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   Chapter 2 Her Past

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"Tell me what happened, Sophia. I'll promise to help you." Mrs. Kelley said with full of determination.

I smiled bitterly and lowered my head. We're now back in the mall, inside the restaurant. It's been a long time since I kept this secret. I didn't let anyone know about this, since I started to live in California. Well, except for my college friend, Rian.

I felt a hand over my hand which was rested on top of the table.

"I can be your mother, Sophia. I know half of your story about your mom and your dad, but you haven't told me about this story of yours. You can share to me everything."

Mrs. Sonia Kelley, one of my student in my zumba class. We've known each other for two years, and she's one of my loyal customers who always recommend me and my dance studio to all of her friends and colleagues. She's like a mother to me ever since, and she knows all of my sacrifices regarding my career. She's also one of our sponsors everytime we have an international dance competition.

I looked at her and let out a long and deep breath before I started to tell her about this horrible past of my life in Bologna Italy.

"Joseph De luca, was my ex-fiance. I was just eighteen years old when my father's company suffered from financial crisis, and he doesn't know what to do back then. Until one day, he talked to me and told me that I was already engaged to a certain Joseph De Luca. I don't even know that man. I asked him why, and he told me it's for my future.

And then one day, I heard my father talking to his guest in the living room. They were talking about the money that his guest transferred to my father's account. He said that I should get ready for our wedding, and for me and his son become close to each other, they bought the vacant house and lot a few blocks away from our house.

When I first met Joseph, I immediately felt that there's something wrong with the way he was looking at me. But when I told my father about my observation, he said it's not true and Joseph was a nice man and perfect to be my husband. But I didn't believe him, so I tried to make some research about Joseph, with the help of my cousin. And then I found out that he's an IT graduated, and the most shocking news for me that time, I also found out that he's a drug addict, he's using and selling drugs."

"Have you informed your father regarding that?" she asked with a horrified expression.

"Yes, I told him. I even showed to him the research I made, but he just shouted at me and told me not to believe in fake news!"

"A fake news? But it's no longer a fake news when you have a proof."

"Yup, I told him that, but he didn't believe me. Instead, he continued to sign the contract. And one day, I decided to talk to my future husband. I want to talk to him and beg to cancel the wedding. I went to their house, which was few blocks away from us. Layla, their made, was the one who opened the door for me. I asked her about Joseph, and she pointed his room. But before I walk past her, she grabbed my hand. She told me to become careful if I am going to talk to Joseph inside his room. I was confused at first, but I just nodded at her.

And the scene that came to my view, shocked not just my eyes but my whole body. I confirmed my research with my own eyes. He's inside of his room with his two friends and they were using drugs. He's sniffing the silver foil while his friend was holding a lighter for him. And when they saw me watching them, I ran towards the door and downstairs. We almost played hide and seek. I shouted for help and Layla came running from the kitchen, but with Joseph's glare she turned her back away from us."

I blinked my eyes to control the tears but I failed. Because it rolled down my face before I can wipe them.

"What about their other maids? The guards or someone inside the house? Didn't they help you or heard you when you screamed for help?"

"There was no other people inside their house by that time except for Layla and one guard at the gate, and I don't know why?"

"So, what happened after that? What did he and his friends do to you?"

"They pulled me back towards his room and pushed me to the bed. He ordered his friends to go home because he said he just want me only for himself. I screamed for help as I tried to push him but he was so strong. He ripped my blouse, my skirt and my underwear. I begged him to stop but he didn't listen. He said I was his fiancee and would be his wife so it was his right to take what's his."

"But you're not yet married!"

"He didn't listen even though I told him to wait until the night of our wedding, he continued to undress me. And he was about to enter himself inside me when we heard the knock from the door and it's soon opened. Because of his extreme lust and he was still high on drugs, maybe he didn't notice that he wasn't locked the door. And after the knocks, it soon opened. It's Layla, I saw how her face turned shock to pale because of the nervousnes.

I was crying and asked for help, but with Joseph's glare and shout, she turned away after saying that my father and Mr. De luca arrived and waiting for him in the living room. She looked at me before she disappeared, and I got it, that's the only thing she can do to help me. And because Joseph was still distr

acted, I used it as an opportunity. I used all my strength to push him ang kicked him on his balls. I also tried to slap him with my diamond ring that's facing my palm, and it only landed on his neck, but it still created a deep cut on it.

