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   Chapter 4 Come Home With Me

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The rumbling sound of a stomach pulled Ryker back from his thoughts. He looked down and saw Kara's upset little face. Her chubby hands hugged her stomach tightly.

The way she looked amused him more. He raised the corners of his mouth and asked softly, "Hey, little girl, are you hungry?"

Looking up at him pitifully, Kara nodded her head and said, "Yes, Kara is hungry."

"Where are your parents? Are you home alone?"

"Well, Mom and Dad went to work to earn money, so I could buy more candies. My nanny went to the supermarket to buy some vegetables," Kara answered after thinking for a while.

Ryker picked her up, carried her in his arms, and started to walk around. "What shall we do? Do you have food at home?"

"I don't know," she answered in a sweet voice, shaking her head. She then wrapped her arms around his perfect neck.

"Gee, you sure don't know anything." He was rendered speechless with her innocent reply.

At this moment, her stomach grumbled again. Kara pouted her cute lips and complained, "I'm hungry."

Ryker looked around and found that there was really no one else in the yard except them. His beautiful brows wrinkled involuntarily. 'Kara's parents are so irresponsible,' he thought angrily.

'How can they leave a little child alone at home? They haven't even locked the door. What if someone comes and takes her away?'

While thinking of a solution to their current situation, his lips pressed into a thin line. Soon, he smiled at her and suggested, "How about we go to my house and eat something delicious?"

Although Kara was just a little child, she knew that she shouldn't go with strangers. But Ryker's smile was so attractive and persuasive that she hesitated. He was very handsome, and he didn't seem to be a bad boy.

"Come home with me. I have yummy treats for you. There are delicious cakes in my house, sweet and soft," Ryker said in a soft voice and patiently waited for her decision.

Kara bit her little finger and rolled h

er big black eyes. She was in a dilemma. Should she go with him or not?

"Can I eat them all?" She was quite tempted by the yummy treats he mentioned.

Ryker laughed while carrying her out of the yard. He generously said to her while walking, "Of course, you can eat as much as you want."

"Okay, let's go to your house then," she happily agreed after making up her mind.

"All right! Actually, my house is just right next to yours," he replied with a smile. He didn't even realize that his tone was so gentle while talking to her.

The thought of eating delicious cakes made Kara giggle in Ryker's arms. She even waved her chubby arms excitedly in the air.

With her little body nestled comfortably in his arms, she wrapped her hands around his neck and rested her delicate chin on his shoulder. She then asked with a sweet grin, "What's your name?"

"My name is Ryker. Ryker Ning," he said slowly and clearly, then quickly added, "Remember my name, okay? Don't forget it."

"Okay, I will remember. Raker!" Kara said seriously. But she didn't notice that she mispronounced his name.

Ryker didn't bother to correct her. After all, she was still small. It was okay. Anyway, he would make sure that she said his name correctly in the future.

"Young master, where have you been? Do you know that the old master is going crazy looking for you?" As soon as the old butler saw Ryker, he ran over like a gust of wind with tears streaming down his wrinkled face.

He was so grateful that Ryker finally appeared. Otherwise, he would be in some serious trouble.

"Don't worry about it. Let's go inside first," Ryker said calmly and walked past the shocked butler. He went straight to the luxurious and charming villa with little Kara in his arms.

Looking at the little girl in Ryker's arms, the old butler was at a loss. Ryker was a neat freak. How come he was holding a dirty little girl now? But as soon as he came back to his senses, he hurriedly followed them inside.

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