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   Chapter 3 You Can't Eat Them!

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When Kara was at home, and her father said that she was so cute, he would always give her a quick peck. Even her close relatives and friends did the same thing to her. That was why she abruptly kissed Ryker.

Over time, she had gotten used to the notion that if she found a person cute, she had to express it in a kiss.

She tilted her head and looked at him with curiosity in her eyes. Kara's big black eyes blinked a few times, and she smiled. The boy's mouth was so different from her father's. Her father's mouth was stinky, but this boy's mouth smelled like her favorite jelly.

Thinking about it, she felt a little hungry. What should she do? She really wanted to have a bite of his mouth.

In the end, she wasn't able to restrain herself. She slowly stuck out her little tongue and gently licked his moist thin lips.

Ryker's handsome face flushed in an instant. He was so stunned that he could only stare at her incredulously. Her mischievous audacity utterly surprised him. For a moment, he even forgot to push her away.

Kara licked his lips so hard. They got wet and glossy, looking even more attractive. She then suddenly bit them with her white teeth.

"Ouch!" Ryker winced in pain. He was at a loss. When he felt that she had no intention to loosen her bite, he quickly pushed her away and snapped, "Stop it! Why did you bite me?"

"What? I didn't bite you. I just wanted to have a taste of the jelly." Kara blinked innocently. She was in a daze, surprised that the jelly didn't seem to be sweet at all.

"You silly little fool! You bit my lips, not your cheap jelly!" Ryker shouted angrily while covering his wounded lips with both hands.

"I... I can't eat them?"

"Of course, you can't eat them! No way!"

"Oh... all right."

Kara pouted and turned her head away. Ryker sighed silently. He didn't know what to say. What was wrong with him? Why did

he have to say it to her? She must be too young to understand his words.

He looked at her carefully. She had fair skin, and she was chubby. Her big eyes were black and round, while her eyelashes were long and naturally upturned. She was undoubtedly cute.

"Your name is Kara, right? How old are you?" he asked. He changed into a more comfortable position while still holding her chubby body in his arms.

Kara rested her chin in Ryker's arm and counted her chubby fingers carefully. She then raised her hand, showing three fingers to him. But soon, she added another finger to make them four.

Seeing that she was in a dilemma, he burst into laughter. He tapped her head with his slender fingers and said, "Ha-ha! Don't you know how old you are? Or you still don't know how to count?"

Ryker's teasing made Kara upset. She pouted and quickly replied, "I know how to count. I'm already in kindergarten. I'm three years and nine months old now. I just don't have enough fingers to count it."

"Ha-ha! You are so funny."

Ryker understood what she meant at once. She wanted to use her fingers to show that she was three years and nine months old. But she lacked two more fingers, so she had difficulty displaying the number to him. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but raise slightly. It arced so beautifully, making his handsome face look even more charming.

Why was this little Kara so adorable?

As he looked at her thoughtfully, some ideas started to pop up in his head. She was only three years old, so he was ten years older than her. Their age gap was not that big. After all, many girls nowadays liked mature men.

Utterly shocked by his own thoughts, Ryker shook his head.

What the heck was he thinking? He was actually imagining himself marrying little Kara when she grew up. Was he out of his mind today? He had to stop thinking of this crazy idea.

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