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   Chapter 1 In which she loves her family

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The morning sun was peeking through my windows lighting up the whole room. The thought of new day put a smile on my face. I stretched my hands and sat on my fluffy bed. The light was blinding my eyes more that I expected. I jumped out of the bed, dancing through the bath and got ready. Breakfast was ready by the time I went downstairs. "Good morning parents", I said smiling before sitting in the dining table. "What's special?", I asked looking at various dishes on the table. "It's just my daughter is leaving us in a month and I want her to enjoy every homemade meals as much as possible", my mom said placing another dish on the table. I smiled and hugged my sulking mom. "Mom ", I said with a pout. "Honey, it's just feel weird that you are leaving us", my dad said. I looked at him, he was dressed for his job. My dad was a detective working at Rockford Police Station and my mom had a little flower shop in the city. They were the most supporting parents one could ever get. They were there behind my every achievements, from my first grade running race to my admission at Pennsylvania State University. One month was all I'd left with, before I started my college. It was difficult for me to leave my parents behind, but my dad encouraged to pursue my Under graduation in PSU. "I can't believe you grew up so fast. It was just yesterday they gave you wrapped in a white cloth looking like a button and now, you are taking your own steps towards your dreams", my mom said with tears threatening to fall. I hugged her tightly, "I love you so much Mom". We heard someone clearing throat, "That's why I wanted another kid. At least I would've had someone when I am abandoned like this ". We all started laughing. I hugged my dad, "Love you Dad ". He held me closer to his body and asked, "More than your Mom?". I whispered him a yes and shook my head no. "What are you doing today ?", my grandfather asked me. "I don't know papi ", I replied. "When are your friends coming over?", he asked plucking the remote out of my hands. We were at the middle of remote war for an hour changing between channels. My grandfather was a navy retired and he never ceased to surprise me with his memory powers. He had told me he could memorize 20 locations in one glance and the medals proved them right. Dad followed his way and got a job as a detective. "After two hours", I replied. My friends came by around 5 in the evening. I got in to the car with them and we all drove off. "What are we going to do first?", I asked. "First we eat and then we go get things we want", Lucas said from the drivers seat. Lucas, Matthew and Abby were my best friends from kinder garden. Lucas and Matthew were twins with blonde and silver eyes, with only difference is the shades of their skin, where Lucas a bit tan than Matthew. Abby was Hispanic with a shoulder length black hair and attractive as hell. We all grew up together "Okay". We crashed at McDonald's filling up our tummies. "I can't eat more ", Abby said holding her stomach. "You should've stopped a burger before, Abby", Matthew tease

d her. "Shut up Matt", she said shoving him in the head. We were roaming in the city mall for past hour buying nothing other than towels. "Let's go there", Abby pulled me towards the lingerie stores. "No No! I am not going there ", I said pulling her back. "Come on Emily. Let's go in there", Lucas told beside. I was shocked to hear it from Lucas even I knew he was low-key pervert. "Lucas !!", Abby and I shouted at the same time. The boys started laughing, " Just kidding", Lucas said wiping his tears. "You should've seen those faces. Precious". Eventually I had to go through the lingerie store. This time, it was better. No showing off in front of strangers. By the time I came home, I was drained and was feeling heavy with all the bags with me. "Did you purchase all you wanted?", my Papi asked me. I swiped the sweat, " I hate shopping and yeah, more or less". He wore his glasses and walked in front of me with hands on his hip. "Did you buy my Oreos?", he asked with those puppy eyes. I smiled with adoration, "You are not supposed to eat those. ", I said with a playful smile imitating him. His cute face changed into a pout, "This old man can't eat anything in this age. Your granny was nicer than you, she used to fall for my puppy eyes. I just miss her now", he said with a pout. My Papi was a baby and my granny was his one true love. They both were best friends backing each other while pranking my parents or sneaking out on a date. They would play in the rain. When she was strict with him, he would give the same puppy face and my granny gave up with a blush. The little winks and small kisses had them going. Papi was devastated when granny lost her battle with cancer. He told us that he would live his life with her memories because he promised her that he wouldn't be broken and would take care of my dad. There were many nights that he waited for my dad to return home and would advise him to go on a dates with my mother. Maybe these times brought us close. I slowly pulled out the Oreos and handed it to him. The smile that overtook his face was valuable. He was the one in million person, who would love every person in the world. He hugged me after a little dance and said, "You are just like your granny. Thank God, I thought you are like your father". We both laughed. Dinner came by in an instant, "Did you get it all, honey?", my mom asked. "I think so", I said. "Emily, why do I smell Oreos on my dad?", my dad asked. We both were opening our mouth and spoons were suspended in the air. Papi was as scared as me, sitting across the table. "I told you", I mouthed him and he mouthed me back a 'Sorry'. My dad cleared his throat after knowing our little secret. "I am sorry. I bought for me and I gave only one to him", I said pleading my dad with my eyes. "He is not supposed to eat those. Why can't you get it?", my dad said disappointed. "I am sorry", I said looking at the floor. "Don't do it again", my dad gave me a final warning. I looked at Papi smiling secretly while eating. I shook my head at his behavior. What do I do with him?

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