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Sacred Love : 1

``Our hands intertwining as I let my breath out for the last time. Your sad smile was all what told me to hold you there in my arms. This Sinful Love isn't at the end yet. My eyes looking up at the Moon which was glistening and shining in this dark sky. "H-hao.." your face was pressed Against my Chest as I tried my best to hold you in place. Your eyes looked up into mine and there I saw you again. Your innocent eyes showing how much pain you're in. "End me" ``

Zal's PovMy chest heaving up and down so Fast as I tried my best to avoid this again. My eyes opened and there I am. Gasping for air and my hand impatiently searching for the Water bottle that supposed to be on cupboard. My hand reached the bottle and I didn't waste a second to gulp all the water. Gulping down I looked up and there My alarm was going off. Rubbing my face I tried to calm myself. 'End me' my eyes opening as it was getting into my mind again. I sighed looking up and there my reflection was. "Geez so mess" I Hissed getting up and folding the blankets immediately. My heart was beating slow as I felt myself breathing well. As I walked out of the kitchen wiping my Hands With the Towel, I rolled my eyes hearing my phone going off. Picking it up, I answered without even glancing at who it is. "Yah are you crazy?" My voice was rude but all she cares about is How I am. "Yah You crazy. You have drunk too much Yesterday!" I laughed sarcastically as she groaned through the phone. "I'm eating stop doing those sounds" I said rolling my eyes as she laughed "oh C'mon Zal Stop being so Sarcastic" I hummed in response as I took a bite of Omelette. "Mm good" I hummed in satisfaction as She sighed. "Dinner today? Mom wants to meet you" I frowned as she said it. Of course, I'm glad to meet my best friend's Mother, but She's usually not into socializing. "I mean. Is she ok with that?" I said raising my eyebrow. "Mm there's something she wants to ask you too so!" I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, is it about that same stupid doubts she asks you?" I said raising my finger up. "Zal-" "if yes then no. I'm busy and I'm going to stay in home" I forced a smile as I sat on Couch turning the TV on. "Yah! Why can't you hear me out huh?" For sure, she was folding her arms now. Because that's all she does. "Or else what you would do?" I said smirking as I leaned back against the headboard of the couch. The Movie was playing upon the TV screen as I changed the channel annoyed by the way These couples are doing those finger things like a innocent chick psst "psst" "what did you say?" I sighed "yah Kira, I'm really not ready for her Questions!" I whined still concentrating on my breakfast. "Nothing will happen. Please come on! Our friend's also gathering!" I looked up. "Oh… Doesn't that mean I'm not alone?" I raised my eyebrow. I heard her chuckling from the other side of the phone. "Yes for sure you're not alone. Our six friends and My- oh?" Her voice broke in between as I hummed in response as a question since I was confused. "Your what?" I said confused but then I sighed. "Are you kidding me? Your mom? C'Mon!" I laughed rolling my eyes before I got no response again. "Kira?" I said as I felt there was something wrong. "Ah yeah!? I'm talking to Hyeri! Join us for dinner tonight bye!" I sat up "hey hey hey wait!! At what time!?-" "eight thirty!!" And there was a loud beep making me wince and keep my phone away on the table sighing. _____________________________________________

As I walked into my Office, I felt everyone standing up and bowing making me bow back smiling Wide bright to at least make them feel better. Having an Idol Job as well taking care of my father's company have become my daily life without any plans for my own needs Except Sundays. No weekends but Sundays haha. You think I'll be free on Saturdays? No way! My Manager going to screw me up if I try to even think about sneaking on Saturday's! Opening my cabin door, I can see My Secretary checking his files upon meetings that going to be held today. Quick and Sure is his policy and you can see it in the way he works. So fairy and it almost loo

ks like a beautiful art. I smiled as I nodded making him smile blinking his eyes as yes. "So, What's the schedules?" I asked while raisin my two fingers up letting the assistant know what to bring in immediate. Sitting in my chair I picked up one of my files as my secretary sighed. "Sir, I think you don't have any meetings today but yes there's important Lunch with Ms. Tina" I nodded as I heard his voice. But then, I sighed deep "Jane I'm really not into her. Why she's doing this" I said rubbing my temple as My Secretary bowed. "I'll inform her to not invite again, Sir" I sighed again shaking my head as no. If I do that then the pride will get down to The same level as small companies. I don't want that to happen since my dad was really strict when it comes to his company under 'his' Rules and regulations. "Don't. We're going to the lunch. Prepare the things out" I said as he nodded and stepped back turning away immediately "wait" closing my eyes while rubbing my temple I spoke up "pick the same restaurant and don't let her pay geez" I laughed at my own statement, and he did laugh too nodding and walking out of my cabin. I hummed as the assistant knocked on my cabin door. After all he's the only person who was polite and calm. Kinda quite understandable who I feel most comfortable to talk with. He kept the coffee on my table making me smile and nod at him. "Thank you, Haru" he smiled bowing and walking away as the telephone started to go off indicating there's business calls coming upon The Meetings that's going to be held on day after tomorrow hopefully. "Mr. Xin speaking" I said out sternly as I stood up immediately. "Ah yes. Yes sure. Sure"I said rubbing my jawline before sitting on my chair again. "Haru! Call my secretary! Urgent" I said as I took out the last week's files standing up. __________________________________________________

"Yes" Mr. Lee said as I was rubbing my temple groaning In annoyance. "Man, it's so stressful!" Mr. Lee groaned laughing in process making me chuckle looking up at him from files. "I think the Property has already been shown?" I've asked scrunching up my nose as Mr. Lee nodded. "Yes it's pleasant to work with you Mr. Xin" Mr. Lee said smiling as I giggled hitting his arm. "Stop Kai. You're really too much" Kai wiggled his eyebrows before standing up. "So what's about The Dinner tonight" I Said as Kai shrugged his shoulder "I think It's going to be about you and-" my eyes widen. "Ay stop accusing rumors! She's just my friend" I laughed as I stood up. Taking my jacket, I looked up glancing at his Almost Green orbs which turned to be blue. I smiled as he smiled back. "Let's go get some coffee?" He said rolling his eyes as I Hit his butt making him Hiss. "Haha got you" I laughed my ass off as he pulled me with him towards the lift, so we can reach downstairs and get the coffee. _________________________________________________

A sigh leaving my lips as I walked down the streets crossing lightening Stores and restaurants and Baker's. Chocolates. They're such tasty Delicious desserts I love. Walking into one of the Stores I brought chocolates since Kira loves to snatch them from my fridge mostly. Giggling on my own I walked down the alleys. Mostly I take car, so I could drive to her home but today it's raining slightly and not gonna lie, Amusement was Visible in my eyes as I stared at sky and the clouds which are much gray as my eyes are. Glancing aside I can see the bunch of Guys walking while yelling on each other for no reason. It reminds me of my school days when I used to yell like this on my Guy's. "Psst Memories" I shrugged as I walked through people. But then, my arm was bumped against someone's making me turn around to see who it is. His eyes are Pure Black as He stared at while walking away. His cheek was tattooed till his Jawline which gave me weird vibes. The scar through his Eyebrow was indicating he's into fights too much. Walking away to mind my own business I walked down the left turning my steps towards the dark alley. I can feel my long Jacket fleeing behind me. Finally, Here I am. Everything going to be fine.

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