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   Chapter 4 Williams's Doubt

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Calamity sat up as she tried to press the place where was stabbed by the sword's handle, almost causing her drop tears. "Have my bones been broken?"

As an increasing number of guards joined in the battle, the two assassins realized that they were outnumbered and would lose the battle; therefore, they dashed towards and thrust Williams fiercely. However, the one their swords pierced into was a guard and then the lower abdomen of Williams.

"Lord!" The guards screamed.

Calamity was shocked too. She hurriedly climbed to Williams' side. Fortunately, Williams was not badly hurt because his guard had resisted the most part of the strength along with the sword.

As for the guard, his lower abdomen was pierced through, gurgling out blood. As a result, the place where he lay was tinted with scarlet blood.

Calamity lowered her body to check the guard's wound as she comforted lightly, "Don't be afraid, I will help you. Let me stop bleeding for you right now."

She picked a sword to tear open his shirt then she found the wound was 5 cm long. At this moment, another guard brought her a vial of hemostatic powder. Watching this, Calamity became astounded. Soon after, she realized that she was in ancient times. Therefore, she opened the lid of the vial with mouth and spread some powder over his wound. After then, she wrapped it with clean cloth strips to stop bleeding.

The guard had already lost his consciousness as he was slowly closing his eyes. Fortunately, his wound didn't bleed anymore and his breathing was normal.

But, Calamity knew that he was not in a good condition. After being pierced through by a sword, his internal organs must have been injured.

Williams had long been propped up. Although his wound was shallow, he was bleeding too.

He cast a glance at Calamity with surprise.

However, he soon recovered his composure as he roared at his guards, "Go investigate it right now. Who on earth wants to kill me!"

"Yes, my Lord, I will investigate it immediately!" A man who looked like the head of the guards instantly took his men away.

The guards tended to support Williams but were stopped by his stretched hands. He asked, "Have you invited my imperial doctor?"

"My lord, we've noticed him!" One guard answered.

As the King designated an imperial doctor to look after Williams, he didn't need to invite other doctors.

"I want him alive!" Williams watched the injured guard and sent this order.

At this moment, Calamity stood up with blood on her face and body. She then watched Williams and comforted, "Don't worry, he'll be fine!"

Williams fixed his eyes onto her with a deep frown as if he was watching a strange person. After a long while, he asked, "Aren't you afraid of blood?"

Calamity felt a bit confounded until some memory suddenly poured in her mind. She then knew that Deanna Yang was so afraid of blood that she might even pass out at the sight of it.

Calamity then replied with a pale face, "No, but there's no time to care so much!"

After hearing her words, Williams raised his eyes as a dubious look flashed by. At

this moment, the imperial doctor arrived. Williams sent an order before the doctor bowed at him, "Save him!"

The imperial doctor took a glance at the guard and then watched the blood over Williams' clothes, suggesting, "No, my Lord, you've got injured, please let me cure you first!"

Williams roared with a frown, "Save him first. My wife will bind up my wound!"

After hearing Williams' words, Calamity became stunned as her instinct told her that he wanted to detect her true identity. Nevertheless, she couldn't care too much. He would also be at risk if a shallow wound kept bleeding like this.

Calamity then told the guards, "Help the lord enter the room. Get me water, a pair of scissors and clean cloth!"

Williams was then propped into a room of the Ripple Pavilion and laid on the bed. Calamity then cut open his clothes but later found his wound was indeed not severe. She was sure that his guts were not hurt.

"I'll clean the wound for you. It would be a bit painful. Stand it for a while!" She warned kindly and professionally.

Williams didn't speak but just gazed at her.

When she touched his body again, she couldn't help but recall the close contact between them. All in a sudden, her face blushed like a red apple.

"Be careful!" Williams warned as her distraction brought pain to him.

"I'm sorry!" Calamity apologized instinctively. Furthermore, she blamed herself for being not professional enough. She knew that a doctor should abandon all the other thoughts in front of the patient.

After cleaning and disinfecting the wound, she started to apply medicine powder to the wound. The medicine contained panax pseudo-ginseng, which could stop bleeding effectively. As Calamity once learned traditional Chinese medicine, she knew the basic knowledge of Chinese herbs.

After wrapping the wound, she stepped back and said, "My lord, you will be fine after a couple of days' rest."

"Sit beside me!" Williams said in coarse voice.

Calamity raised her head and looked at his eccentric eyesight and then stepped back in panic, replying, "I've got to change my clothes. Excuse me!"

After leaving these words, she hurriedly left there, holding the arm of Lily who was still standing there in a daze.

After returning to Jadeite Pavilion, Lily asked Calamity in amazement, "Your highness, aren't you afraid of blood anymore?"

After heaving a sigh, Calamity replied, "No, I am. But strangely, I suddenly was not afraid of blood just now. I now start to fear about it!"

The Lily and Dahlia then prepared water for Calamity to take a bath. After then, they selected some delicate costumes for Calamity. One of them said, "Forget it. Princess Hollie is going to marry His Royal Highness today. As her senior sister and his princess, of course you should dress yourself well. Such a suit of scarlet official costume fits you much well today."

Calamity then stood up. As she wanted to say something, she suddenly felt a pain from her waist. All in a sudden, she could see nothing but black around her. With a muffled sound, she then fell down to the ground.

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