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   Chapter 2 Crossed to Another World

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Before Calamity figured out what happened, she was smacked again. That man uttered coldly, "I have shown greatest favor to you by allowing you to be my wife. How dare you play a trick on me? Listen, I wouldn't take another look at you no matter how hard efforts you will try on me! In my heart, there was and will only be Hollie Yang"

Bearing grievances and pains all over, Calamity asked Williams feebly, "What...what on earth has happened?" Calamity was really afraid. Why was she here instead of surgery room? Had her wound already recovered? Furthermore, those memories didn't belong to her. Then who on earth did they belong to?

Right then, a thought flashed across her mind, "I've crossed to another world? How could..."

Calamity felt despairing and breathless. Cold as all blood was freezing, she suddenly shrieked, "Argh..."

In a panic, she watched the man who wore a suit of black silk robe with boa patterns made of golden threads, a waistband decorated with gold and jade, and a pair of black boots made of sheep hide. With a cold but handsome look, Williams exuded a mercilessness and hostility from his eyes as if he came from the hell.

After approaching her slowly, he uttered word by word, "I would not forgive you for the rest of my life! If Kyla couldn't wake up, I will let you know the outcome!"

Calamity pulled his arm in a confused state as she was struck by two women's memories incessantly. She wanted to argue about it; however, she didn't know how. As a result, she could only mutter, "I'm not her. I'm not her..."

"Hollie will marry me tomorrow. If you want to keep the position of my lawful wife, you'd better stay obedient. Otherwise, I swear to divorce with you in spite of my mother's opposition" After leaving these words, Williams glared her coldly and left there.

Upon his leave, a maid and a wet nurse rushed in.

The maid was scared so much. By comparison, the wet nurse stayed calm and she hurriedly covered Calamity's naked body with a quilt. After then, she comforted Calamity with a tearful voice, "My princess, you've suffered!"

Calamity looked at them. The maid in green clothes was about 14 years old. With a delicate look, she was watching Calamity with tears in eyes.

The wet nurse in grey clothes was about 50 years old. She was tidying the mess on the bed.

Calamity was reminded of that the wet nurse named Dahlia Chan while the maid was called Lily.

And she realized this memory belonged to the owner of this body. But...w

hat shocked her most was that she was already dead.

Sitting up with a fake calm look, Calamity comforted them, "Stop crying! I'm fine. Go get my clothes!"

Calamity's sober response confounded the other two. Dahlia then said, "Your highness. If you feel sad, just cry. Then, you will feel better."

Calamity replied as she gazed at the bloody spot on the bed with a wry smile, "for what? Nothing to cry about!"

Lily and Dahlia watched the scarlet fingerprint on her face as they gloomily thought that their master just pretended to be strong. Therefore, they didn't say another in case she was stimulated and then hurriedly helped her put on clothes and get up.

Sitting on a stool, Calamity slightly raised her hands, feeling light all over. With grief in mind, she thought, "Am I dead in the world that I came from? My parents and brother must be grieved about that." After heaving a slight sigh, she found this room was decorated in an extremely luxurious manner, with orderly arranged furniture made of yellow pear wood, glossy floor, and two round pillars carved with patterns of vivid, colorful, mysterious phoenixes. There was also an elaborate wooden bed covered with a purely white mattress made of fox hide near the windows. Besides the bed, the live lily inserting in a blue and white porcelain on the teapoy gave off charming fragrance. Additionally, the bed was connected with a large dresser, on which there were some jewel cases and cases of delicate rouge.

After taking a deep breath, Calamity closed her eyes and started to check her new memories. In this world, her name was Deanna Yang. She was 18 years old with the most beautiful look. Born in a privileged family, she was the princess of Duke Carlos whose wife was also a princess of State Karon. At the age of three, she had been conferred the title of Princess Sunshine and determined to marry Williams Sung, the third prince of the King. She was always favored by the King.

The girl who was going to marry Deanna's husband was called Hollie Yang, and was Deanna's younger cousin of blood relation. Calamity was really wordless when she knew that. The sisters both fell in love with the same man, Williams Sung.

One year ago, one day before Deanna married Williams, Kyla, who was Williams' junior sister apprentice fell in a lake and passed out. Everyone testified that it was Deanna who did it. However, according her clear memory, Calamity was sure that Deanna didn't do it at all.

Deanna was framed up.

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