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   Chapter 4 Phone calls

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Daniel's POV:

"What? You're mother chose a bride for you? Wow, another contractual marriage in the family."

I rolled my eyes before bringing the bottle of beer to my mouth. I am currently inside the bar with my assistant and friend, Andrew.

"You already know the reason, so I don't have to explain it to you. We need this investment as soon as possible."

"Tsk.Tsk. I really don't know why these European investors doesn't trust a bachelor and a young man, and they really wanted a married man? What's the difference with that? I mean, you can also do the same things that a married man can do, right?"

"Of course! But they believe that a married man has a lot of experience and more responsible than a bachelor."

"That's why you end up on faking your marriage?"

"It's not fake, it's legal. Do you think they wouldn't find out if its just fake or not? They were businessmen Andrew, cunning and devious."

"Yeah, I know that. Anyway, have you already met the girl?"


"When did you meet her and what does she looks like? Was she beautiful, sexy, or walking like a model like your ex?"

"I met her last week. And no, she's nothing special. Okay, she has looks but for me she's just an ordinary girl, who would do anything for the sake of money." I slammed the bottle on the counter.

"Whoah! Chill dude! Don't you think you're too judgemental? And how did you know that she's just an ordinary girl? Because you know your mother, she knows how to choose well. Maybe there's something on that girl that's why she easily got your Mom's attention."

"I don't care, Andrew! Whether she's special or not, it doesn't change the fact that she easily agreed to this deal! And whatever her reason, I know it will only fall for money!"

I can't believe that a woman like her can easily fall for money.

"So what do you want... find a new woman?"

"I wish I still have enough time to find another bride, but no. So, I don't have a choice but to accept her."

"You can't blame a desperate person, Daniel."

I furrowed my eyebrows as I side glanced at him.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you can't blame her for accepting the deal without knowing her real reason. What if she's just really in needs of money for her father's operation, who has cancer? Or maybe for his brother who's suffering from heart disease. Or we just don't know if it's for her own operation, because she's dying----aww!"

I punched his arm. "What are you talking about? Do you want me to lose a wife that early?" I don't know but I can't stand hearing that word for her. Well, nobody wants to hear that actually.

"I'm just giving you some possible reasons on why she accepted the deal. Or what if she's pregnant?"

"What the fuck, man?" I asked narrowing my eyes on him. "If she's pregnant, I'm sure my Mom would tell me. And of course she wouldn't choose her for me!"

"Fine! Chill, dude." he chuckled. " Anyway, maybe it's better if you just accept that girl. As you know, mother knows best."

I didn't say anything, I just drink again my beer.

"So, what are your plans after your wedding?"

"What do you mean what are my plans?"

"Well, you know.. mating process." he shrugged.

A snicker came out from my lips. "Dude, she's not that attractive. And I don't think I can find myself being attracted or arouse for her."

"Whoow!" he laughed at me. "Dude, don't put period on your sentence. What if she's the one who fall in love with you in the middle of your fake marriage?"

"It's not fake!"

"Fine! But it's just the same. You're not in a relationship or anything, you're just pretending. So answer me, what if she fall inlove with you?"

"She shouldn't. I'll make it clear once I saw her again. And once the investors sighed the contract in KIC, I will immediately file a divorce."

"Ohh.. what's her name?"


"Hmm.. beautiful name."

"What's beautiful in her name?"

"Tsk.Tsk. Dude, her name was derived from the Greek, which means wisdom and skill. Pure, feminine and intelligent."

"And where did you get that?"


"Tss!" I just shook my head.

When I was already inside the car, I suddenly remembered my sister. It's funny everytime I think about how the table turns, and how I ended up in a situation like this, which was my sister's situation before.

"Hi, Dani?" I heard her voice on the other line. She sounded so excited. I sighed as I've realized how I missed my little sister.

"Hello, little sis."

"Are you drunk?"

I chuckled by her question. How did she find out so easily? "I drank, but i'm not drunk."

"Oh God! Yeah, you're not drunk. I can clearly hear it from your voice!" she paused for a few seconds. "Is there any problem? Are you okay?" her voice laced with concern.

"Why are you asking such a silly question? Of course I'm okay!

"Because Dani, I know you so well! You will never call me in this God damned midnig

ht if everything's okay! Is there something happened to you.. to mom and dad?"

"No! Stop thinking that horrible idea!"

