusing into a complete darkness when we heard loud music booming through our apartment. We all gathered in the living room thinking there was someone in the house. Boys were armed with the bat and tasers. "I swear if its a fucking robber in our apartment", Luke said and went through every room while Matt was following him. We were standing in the living room half asleep and fully nervous for the boys to return. No one. Still the noise continued. Our front door was shaking from the frequency. Pardon the exaggeration. It could've been my sleepy state. Matt opened the door, looked out side and turned towards us, "Guys"

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