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   Chapter 3 Assassins and the Princess

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Williams started to hate Deanna because of Kyla's accident. However, he had to marry Deanna because of the imperial decree that was sent in early times. Even though, he had not entered the bridal chamber since they had gotten married for one year, not to mention having sex with her. Additionally, her cousin was going to marry him. Therefore, Deanna, who was extremely depressed, set a trick to drug him with Viagra, expecting to get his love.

In Calamity's eyes, Deanna was either foolish or being too obsessed with him. How could she dream about getting love form men who would never truly fall in love with women only by sexual relationship?

Calamity had three questions. Why would she cross to another world and become Deanna Yang? How did Deanna Yang die? Who wanted to kill Kyla by pushing her into the lake?

Calamity hazily heard a voice when she fell down, implying that she was going for a rebirth. It meant that a mysterious force brought her here. It even promised to gift her something. However, she couldn't remember it even though she racked her brains.

It took her one night to accept the fact that she had crossed to another world. Whereas, her predecessor was so forthright that she would never do any harm to people, and she couldn't bear an accusation of pushing someone into the lake in the afterlife. Moreover, Deanna's memory indicated that she didn't push Kyla into water. Thus Calamity determined to figure it out whether it was a plot or a misunderstanding.

Therefore, on early morning of the next day when Hollie married Williams, Calamity stealthily followed Lily to see Kyla who was still in a coma.

Whereas, the moment they entered Kyla's residence Ripple Pavilion, they saw Williams coming out of there.

She knew that she shouldn't irk him at this moment, especially when he hated her to the extreme and didn't want to see her. Therefore, Calamity hurriedly stepped back and hid behind a parasol tree.

"Come out!"

Williams' voice was as grim as his cold, amber eyeballs.

Calamity had underestimated Williams' perceptive ability. Actually, Williams had already spotted her since they entered the door. When he found her behaving secretly, of course, he thought that she had an evil mind; therefore, he instantly called her out.

Calamity walked out of there and confronted with him. Of course, she would not argue that she had not done any harm to Kyla. After all, if he believed in her words, Deanna Yang would not have been in such a poor situ


"Your highness!" Calamity slightly lowered her body to show her etiquette.

"If I know that you're in Ripple Pavilion again, I will break your legs!" Williams intimidated.

He was in a white robe embroidered with flying eagle patterns made of silver threads, the cuff of his sleeves slightly rolled up, embroidered with fine green bamboo leaves. Besides, he wore a golden waistband. Plus his fair, arrogant frame, Williams looked golden brilliant when the morning sunlight cast onto his face through the space of leaves.

No wonder the two sisters could fall in love with such a handsome man. However, he really treated Deanna too bad...

Calamity clenched her teeth before saying, "I want to talk to you!"

Williams just watched this woman. Despite being a great beauty, she was pretty vicious in his mind. Over one year, he had been fed up with Deanna's tears. Deanna did nothing but express her love and being wronged to him.

That day, Hollie and maid both said that they saw Deanna pushing Kyla into the lake. Even though the maid might wrong her, her cousin would never wrong her.

Out of extreme boredom, he didn't mean to talk with Deanna any more.

Therefore, when Calamity wanted to talk with him, Williams responded, "I have nothing to say to you!"

After leaving these words, he left there right away.

Calamity instantly turned around to hold him, at this moment she saw a flash in the sunlight. Deanna then exclaimed, "Watch out!"

Closely after her words, two black shadows fell down from the tree and poked at Williams with long swords. Seeing this, Williams hurriedly dodged aside. The sword tips missed his waist. How dangerous it was! Meanwhile, his guards started a fierce battle with those assassins.

Right then, a guard suddenly poked at Williams' back with a resolute and grim look. Watching this, Calamity instantly charged forward and held the guard from his back and biting him on his back.

The guard raided his sword and poked at her waist with the sword's handle. Calamity felt breathless due to pain but still shouted, "Go quickly!"

Williams looked back with amazement. He found the guard had already escaped from Calamity's control and was launching another attack at him. He sneered and then instantly jumped in the air and poked his long sword promptly into the guard's lower abdomen.

The blood of this guard splashed onto Calamity's face and clothes. At this moment, Lily rushed to Calamity staggeringly and cried, "Princess!"

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