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   Chapter 3 Sacred Love 3

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Sacred Love : 3Kai biting nails as he held his hair in his hand frustrated. Bài's eyes questioning him or warning him about something before Kai Glanced Towards Zal who Was Sitting there on a chair. Near a Beach where There's a Cheap Bar, drinking alcohol as hiccups taking over his Throat. Kai whined as Bài sighed.                         _____________"H-how!" My voice was echoing around the bar where people's stare wasn't even getting a pinch of the attention they want from me as hiccups coming out of my mouth before I lift another Bottle of Soju. What I could do? A Minor who's Really making my mind go Crazy? I mean- "Gēgē!" Her... Her voice?? Huh, why's she's here!? Her… Voice echoing my ears? I frowned. "H-how did she came here-" I turned my head realizing it's just Toy. I whined back as I turned away.

His hips landing on the chair as he sighed making me roll my eyes. "What's wrong with fucking you?" I frowned. There's nothing Wrong fucking me… Why it would be wrong? "Oh yeah… It's wrong because your boy hehhe" I Said giggling as I hit his back. But I think... I hit too hard. "Oops!??" I yelled as he hissed and groaned rubbing his arm. "Yah who brought this Chick here?" Toy said tearing up as pain was unbearable. Bài gulped walking away while keeping his hand against his ear acting like he's on the phone or something where Kai did Too hope Toy wouldn't notice but... Yeah, he did notice where Kai heard a Scary voice tone from the cute Tiny Toy they used to see. Hue hue where this going? Where am I? "Where you going Kai-gēgē?" He tilts his head as he gritted his teeth glaring at Kai who was gulping."y-yah please don't drag me into this" Kai sobbed as toy rolled his eyes pulling his collar pulling him to sit with us where my eyes turned to them. Smiling bright my hand smacked his head where he immediately started crying making me smile bright. Toy sighed as he sat closer to me.

"Zal what's wrong?" I sighed as I looked down. "G-gēgē…" I said as my breath was heaving. I can see Kai's eyeballs popping out of his eyeholes. Holes... Ugh what? I tilt my head staring at my Gēgē (Toy) who was shook as fuck… Keke. "What?" I said as I can sense tears brimming in my eyes. "Why you're crying all of a sudden? Yah are you going nuts huh?" Toy poking his inner cheek as I sniffed wiping those tears away. . "I'm not crying. I stared too much!" I hit his back where he squealed like I kicked his Face or something... "G-gēgē I want to tell you something!" I cried out as I felt my chest heaving up and down due to the deep breaths I'm taking. "What is it you punk" toy's voice breaking as he rubbed his arm again.

I'm Hitting his back… Why he's Rubbing his arm? Whatever… "gēgē I I" I said as he grits his teeth "what!?" He yelled as I smacked his head making him groan as Kai laughed pointing at gēgē. "Got a good smack? Congrats!" He clapped his hands as I smiled. But then my vision getting blurry as I threw hands around panicking. "Gēgē gēgē gēgē gēgē!!" I yelled as I felt that I'm going to faint. Jungkook shook his head standing up and the next second I was lifted in someone's arms. I opened my eyes as the lights were flickering..... Lights? I smiled as I have seen Feng walking towards somewhere as I laid in his arms ever so securely. "I love you Feng" I said pecking his arm as he chuckled. "Yah stop, Toy open the car door"

No one's Pov

"Gēgē! Listen to meeee" Feng sighed humming as Zal Squealed happily. "Gēgē! I saw a Moon today!!!" "Oh really?" Feng said as Zal nodded like a kid while Feng walked towards the car slowly. "Yes yes! A moon with red lips and big b-" "Yah Don't you dare spill it with your holy mouth you Stupideu!" Kai yelled as Zal whined. "Mom we need to throw this Student from our class" he groaned where Toy laughed his ass off. The moon shining bright where the stars getting together forming a Face of someone who we can't recognize.

The night was lightening with lights, stars and the moon. Zal's eyes closing as he felt his orbs brightening for no reason. His hands clutched Feng's arm and Feng nervously placed him at back seat letting Toy take Zal's head and Lay him on his lap [Toy's] by himself making Feng nod and Kai immediately got in car. Zal's eyes closing where he looked like a shiny Angel that was laying his head on Toy's lap. Toy's face softened as he found the most beautiful angelic prince laying on his lap. "A prince under a Moon" he said as the cold air messed up Zal's hair. Brushing his air aside, Toy just lost in staring at this Angel.

The night turns to the midnight where there were no Roads when out of nowhere there's a Layer of Air between the Road. A Man's Leg was landing on the road as the thin air layer wasn't letting us see who It is since he didn't come out clear enough yet. But his hand was slowly visible as his hair was fallen aside of his face. The Cold breeze making his hand shiver and the hand was covered with blood where his clothes too. His eyes are Grey and the dark Orbs looked around as his full posture has entered from the thin air layer. His eyes filling with tears as he fell on his knees. The head was fully Injured where he didn't give any fuck about it. "Mother! Please come back!" He yelled hysterically as he clutched the sword in his eyes as the moon shined upon him slightly blessings our eyes with several mystery views like this kekeke.

 __________________The sun Races are hitting my face through the foggy window making me squirm whimpering before my eyes blinked slightly as my legs Bent letting Myself sit. Stretching my body I yawned smiling brightly before realizing it. My head. I Frowned as my hand rubbed it slightly. Headache.... Damn. I groaned as I stood up walking down to reach the kitchen asap, so I can take medicine and a Glass of Buttermilk with a Small amount of Salt in it. As my steps took downstairs, my eyes captured the guys. Guys.... ......GĒGĒ!? I- panic taking over the place in my mind making me stumble back letting the vase fall upon the floor from the table. Bending down, immediately I kept the vase on the table again. I cracked a smile at them as I gulped turning away and walking away then my wrist was held. Strong buttermilk smell was filling my nostrils as I sniffed before I felt someone turning me around and handing Me a Table which contains Buttermilk, Aspirin and The hangover medicine with a Bottle of water. Mouth washer. I smiled at him. Jin. "Thank you, Mom" I smiled slightly trying to lighten up with the mood but as I saw the bags under his eyes I gulped. "All night I had to stay awake because you're throwing up Every hour. Do you know that?" I gulped shaking my head as no. "J-jin I'm sorry. It's just ugh you know" I scratched my head as he hummed indicating me to explain. "Ah gēgēē! It's just breakdown. " I said as the Matter was unexplainable to explain to anyone including even my family {the group guy's}. "Ah okay Zal! That's not what I'm talking about" he said making me frown. "T-then?" Jin looked at me making sure I was concerned to know. "Next time, sleep nakey! I'm not a toy to wash your clothes again and again!" This is what I call silly. Bursting out in laugh I fell on the floor holding my stomach as everyone did. Jin yelled "what's wronggg!? I just said my concern you can't just laugh upon me like that I'm you all's elder! Oh, my carrot sweet… Did I keep in big flame? Yah! Because of you all I forgot about my sweet!" We were laughing our ass off to be honest pfft. We're lucky "we're damn lucky dude!" Feng said trying to stable himself from the sudden breakdown of laughter. "I'm not" yang's cold answer really provoke Jin's dad jokes where we get entertained for another ten minutes for sure haha haha.

This is my Little Family. Eight family members. Where fan's are never apart from us.

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