"So why are you calling me?"

"Wow! Can't I call my favorite sister anytime I want? I missed you, you know."

"Oh God, Dani! At this God damned hour? And excuse me... I am your only sister and sibling, so don't be so assuming! Spill it right now!"

I sighed. I don't know how to tell this to her.

"I'm getting married."

"And so, what if you're--------what?" she suddenly screamed.

"Long story." I chuckled.

"Then make it short!"

Tsk.Tsk. My one and only sister... so demanding as ever.

"I'll tell you everything, but not right now. It's already late. I just missed you, and actually I didn't expect that you would answer my call at this hour."

She didn't speak for a few seconds and I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!"

"Ahmm.. Dani, i'm just going to call you---------ahhhyy!"

"Rian, what happened? What's happening there?"

I started to feel panic when I heard her scream on the other line. I also heard a man's voice with her.

"Rian, answer me! What's happening right there? Where are you?"

But the line suddenly went dead.

"What the fuck is happening with her?" I cursed as tossed my phone on top of the dashboard. I put my bluetooth headphone and started the engine.

Twenty minutes later, my phone ring and I saw Alex's number flashed on the screen.

"Fucking sake, Alex! I don't know what happened to Rian! Damned it! I was just--------"

"Hey.. hey, Dani! It's me!" I was cut off by my sister's voice.

"Rian? Is that you?" relief instantly washed over me.

"Yes. It's me Dani. I'm okay."

"What happened to you? I heard your scream, forgodsake! What fucking happened Rian? Tell me, are you okay?"

"Come down, Dani. I'm okay and don't worry. Nothing happened."

"And what do you mean nothing happened, Arriana Angela?"

"Ouch! My whole name!"

I know how much she also hates when I always mentioned her whole first name.

"I told you, I'm fine. I just called to inform you that I'm safe here so, don't worry about me, okay? I'm going to tell you what happened, but not now."

"Make sure of that, Rian!"

"Yeah, I'll promise"

Then I remember who's number she is using right now.

"Wait a minute! Why are you using Alex's phone? Where is your phone? Where are you right now? Are you with him?"

She suddenly turned quiet.

"Rian! I'm waiting. Where are you and Alex right now?"

"Hi, bro."

My eyebrows crunched when I heard Alex's voice.

"Alex? Where are you and why did my sister used your phone?"

"Why, what's wrong with that? I'm her husband."

"That's not what I meant! I swear Alex I'm gonna fucking kill you if something's happen to Rian!"

"Hey, relax Daniel." he chuckled. "She's now okay and don't wory I'm here for her."

"Wait! What do you mean she's now okay? So, what exactly happened earlier?"

"Ahm.. she just tripped on the small stone while walking, so she fell to the ground and accidentally tossed her phone."

"Okay, but why am I hearing police vehicles' sound?"

"It's on the other road, they were in an operation."

"Hmm.. so what are you and my sister current situations right now? You suddenly called her as your wife." I smirked.

"Why, isn't she really my wife?"

"In words Alex, yes she's your wife. But in action, she's not."

Then I heard him sighed. "I'm sorry, bro."

"What do you mean by your sorry? And don't say sorry to me because I'm not your wife. Tell her your that."

"I know, and I will."

"And Alex, take care of her. I know you loved my sister, so don't wait until it's too late."

"I'll do everything this time." I smiled when I heard the determination on his voice.

"Okay, I'll wait for that. Thank you, just tell my sister goodnight.. I mean goodmor-night."

"Okay bro, take care."


Sophia's POV:

"Okay guys, one last practice and you're ready to go." I said to all my afternoon students as I press the play button of our radio speaker.

"Yes! Thanks Ms. Sophia!" The all shouted in unison while exchanging their high fives.

I just smiled at them. "Are you ready for your competition next week?"

"Yes, Ms. Sophia. We're actually excited for that event."

"Okay, good luck guys."

They were my last students for today, and they were in a thorough practice for their modern dance competition next week. And next month, maybe after the wedding, me and Craig will also be very busy for our international dance competition.

I was already in the middle of the dancefloor and ready to start the steps, when I heard Craig's voice.

"Sophia, you have a phone call."

I turned around to see him waving my cellphone and standing on my office door.

"Who's that?" I asked a little bit louder because of the blaring music coming from the speaker.

"Mrs. Kelley."

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