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   Chapter 2 Sacred Love 2

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Sacred Love : 2

"Finally!" Feng's voice echoing before I laughed ruffling my hair while stepping inside the garden. There the Mansion was. Not a big one but small enough for Kira and her mother to live in. My eyes Landing on Kai. In a perfect goofy jacket and Jeans while his shirt was unbuttoned until his upper chest. I laughed as he buttoned up in a hurry looking at me. "Ah can't you stop making me laugh?" I said as Bài took the chocolates bag, walking away he yelled Kira's Name. I looked aside as I heard the footsteps. There Kira was. As delicate her eyes are, her dress was also hitting thousands of aesthetic Vibes into our hearts. "Ouch" I said as I backed away keeping my hands on my chest making her run to me and hug me in instant. "Zalll! I missed your Ass" I widen my eyes. "W-what's with that Ass thing hahaha" I laughed as she giggled showing her teeth while she turned to Bài. Her steps jumped up almost one inch as she jumped in excitement. "Mmm chocolates!!" She turned towards me as I backed away. "Omo stop hugging me geez" I said laughing as she hit my arm. "Dumb ass I was just going to say thanks" she took the chocolates cover. "My favorite baker" she wiggled her eyebrows as Bài laughed walking away. I looked up at the Women in Polite Dress and a scarf that was around her Arms. "Wèlcome" a Cold shiver went down my spine as I stared at her cold stare towards us. Especially me. I frowned looking down as I stepped forward behind Kira who was biting her lip nervously. "M-mom, My friends" she nodded without even smiling until she saw Feng. A small smile as Feng nervously hehe'd which sounds so scary 'pfft'.

As we sat there… Awkwardness was filling in the living room. Especially in my entire body damn. "Zal? Is that name?" No it's nOt. I forced a smile as Kira nervously pace back and forth while looking up the stairs which was really provoking me the hell out. "Yes. It's Zal" I said politely and kindly where she hummed and rudeness was so visible in her tone. "To be honest" almost jumping up in the air I turned my head as there Feng was awkwardly staring at me, I gulped. "Did I scare you?" He whispered as I nodded covering my mouth. "I'm scared, Zal. What if These woman asks questions such as-" "Zal!" I sighed in relief as Kira's voice echoed around the living room. "Me?" I yelled back as she hummed loudly. I stood up. Bowing to Kira's Mom I nervously smiled while walking away in an instant. I can hear her yelling up as I made up towards Stairs that leads to upstairs. I sighed as she stood there fidgeting with her fingers. "Zal can you go and check what happened?" She said making me frown. "What's wrong?" I said keeping my hands in my Jeans Pockets. So warm I feel whenever I do this. Oh, this is awkward to say lol… She pointed up to the upstairs. "She's not coming downstairs." She…? Who's she? "She?... What do you-"

My eyes blinking as I heard soft and not so loud steps towards downstairs where my heart beating so fast for no reason and there my eyes can't control Themselves from glancing up at the stairs. Pale Foots that were wearing Slippers and wearing jeans…? Her legs are so slim which almost looked as stems to be honest. Her small waist was really admirable. My head tilting aside as my eyes went up to her Chest, my mind went blank for a second as I Realized she's wearing a jacket upon the White shirt. My hand scratching the back of my neck as my eyes found her eyes for a second where she's looking down. I bit my lip as she bit too at the same time. The perfect puffy nose was sniffing slightly. She got cold? 'Ùgh what am I talking...' I looked down before glancing at her total posture to capture it in my eyes and yes. It did get captured but damn... Someone has to tell this Girl to Look up and the boys over here going to faint in no seconds.

// Someone's clearing their throat as I did at the same before glancing at Kira while scratching the back of my neck. "What you looking at?" She's mumbling while eyeing me up and down as I gulped laughing nervously "nothing Kira what the hell" I looked away, turning away but then my ears got blessed. "Where's"

I turned to her gulping as my knees are getting weak for no reason. 'What type of thing was she doing to me?' I just looked at her as she looked around and Kira. Not even noticing my presence or else … Should I say she did notice? I mean… Ugh whatever. My head turning to look around avoiding her presence until I felt Kira pinching my arm. "Yah. What the f-" "ssh!, Go and bring some Drinks. " I pouted as I rubbed my arm. She really pinched too hard. "Where's it?" I said and the Childish anger was Visible in my tone where she laughed like it's just a small thing to manage. I rolled my eyes as she squished my cheeks. "Oh my poor zalie! In the kitchen." she said as I nodded puffing out air on my arm glaring at her. "Go! What you're waiting for" I nodded walking away then my eyes glanced at her for one more noticing her still looking down. Keeping her hair strands behind her ear she looked up slightly walking down towards the living room. Unknowingly my bottom lip was between my teeth as I Walked into the kitchen without even knowing, I already entered the kitchen…? Wow, damn.


My hands are taking the glasses from Cupboard, my eyes were wide as my arms were froze in between hearing those strong steps towards the kitchen. For sure these Women is targeting me. Damn, what should I do!? My steps were eager towards the counter as I Took the Juice bottle, my fingers are turning the tap left so the bottle will be opened and I can be busy for a while. ... at least till she walks away. "Ah whyy, Open damn!" I Can say I was acting like a kid but All I could do is fear about these Women. I was never 'this much' scared about even ghost but- My hands were calming down as she stepped in. Sweat dripping down my face as I smiled nervously looking up while pouring. "Oh drinksst" I Frowned. Is she pssting? Or else- "you drink?" I can sense her raising her eyebrow. I looked up before shaking my head as no. "No. I don't drink Mrs. Lei" I said as I rolled my eyes mentally screaming in Annoyance. "Oh… Cool `Mr. Xin` ", She squeezed her waist while glancing at the drinks making me feel awkward. Finally. Finally, I poured drink in glasses where I looked up smiling. "She must be w… Waiting I think, I have to go" I bowed as I held the serving plate walking out of the kitchen. As I Walked into the living room, I can see Feng laughing while shaking hands with Her. I mean... 'Her'. Kira's eyes turned to me before smiling bright. "Oh Here!" Bài took the plate, keeping it on the table as I smiled nervously rubbing my palms against my Jeans pant. Turning towards me, her wrist looked so beautiful. And for no reason my attention went to her Chest again as I gulped. "Zall!" Snapping out of my thoughts I looked at Kira Realizing that she has been talking all the time. Laughing on my own I bowed. "Sorry Kira. What's the matter, Again?" I said as she smiled. Oh, a force smile since she's annoyed lol. "My sister… Lei Cia" Cia... A strong cool wind was brushing over my Face as I blinked just standing there while staring into her eyes while she's Avoiding my gaze. Smiling Wide I bowed where she bowed back. "Hello Cia" I said as she smiled slightly. Smile. She can smile....èeh... Her hand took mine as she shook it making me just froze there. What kind of torture is this to me... Damn… I looked down smiling to myself as she walked towards the couch sitting upon it politely.

My smile faded away as I realized Something. Turning to Kira who was scratching her neck while looking away. ...or pretending as scratching her neck? "Yah You never told us you have a sister!" I yelled out groaning as I forgot she was just behind me sitting there. Feng nervously laughed as Kira nervously laughed too. "O-oh c'mon! No one will stop bullying if I'll say I have a Sister who's seven years younger than me!" My body froze there. Wait she's twenty-three years old. ..... Doesn't that mean it's its 16 years old!? "What!?!??" I can hear guy's shocking Respond to her spill of truth where even she gasped. "I-i" she was stuttering as I bit my lip staring at Cia. She's...16... She's a 'minor'… I want to Go drown in seà.

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