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   Chapter 6 You Can't Kiss Others Like This In The Future

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"Where are the cakes? I'm hungry," Kara said as she looked at Ryker with her big black eyes. An expectant look was written all over her chubby face. She even swallowed hard as if trying to keep herself from drooling.

Ryker found her so amusing that he couldn't help but chuckle. He pinched her nose with his fair and long fingers. With a gentle smile, he replied, "Don't worry. They are all yours. I'll make sure that you will be satisfied today."

He then turned his head, looked at the maid closest to him, and said, "Check if there's strawberry cream cake in the kitchen. If there's none, bring us some other cakes."

At first, the middle-aged maid didn't think that Ryker was talking to her as she was busy doing the chores at hand. But she suddenly realized that she was the only servant nearby. Obviously, his order was for her, not for anyone else.

So she quickly replied, "Yes, young master. I'll go and check now." She turned and strode towards the kitchen without any hesitation. As an experienced maid working for the Ning family for a long time, she knew that Ryker was a man of few words. He would definitely not repeat his order.

When the maid left, Kara raised her head, pulled the sleeve of Ryker's white shirt with her little hand, and asked in confusion, "Why did she call you young master? What is your name again? I forgot."

Her brows furrowed while looking at his face. It seemed that she was trying to recall something in her mind. Perhaps because of her young age that she had immediately forgotten his name.

"My name is Ryker. Ryker Ning." Seeing the contemplation on her face, Ryker kindly reminded her again. This time, he said it clearly with emphasis so that she wouldn't forget next time. After a short pause, he added, "Remember, it's Ryker, R-Y-K-E-R. You must not forget my name in the future."

Kara repeated his name smartly. She miraculously remembered and pronounced it accurately as she said word by word, "Ryker. Ryker Ning." She even nodded her head vigorously to show him that she had really gotten it right this time. "I know your name now, and I will definitely remember it in the future."

Squinting his deep-set black eyes fondly, he also nodded. Looking satisfied, he said, "Very good, Kara. You are really a good girl."

Ryker's praise m

ade Kara's heart sing. She joyfully turned around and sat more comfortably on his lap. Looking up at his handsome face, she smiled sweetly and flatteringly. "What about the cakes? If I can't finish eating all of them later, can I take them home?"

"You are too greedy, little girl. You're even thinking of taking food home." It was quite hard for Ryker to restrain himself from smiling. He paused for a moment and said, "Okay, you can take as much as you want, you greedy little girl." As he spoke, he shook his head helplessly but looked at her dotingly.

She was indeed a greedy girl. But why did he feel that the more he looked at her, the more he liked her?

As soon as Kara heard that she could both eat and take home the cakes, she was overjoyed and jumped up and down on his lap, giggling. She got so excited that she suddenly grabbed his collar and stood on his slender and strong legs with her shoes on. After giving him a peck on his handsome face, she exclaimed, "You are so nice to me. I like you the most in the world!"

Her bold moves startled Ryker. For a moment, he was stunned. He raised his hand and touched his cheek that was kissed by Kara's soft lips just now. Strangely, it felt feverish. But he pretended to be calm and coughed a few times to clear his throat. He then said seriously, "Hey, young lady! You can't kiss others like this in the future, okay?"

Kara was confused. She tilted her head, leaned over, and rested on his chest. She asked, "Not even my daddy and mommy?"

"Well... Yes, you can kiss your daddy and mommy." With a stern look on his face, Ryker thought about it for a while. He then continued in a solemn tone, "From now on, you can only kiss your parents and me, just the three of us. You can't kiss anybody else. Do you understand?"

At her age, Kara was too young to understand what he exactly meant. All she knew was that he was not a bad person because he would give her the cakes she liked. There was nothing wrong in listening to him, so she nodded and promised, "I understand. From now on, I will only kiss my parents and you, no one else."

Ryker was so happy to successfully get a big promise from her. Grinning like a shot fox, he hugged her even tighter in his arms. He was in a good mood now. His Kara was really a treasure for him.

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