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Sacred Love : 4

Puffing out the smoke, Toy sighed glancing at Bài who was standing there leaning against the Wooden stick that were supporting the small hut to stay. "Hey, what's wrong?" Toy said pouting as Bài sighed looking down. The strong wind was making their hair ruffle as mess. The tides of the sea Exciting to Come forward and run away from Bài's foots. Looking up with his Invisible tearing eyes he turned away making Toy frown, "You okay?" "I'm okay. It's just You know she fought again.." Toy's frowny face slowly became a bitchy face as he rolled his eyes. "are you serious? It's common Dude" he said shrugging as Bài chuckled. "Yeah, Whatever.. Where's Zal?" Toy turned his head towards the icecream point where Zal laughing with the uncle who was Keeping bunch of ice cream's in a Bag handing it to Zal where he hugged the uncle patting his back before walking towards Toy and Bài turning his head infront, Toy sighed. "I don't know what's happening with him recently." Bài looked at Toy as the words Came out of the Toy's mouth. "Why? Why you said that" he said as Toy glanced at Zal. "look at him. Acting like he's not facing anything or Avoiding no one" Bài laughed hitting Toy's arm. "C'mon Toy. It's his personal problem-" "what do you mean it's 'his personal problems'? We're his fucking friends Bài. Mind it" Bài just stared at him. Wondering when Toy grew up so matured and Well-known about the Problems and everything. Sighing out deep Bài stood up straight streching his arms until he heard Zal Singing "here's your ice creams~"

Toy jumped in excitement taking one of them. Zal giggled taking one icecream cup. "Mmm Chocolate chips!" Zal laughed as Toy just sat there like a kid whining making Bài facepalm himself. "So how's the day, gēgē?" Jungkook choked on his Ice cream bite coughing hard making Namjoon freeze there shook as hell. Zal looked a them before handing him water bottle. Drinking water he looked up at Zal with wide anger filled eyes making Zal nervously laugh. "What's wrong?" He said as Toy gritted his teeth. "Nothing gĒgĒ please he's calling you. Do I have to tell you everytime huh!?" Suddenly Toy raised his voice making Bài stumble back with his own words. "I..i was responding until you choked on your ice cream" he said out before Zal scratched his head glancing at them not understanding why they're fighting. "Ok whatever let's eat now. I have work again " Zal mumbled before in hurry taking the spoon and taking a bite immediately gulping down. Toy rolled his eyes. "whatever." "Ah gēgēē" Toy stood up in anger before he realised it's some stranger. That's when Bài realized laughing his ass off as Toy glared at him. While Zal tilt his head in confusion.


"Six thirty....shit" I grunted before My eyes glancing up in Annoyance. Kira hummed in satisfaction. "These Mochis are The delicious!" She said as Bài giggled. I threw my head back. ``God Why you're so angry on me? What did I do? I just Got attracted to a minor.. is it a wrong thing?`` I cleared my throat, 'of course.. it's a wrong thing you dummy-' "Sis! Why my project was missing a-again" stutters... Gulp taking in over my throat as I felt her foots softly landing on This hard surfaced floor. Where I wanted to pick her up- my eyes widen as my thoughts were haunting my mind. 'Fucking dumb what the hell are you thinking!?' I thought to myself since my mind wasn't in my limit anymore. Sighing as I looked down I groaned quietly rubbing the back of my neck until my nostrils filled with ever so delicate fragrance which almost smells like Rain upon the wall. Looking up I can sense it. Her eyes. Which are pitch

black orbs. Glancing at my forehead. She can't make eye-contact. It's good for now. For my sake. I tilt my head staring at her.

Zal leaned back sitting there as she walked around checking the cupboards and Selves checking for her projects but there zal was. Staring right at her exposing waist as she lift her toes up to reach the files upon the selves. He bit his lip as his eyes glanced at her chest again. He widen his eyes where his cheeks Flushed with red Tint. Turning away and patting his cheeks. he closed his eyes. "damn what's wrong with you Xin fucking Zal?" He grunted before he heard Kira's voice. "Zallllllllll!!!!!! What the hell! Where you looking at?" She Frowned in anger before Bài laughed shaking Zal where at the right time he blinked waking up from his Dizzy thoughts. His orbs darkening as he felt her presence infront of him. Looking up, a lump was forming between his Throat where she smiled "Z-zal?" She said confused looking away as Kira sighed looking at zal. he galnced at her. Frowning he turned to Cia again. "I n-need you to come to kitchen" she said while almost running towards Kitchen. He gulped standing up. "Hopeless zal, What we do?" Toy whined as pitiness was overwhelming Bài. "Toy. He got a chance to talk to her"

A Layer of sweat was Dripping down his body where he gulped again. She was mumbling Words under her breath while keeping the glasses out of cupboard. He stood there staring at her even though she been moving around. She frowned turning to him. Her eyes slowly looking down from him. "t-that self" she pointed at one of the selves which was hard for her to reach. His heart beating fast as he walked passing over her, her shoulder sleeves were Slowly Tracing over his shirt sleeves making him close his eyes tight. Standing infront of self, he tiptoed opening the self and placing the plates down on the counter or else that's what he thought until her felt her holding them beside him. His breath was heaving up again as he breathed in deep feeling her chest Against his elbow. 'Almost... Damn' Zal thought as he closed his eyes placing the plates for her to carry until she Hummed feeling uncom - fortable by the weight she was carrying. "E-enough Z-zal" she said as he glanced down. His toes landing on floor as his eyes stared at her lips

She was admiring the plates in her own hands until she looked up hearing his voice. "What 'Zal'?" He breathed out as sweat dropped down his hair. She frowned before looking around. "I thought there was an AC here... Here wipe" she raised her hand. His heart beating in its peak level as her hand sleeves came in contact with his sweaty skin. Widen eyes as he clutched his shirt feeling her chest almost against his Abs. "i-i" he stuttered as she hummed in satisfaction as she removed her hand from his face. His eyeballs almost fell out when she wiped his neck with her sleeves while giving him a Soft smile.

'Oh kill me you Beautiful thing' he bit his lip so hard as he thought. The way he bit his lip was so secretive where she didn't even Noticed. He closed his eyes feeling her fingers Slightly tracing his skin here and there as he felt himself getting turned on. "Mm good. Now let's g-go" he opened his eyes. ' I just wanna throw you on me letting you wipe all the sweat ' he breathed out deep walking behind her. His hands almost wanting to reach hers but then, his eyes glanced at us. he smirked. his eyes darkening as her smile widened glancing at Kira. Kira smiling but then her eyes glanced at Zal who was walking towards the couch while his hands were in his pant pockets. But she didn't noticed his eyes. The way his eyes piercing Cia's entire Body as his.

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