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   Chapter 3 In which they have a new house

Ten Dates By shri reddy Characters: 5178

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After 6 hour travelling, we arrived at Port Richmond. When I say the apartment was big, it was very big. It was much larger for 4 people. The apartment was on 4th floor. It seemed more like a penthouse with only two houses per floor. Abby's dad is showing us all the rooms in the house. The house was full furnished with tv and even gaming stations fixed. Each of us gets a room along with bathroom. The windows in the living room displayed the beauty of the city. Apart from this, there was two small rooms. The kitchen was pretty large compared to the one from our house accompanied with a big dining table. The fridge was already packed when we came here. Our parents imported all our requirements before we arrived here. Our parents imported all our requirements before we arrived here "The house is so..", Abby trailed off. "Big", Matt completed the sentence. "Don't you think its too much for us", I asked Lucas who was standing next to me. "I know but our parents leased it for next five years, so we have to enjoy it to the fullest", he said with smile playing on his lips. I shook my head smiling at his words. Lucas's and Matt's cars were delivered within two hours of our arrival. Everything was set. Food, car, shelter and even a cycle was prepared for us. We ordered food for lunch and dinner. Next day, Abby's dad and Lucas's parents returned home leaving us in the new city. Every one of us was curious to find more things about the house. First things first, we chose our private spaces. The room I chose was the simplest of all. It was painted with blush pink, a single cot at the middle of the room with table on one side and study desk on other. The size of the closet was moderate like my moderate clothes, so was my bathroom. My room was located in the left corner of the house opposite to the studio room, which was empty now. Lucas resides next to me while Abby next to the studio room and Matt on other end of house along with theatre room. Abby's room was the largest among us. It was painted steel blue with a single cot and study table. The closet was big and had one to have bathtub. Lucas's room was painted terracota giving an authentic look to the room. He had the same setup as us but with more traditional setup. The room perfectly didn't match his character. Last, Matt's room was painted soft black with a window showing the city. It took a day for all of us to arrange our things in the room. The boys were busy setting up the theatre room with a gaming console, while we both were studying the kitchen for ingredients and snacks. " I t

hink we can manage with this one", Abby pulled out a nuggets packet. "So, nuggets it is". "I think we should go explore the neighborhood. You know, restaurants, stores etc", Matt said while we were resting in the living room. Matt was the more practical one in our group and Lucas was the least. "Okay, I'll get my bag", Abby rushed to her room. " I'll take mine too", I said and left to my room. The apartment had a community swimming pool, gym, park and a bar. This was what we found before we hit the roads. The complex was pretty much deserted with no shops and only other compounds. It took us 15 min into the downtown. We were looking at everything new in the streets. We found a small store and local restaurant to be grasped first. The sausage in the shop became our first favorite in Richmond. After roaming for 15 minutes, we all started walking back to the apartment. "I am going to the gym and ask for membership details. You guys go", Luke said and started walking towards the gym section. Abby was opening the door, when we heard noise coming from the opposite house. They were playing loud music and were shouting at the top of the lungs. We smiled looking at each other. "I think we've got party neighbors", Matt said leaning on the wall facing their door. "Do you think there'll be boys in there?". There she goes. I shook my head and entered the house. We were watching our first movie after completing our day. Everything felt different. In the middle of the movie, somebody knocked the door. "Did you order something?", I asked Luke. He shook his head and so did the others. Lucas got up to check on the door. He left for good 5 minutes and there is no sign of him. " Where did he go?", I asked waiting for him to walk through the door. "Nothing worth kidnapping him, so don't worry", Abby said. I went to the door, when Lucas burst entered the door shocking the heaven out of me. " What the hell were you doing?!!", I asked him still holding my heart to calm down. " That's the neighbor guy. He is drunk and came to our house by mistake. Just delivered him there", he then went and we all completed the movie. My parents were ringing me every hour checking if I was fine. Even Papi called once asking where did I hide my stack. It was only two days and I was already missing my family. Abby proved it that I was not the only one, when she came into my room in the middle of the night and told she was afraid to sleep alone in the room. Girl, you should've thought when you took that dark room. We slept hugging each other. That's how our first day went.

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