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   Chapter 5 Taking Her Home

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Ryker held the curious girl in his arms as he walked steadily into his family's mansion, followed by the old butler.

"Wow! Your house is so big! It's beautiful!" Kara exclaimed, putting her chubby arms around Ryker's fair and slender neck. She was amazed by the luxurious mansion.

Ryker, in turn, was amused by her reaction. As the corners of his lips raised slightly in a fond smile, he looked at the little girl in his arms and told her softly, "This is my grandfather's house. If you like, you can move in and live with me."

"Really? But..." A glimpse of excitement flashed in her bright eyes for a brief second before fading away completely. She looked at Ryker a little sad and then shook her head firmly. "No, I want to live with my parents, not with you."

There was a sly and bright smile on Ryker's handsome face as he held the girl closer. Clearing his throat, he asked her slowly and seductively, "Are you sure you don't want to live here? What about all the yummy treats I can offer you? There are many delicious cakes here. If you live with me, you can eat them every day."

His words managed to confuse Kara. Biting her little finger, she looked conflicted. Although she really wanted to eat as many cakes as she could, she also didn't want to be separated from her parents. That was a really difficult choice to make!

In the end, she decided to give up the delicious cakes as she answered the anxious Ryker, "No, I'd better live with my parents. They will also buy me a few cakes."

Her childlike straightforwardness was quite hurtful. A sense of loss surged in Ryker's heart, but he didn't show it. After passing through the gate and garden of the mansion, he changed the topic. "Well, we don't need to discuss it now. Let's go and eat some cake first."

Kara was still young and naive, so her big eyes sparkled with joy, immediately forgetting his ill-inten

tioned proposition from before. The next second, she agreed with excitement, "Yes! I want to have strawberry cake!"

"Sure," he replied affectionately as he walked into the house.

The butler followed them closely while listening to every word the two kids said. His eyes were wide open as he couldn't believe what he just heard. Was this really his young master? The boy sounded like some human trafficker specialized in abducting children. Was he on drugs or something too?

He also noticed that his young master had been smiling more often that day. It was a kind of genuine smile that he had never seen on the boy before.

However, the old butler wasn't the only one astonished by Ryker's abnormal behavior. The other servants also looked at their young master as if they had just seen a ghost. Even after Ryker had long walked past them, they were still in a state of shock, unable to get over what they had witnessed.

The same thought crossed everyone's mind simultaneously, 'Who was this young boy lovingly holding a toddler girl in his arms? Where did their cold-hearted young master go?'

Ryker sat down elegantly on the luxury leather sofa and put the little girl on his lap with her back toward him. Wrapping his right arm around her waist, he used the slender fingers of his free hand to undo her braids. Instantly, her soft black hair slid down like silk.

"Why did you untie my hair?" She looked up at him with a puzzled look on her face.

He gently stroked her soft hair with his fingers, and it made him feel inexplicably good. Relaxed, he replied with a smile, "You were rolling on the ground just now, and some leaves got stuck in your hair. I had to untie it so I could remove them for you."

Although she hadn't realized that, she didn't doubt his words. With a sweet smile, she said, "Oh, thank you."

Next, he replied confidently, "You're welcome."

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