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   Chapter 30 A Spare Room Next To Mine

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Kara couldn't understand how a group of adults, who were smiling and kind just now, suddenly pulled long faces.

Well, the world of adults was too difficult for her to understand yet. So she just focused on the food on her plate. When she finished eating, a loud burp escaped from her lips.

Kara put down her chopsticks and said to the three adults, "Dad, Mom, Grandpa, I'm full."

She looked so lovely that they couldn't help but laugh. Even Paul smiled again. He took a napkin and wiped her greasy mouth and hands carefully.

At this moment, the old butler came in carrying the luggage. He asked Phil, "Old master, the suitcases are here. Where will I take them?"

Phil lowered his eyes and thought for a while. He then said, "Paul and Ella can stay in the first room on the second floor. It is spacious, and the window is facing the garden. It has a beautiful view outside. As for little Kara..."

Ryker was wiping his mouth gracefully. When he heard Phil mentioned Kara, his deep-set eyes moved slightly, and he interrupted, "There's a spare room next to mine."

He didn't bother to elaborate. He believed that Phil already knew what he meant.

However, not only Phil but also everyone else in the dining room understood him. Before Phil could say anything else, the old butler said, "I'll go and prepare the rooms then." He then turned around and left.

Looking at Ryker's cold and handsome profile, Ella nodded with satisfaction. She said to him, "In that case, we will have to bother you to take care of Kara."

"Not a problem at all. It will be my pleasure." What he said was very meaningful.

As the future husband, it was his duty to take care of his future wife.

Ryker stood up, looked at the others, and said, "I'm full as well. Grandpa, Uncle Paul, Aunt Ella, please enjoy your meal. I'll take Kara to her room no


He reached out his hands and gently held Kara's soft body into his arms. Looking down at her black eyes, he said softly, "I'll take you upstairs to see your new room."

Kara wrapped her arms around Ryker's beautiful neck and rested her delicate chin on his shoulder. She lay on his chest, and his strong arms just supported her.

"Dad, Mom, I'm going upstairs to see my new room. See you later."

"Okay, go ahead. We'll go upstairs in a while." Ella waved at Kara, feeling relieved. Now she was really like a mother-in-law who was satisfied with her future son-in-law. Ryker was so considerate to Kara. Sometimes even Paul, as a father, might not be able to do it.

"So, what can you say? Are you satisfied with my grandson?" Phil asked with a smile as if he had read Ella's mind.

"Well, Ryker is such a good boy," Ella replied.

Looking at Ella and Phil chatting happily, Paul felt more heartbroken. He stuffed a few mouthfuls of food into his mouth and chewed with difficulty. Did they know that he was still here?

He must admit that Ryker was treating Kara well. Ryker was so kind to her. But so what? He still wouldn't agree to the arranged marriage.

At this moment, Paul was like any ordinary father who was told that his daughter had a boyfriend. He felt like his beloved daughter had been taken away. But Kara was only less than four years old. The more he thought about it, the more distressed he became.

Why was he so stupid at that time to believe in Marina's nonsense? She said that their children would be born many years later. Their fathers would have already long forgotten about the agreement.

No matter what everyone was thinking, Ryker felt good about the sudden engagement. Although the girl in his arms was a little younger than him, it didn't matter. He could patiently wait for her to grow up.

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