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   Chapter 5 A Surge

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This scared Lily and Dahlia a lot as they hurriedly called other maids to help Calamity sit down. Some smart maids had already gone to invite a doctor. As the imperial doctor in the mansion was curing the lord and guard, they could only invite a doctor from outside.

The doctor dared not touch the body of a noble princess to check the condition. Instead, after being told that the princess felt sick at the sight of blood, he especially prescribed some medicine to make her stay calm.

However, after taking the medicine for a couple of days, Calamity was still groggy. Meanwhile, her waist ached as usual.

Three day later, she heard the same majestic voice, "Calamity, it's time to recover!"

She then suddenly opened her eyes and sat up abruptly. After then, she stretched to press her waist, only a slight pain left.

"Who's talking?" Calamity suddenly remembered the same voice when she was stabbed in the hospital. That speaker promised to spare her a chance for rebirth and gift her something. "It's the same person." She murmured.

Lily kept staying beside Calamity's bed. When she saw Calamity wake up, she instantly exclaimed joyfully, "My princess, you're finally awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anymore? Are you thirsty? I will make a cup of water for you." Lily then turned around and made a cup of water in front of the table. Then, she came back to serve Calamity, reminding, "Be Slowly!"

After taking the cup, Calamity instantly had a big mouthful of water. When she raised her head, she saw Lily watching her with both excitement and grievance and there were sparkling tears in her eyes. Lily said, "My princess, you've passed out for three days. You really scare me."

Calamity replied with a smile, "I'm fine." She then opened her quilt and got off the bed. Calamity thought she should be too feeble to stand up. Unexpectedly, when she slightly moved her legs, she felt it full of energy. Her dexterous movement even shocked herself. Seeing her sitting on the bedside, Lily hurriedly squatted down, trying to help her put on her shoes. However, Calamity said, "I can do it myself."

After hearing this, Lily looked up at her, asking, "Do you blame me for not taking care of you well?"

Calamity bent over to put on her shoes and stood up to take a few steps, feeling that all her discomfits had gone. She then looked back with a smile, replying, "My innocent girl, you're thinking too much. I was just tired on the bed and wanted to relax myself on the ground."

Sitting on the chair, Calamity suddenly recalled that injured guard. She wondered about his condition. "I'm afraid that he would suffer a lot even though he could survive." Calamity signed slightly.

Hearing Calamity's sigh, Lily said with slight sorrow, "Princess Hollie has married His Royal Highness. As you didn't get alon

g well with her since young and she's greatly favored by His Royal Highness, I'm afraid that it will be much harder the next days."

Before Calamity replied, Dahlia opened the door curtain and entered. When she saw Calamity sitting on the stool, she relieved, with a pleasant smile on her face. "My princess, you're finally awake. God blessed us!" she then greeted.

Calamity looked up then she saw Dahlia wearing a suit of deep grey clothes. With a tender and benign smile, Dahlia seemed to be sincere to Deanna. So Calamity smiled, "Hmm, I'm awake."

Dahlia took one step forward and said, "Princess Consort is coming."

Calamity didn't realize who Dahlia meant. She asked, "Princess Consort?"

"Exactly, Miss Hollie." Lily reminded. After a pause, she added, "You're her senior sister and the lawful wife of Prince Williams. You're superior to her. Don't be afraid. If she dare bully you, we will tell Her Majesty about that." (note: Her Majesty here refers to Queen Margaret, the lawful wife of the King)

Calamity stayed alert as she told the wet nurse, "Let her in!"

Dahlia conformed and then lowered her body to salute Calamity before leaving there. After a short while, she took a woman in luxurious costume in, followed by a few maids. One maid served a bowl of steaming medicine in a tray.

The woman in luxurious costume then walked to Calamity's side and slightly lowered her body to salute her, "Sister."

Calamity gazed at Hollie. Although Hollie lowered her head, her face slightly raised. Despite a humble look, she couldn't hide her pleasant mentality. Despite the flair white-snow skin and perfectly delicate facial frame, her green gemstones over her head made her a bit more earthly. Besides, she was in official, red silk costume embroidered with peony flowers by gold threads, which looked pretty exquisite.

"Sister, do you mind me wearing your official costume? I've told His Royal Highness that it was a sort of transgression for you and should never be done; however, His Royal Highness insisted that I put it on. He said that I'm the lawful wife in his mind." Hollie started to explain in an aggressive way once she saw Calamity gazing at her clothes. She thought that Calamity would grudge about it but had never tended to leave space for Calamity to rebut.

Dahlia and Lily instantly changed their countenance. However, as Hollie was superior to them, they couldn't express their grudge no matter how they hated her.

Calamity replied with a faint smile, "I just study the needle work of this costume. It's really an art of work. I wonder whether it's two-sided embroidery. Let me take a look." After saying that, Calamity moved forward to roll up her sleeve. When she saw the exquisite pattern inside, she couldn't wait to acclaim, "God! What a masterpiece! What a masterpiece!"

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