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   Chapter 5 Sacred Love 5

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Sacred Love : 5

"Y-yes I'll bring" Her voice was echoing like a Music to my ears as I just sat there while talking to guys about the next project. Clearing my throat as I felt myself getting Chills I looked away from her. Damn, What you doing to me. "Cia!, Bring some Chips too! The Movie gotta start soon so!" I shift in my seat as I felt her walking.. no no godd, she's running towards us. How could that soft legs run like that.. I tilt my head staring at her legs. Biting my lip I looked up into her eyes where her orbs aren't Connecting with mine but she did noticed I'm staring at her because of how she glanced aside at my Arm or Forehead. "Zal oh God are you serious" I felt a bag of chips were falling over my face making me Get annoyed. Not because it hit my face but it Interrupted me. damn, this Kira. "What!?" I whined as I kept the chips on table. "It's your chips! Watch movie, Geez" she cringed as I rolled my eyes until my eyes fell on this Girl standing there looking around. "W-where should I.... " Kira Glanced at her and me. No..NO Kira what the hell!!! I can't even shake my head no because of how casually she nodded pointing at me. Her steps towards me are casual but I can feel her getting nervous. I spread my arms where the blanket was around me. I cleared my throat feeling myself getting excited for no reason. 'Well .. there's a reason you punk.' I thought but my thoughts were interrupted in between. Her soft hair strands falling over my arm, she sat there. Oh God she's already beside me. With that short but long skirt which was reaching until her knees. And a Button shirt that hasn't buttoned upper button. Her small cleavage wasn't visible out but to me, it was on full display where I gulped. What a pervert I am.. God please don't do this to me! "I-i feel cold..." She was looking down as I realised it, I've been froze with these spreaded arms. Clearing my throat I let my arm fall over her shoulder slowly but then it fell over couch, my cheeks turning pink as I Felt myself getting flustered because of her soft fragrance. C-can't I do this? C'mon zal punky xin... Move! Move your darn muscles!! As my arm fell over around her arm, my heart jumped up inside my chest, organs are Jumbling in excitement. That's how I felt feeling her sitting there as I wrap my hand around her arm so the blanket wouldn't fall off. Gulping in, I felt myself getting Chills because of how close she was sitting beside me. Her eyes glanced at me. Not into my eyes either. "Oh.. see? You don't have enough blanket. " I blinked not realising what she was talking about until I felt her hand passing over my shoulders letting me feel her hair Fragrance. Closing my eyes I let Myself drown in her fragrance until I opened my eyes Realising her face was almost so close to me. I gulped up as she sat again. I blinked glancing at my side to see what she did. Oh.. she wrapped the blanket around me too?... I didn't felt it even.. i sighed looking up seeing a girl upon TV screen.

The movie started but my eyes falling over her again and again. She cleared her throat Slightly taking the blanket upon the shoulder of hers holding it as i unwrapped my arm. She looked at my cheek again, I closed my eyes licking my lips. Crazy mind of mine can't stop thinking about her chest? 'Are you serious Zal? Calm your nerves down damn', rubbing my face with my palms i tried to avoid her Everything that was making my mind just get crazy thoughts. "Bàiiiiii!" Toy was whining as Kai groaned again. "ah Kai! I'm watching movie can't you see you dumb deaf?" Jungkook rolled his eyes as he patted namjoon's back but he didn't move until he felt the sting against his back. Squealing he jumped up making Kira laugh her ass off. But my eyes fell over Cia as I heard her soft laugh. Woah...she can laugh? I tilt my head until my expression turned into a frown.

Red Threads were tied

to her hands as she was still smiling. Blood dripping down her Mouth as she looked down almost fading away her smile but then tears fell down from her eyes. "I didn't knew I would be just an Another Women for you" Her voice sounds as she wasn't kid anymore. Her stomach was having bump where my eyes are teary in no seconds. "C-cia-" the door was opening as she looked up. The hysteric location confusing me as hell as i tried to understand but not even one pinch of thing was understandable. Except Cia and the language. An old Man was Walking towards her with something in his hands. "You're not This Kingdom's Folk anymore. The bond has burned out the day you Made this" his finger pointing at her bump. her eyes were calm as she stood up. Stumbling as she bowed taking the wrapped up paper. she glanced up. Her sad smile, my heart clenching. She walked away while her hand was on the bump. "C-cia!" I yelled but she didn't heard. She just walked out of this Large room. I could see...Chains, Rods and ...punishing Metals!? "N-no!" I gasped as I could sense the sweat that was dripping down my body. Everyone was around me. Kira.. Bài ... Toy.. Kai and Feng ..Yang and jin.... Everyone was here except her. My nerves Pulsing fast as I tried to regular my breath. Looking around, my eyes are searching for her as I stood up breathing in deep. "Zal what's wrong!?" Kira's voice echoing but anger was filling in me as the Old man was infront of my eyes again. "where the fuck is she!?" My orbs darkening as the nerves are popping out of my skin layer, visible through the neck. "Where is she!?" I yelled as everyone backed away from me.

Zal's eyes are turning Almost Dark Grey until he felt her hand holding his. "Z-zal are you ok? Zal, Z-zal everyone's scared. P-please stop" his eyes softened. Everything was calm in instant as he forgot what just happened and his hands were shivering as he raised one of his hands slowly letting it caress her cheek. "Cia.... Who's he"

My eyes opened as I gasped in shook. "W-what just happened-??" I frowned. What's happening?!? "Kira!?" I sat up slightly as I blinked slightly. "W-where am I?" Sitting up i can feel her almost trying her best to not laugh and provoking the hell out of me. "What the fuck are you laughing at!?" I said out as she laughed out trying to control it. "I mean haha you Literally had Sudden Fever and everyone thought you're horny" she laughed out her ass off as my mind went blank for one second. My eyes widen as I looked up. It's was a new dream!? What the hell- "Sis here's the milk" her fluent and non-stuttering voice was blessing my ears as i closed my eyes letting myself get relax. No matter what, whenever I think about her or See her or.. even hear her voice, I get so relaxed where i feel so sleepy. Streching my neck I took the glass from her hand slowly tracing my fingers against her knuckles making her squirm her shoulder Closing her eyes. Smirking i smiled at Kira before my eyes fell on cia again. Her eyes sparkling as she stared at me. She's like a goddess statue there. One of my eye blinked where she blushed in instant stumbling to walk away. Wait... What!? Wait- what whawhat the fuck!!Did i just just winked!? Infront of H-her!????

Night 11:30 P.MBeijing's National Hospital :

"Hurry up! Try to find his Relatives or any family members. It's really needed." Doctor whisper yelled as the Cbi sighed leaning against the wall. "Doctor he doesn't even have a ID or any phone!" He said frsutrated. "Dan you must had to. Please. It's important. Or else it'll be such a big problem. " Doctor said rubbing his temple as Dan(Cbi) nodded rubbing the back of his neck. The ICU Door opened as Xi nao Walked towards them in hurry. "Bring oxygen Pipes. And The Meter too." Lai (doctor) frowned stopping Nao from going in again. "Is he...?" Sweat dripping down Lai's Forehead. Nao sighed. "He's no more"

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