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   Chapter 2 In which they send her off

Ten Dates By shri reddy Characters: 3957

Updated: 2020-12-19 20:16

A week was all left for us to leave our parents, friends, and the place we've born and brought up. It would be our new beginning in a few days. We all had dinner with Abby and Lucas's families. This time it felt different like we were leaving for real and not gonna come back. I just wish it not to be true. I loved my city and there were so many precious memories here, that I couldn't give up on those. "Did you get all the stuff needed?", Abby asked sitting on my bed. " I think so. I am so nervous right now. Is the apartment ready?". She hugged me with such love that I calmed down in an instant. "Everything is set. We just have to move in there. Don't worry about those. Think about college life, food, and especially boys.", she said hitting my shoulders with hers and a playful smile on her face. "Okay then", I said with a wink. My parents visited the apartment we were going to stay in. Abby's father being a realtor was able to find a good apartment for the four of us to lodge in. According to my dad, it was safe and to my mom, it was surrounded by many restaurants. The two important things were checked already. Leaving out the worry of staying and studies, I was prepared for the new phase of my life. "We are getting a boyfriend", she cheerfully said next to me. "Yeah, you are getting a boyfriend", I said in a bored tone. She shook her head in disappointment. "Why are so hostile towards getting a boyfriend?"

" I am not hostile, it's just I didn't have any need to have one and I am scared after what happened", I shrugged. "Not everyone is like that asshole. That shit head doesn't deserve you. I just hope you meet someone who changes the thoughts you have about being a friendship.", pity was one thing I saw in her eyes. This was one of the reasons that I was afraid of being with someone. "Says someone who never had a committed relationship", I said sarcastically. She turned dramatically with a smirk, " The boys I dated weren't my standard. I

am no ordinary and no ordinary can catch me". We both started laughing. Papi was watching TV when we both went downstairs. Seeing at our smiling faces he asked, "Care to share the joke with me? Or I am not to be spoiled by such jokes? "

"We were just talking about college and hot guys we will be meeting", Abby said laughing. "Kids these days are never hot. You should have seen me then. All the girls would run for water if I walk on the streets. I was such a type of hotty.", Papi said proudly. My stomach was hurting laughing at his joke. He was a man who loves to make women laugh. That's his charm. I just wish if I ever met a guy, he would be like Papi. He makes me search for his characteristics in every guy I meet. That was the other reason, no guy stood a chance, not many that have asked me. We were all doing the same nonsense talks until Lucas and Matt joined us. Lucas is Papi's favorite because they shared the same humor meter and mostly perverted. " I love you so much", my mom said hugging me. The week went by in an instant and now we were loading the car with my luggage. "You sure you'll be okay?", my dad asked concerned." I will be fine Dad. Abby's dad is coming with us and you said it'll be safe there. I'll manage", I hugged him. The familiar warmth that I'll be missing for a while. "She is my granddaughter. Not to mention, she takes after your mom. She was one tough lady I have come across. She can do anything, Don't worry", Papi said to Dad. Tears welled up listening to him. He was the one I'll be missing the most, I hugged him firmly, " I love you, Papi". "I love you, sweetheart. I know you can do anything you want and I want you to see great heights in your life.", he then whispered, "Don't you think I should've stocked some chocolate and Oreos?". I cracked up listening to him. After few more tears from my mom, advice from my dad and sweet jokes from my grandfather, we all started to ride towards the next step of our life.

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