I ran outside the room and downstairs, not bothering that I was just wearing a ripped skirt, and a piece of blouse. My father and Mr. De Luca we're both shocked when they saw me running downstairs. My father wrapped me immediately by his jacket and asked me what happened and what I was doing upstairs. But before I could speak, I heard Joseph's footsteps behind me and he told the opposite of the story. That I was the one who's forcing myself to him because of money!

I tried to explain why I was there but they didn't believe me. He's bleeding, and they all believed on his fake story as he played the victim. He deleted all the CCTV footage in an instant, and the other day, Layla suddenly disappeared from their house. She was my only hope but until now, I'm still trying to find her. And that's the reason why I left Bologna. My own father, didn't believe me. Instead, he accused me of seducing Joseph. And no matter how I tried to explain my real reason, he remained deaf. He was already blinded by De luca's money.

My cousin helped me posted it on social media sites, but after one week, the news suddenly disappeared. They used their money to reverse the story and to make Joseph as the real victim. Then I decided to escape, 'cause I can no longer feel my worth and importance to my father. And after six years, the person who almost ruined my life, found me again and threatened to continue his unfinished business before."

I wiped my tears using my other hand.

"What about your mother? Where was she by that time?"

"She's in Seattle. She left me with my father when I was just ten years old. And I didn't bother to look for her. She now has her own family, she's already happy with them and I don't have the heart to ruin her happiness that I know she hadn't received from my father."

"But she's your mother. She has the right to know what's happening to you, or what was happened to you. Especially that Joseph guy is now here in California."

"I can do this on my own, Mrs. Kelley. She never visited me ever since she left. If she considered me as her daughter, she should've returned, she should've taken me with her when she left, but no! I lived on my own, without her and without my father. So, I don't think I need her in my life right now!"

"Well, I can't blame you for that because of the struggles and pain that you went through. And I'm proud of you, Sophia. You faced all those problems alone. You're one of the resilient person I've met. And I'll help you."

I looked at her as I wiped my face with my hands.

"I'll help you find Layla and make that Joseph guy to suffer from what he did!"

"Mrs. Kelley..."

"Marry my son!"

My eyeballs almost jumped out of my sockets. To say I was shocked was understatement.

"M-Ma..M-Mrs. Kelley?" Even my tongue doesn't know how to form words.

She hold both of my hands again.

"Marry my son, Sophia. Used his last name and all his connections to find her."


"My son needs a wife right now, and you are the best candidate for it."

I blinked my eyes repeatedly. "We don't even know each other, Mrs. Kelley. And why does he need a wife, doesn't he have a girlfriend to marry?"

"No, Sophia that's not what I mean. Marry him for just a year and after that you can go and do whatever you want."

"But why do you want me to marry him? Please tell me the truth, Mrs. Kelley?" I don't know but I can feel that there's something that she's not telling me or she wants to tell me.

"He needs a contractual wife for one year to get the company's biggest investor. It's a European investments, and if they get that it will lead them and the company to the top grossing company in the whole state of California."

"So that's the real reason why you want me marry him?"

"In some point yes, but since you shared to me your story, it just added to the reason why I want you and my son to get married. Let me help you, Sophia. I know you're not struggling for money------"

"Oh, no, no.. Mrs. Kelley. If you're going to offer me a huge amount of money just to marry your son, I'm sorry. But I can't accept that and my answer is no."

"No, but if that's what you want, I won't offer you any cents. Just marry him and I'll make sure to find the only witnessed that you can use to file a case against Joseph. And about my son, don't worry about him. He's a nice man, Sophia. And if one day you learn to love him, then I will be the happiest mother and a mother-in-law in the world."

I chuckled with his last sentence.

"But you said, this is just a marriage of convenience. So, that means love and any emotions are not involve to this marriage."

"Yes, and it's just a hypothetical sentence. So what's is your decision?"

"I-I don't know, Mrs. Kelley. This is a life challenging decision if ever."

"Sophia, it's just for a year. After that, you can get a divorce paper to end your marriage."

"Does he know that you're talking to me?"

"No, but I'll explain to him."

End of flashback...


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