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   Chapter 2 She Kissed Him!

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Ryker was so stunned by her words that he didn't know how to respond to them. So he glared at the innocent little girl and snapped, "Just go away! Leave me alone!"

The little girl quickly understood this elder boy wasn't easy to get along with. Pursing her lips, she stepped back, determined to leave.

Once again, Ryker buried his handsome face in his knees and cried softly. He really missed his mother. Now that she was gone forever and a new woman would take her place as the hostess of the house, how could he ever go back to that strange place?

As she heard his sobs, the little girl stopped in her tracks, and hesitation flashed in her big innocent eyes. She bit her fingers and thought the good-looking boy seemed really sad.

Her mind spun fast, trying to figure out a way to make him stop crying.

Then something occurred to her. Just a moment ago, the boy did stop crying and yelled "scram". Maybe if she actually gave him this "scram" thing, he might be happy and stop sobbing at once.

But next, she was struggling again. She really had no idea what "scram" was supposed to mean.

'It must be like scrambling eggs in a pan,' she thought with a silly smile on her innocent face. Suddenly, she remembered a time when her parents had a quarrel. Her mother also cried and yelled "scram". Then her father threw himself on the ground and started to roll. He looked so silly that her mother couldn't help bursting into laughter. After that, she wasn't angry with him anymore.

So the little girl went back slowly on her short legs and lay down on the grass beside Ryker. With a wicked smile on her face, she rolled back and forth while shouting at him, "Hey, don't cry! Look at me, look!" I'm scrambling like you said. Stop crying, please."

At the sound of her voice, Ryker raised his head in confusion. At first, he was shocke

d by the scene in front of him, but then he burst into a laugh full of joy.

In her efforts to cheer him up, Kara continued to roll her chubby body back and forth on the grass. Soon her fine braids got tangled with some withered leaves, and her fair face became dirty.

For some reason, this hideous behavior of hers made him feel warm inside.

Despite being a neat freak, Ryker couldn't help but lean over and put the dusty Kara on his lap. With his slender fingers, he carefully removed the leaves stuck on her hair one by one.

Exhausted from rolling, Kara gasped for air. As she looked up at Ryker and saw the smile on his face, her eyes shone with delight. Carelessly, she touched his white shirt and left a black handprint on it, but he didn't seem to mind. She then said in a low voice, "You're smiling. Are you happy now?"

Ryker took a handkerchief out of his trousers pocket and wiped the dust off her face. Lowering his eyes, he answered softly, "Yes, I'm smiling. Is it that important to you?"

Kara didn't fully understand what he meant. Still, she nodded earnestly and said, "You look ugly when you cry!"

The word "ugly" shook Ryker's confidence. In order to save his image, he flashed her his most brilliant and charming smile. "What about this smile then? Do I look handsome now?"

His gorgeous smile almost made her drool. Kara's little face was full of admiration as she murmured, "Wow! You look so beautiful!"

At the sound of that, Ryker chuckled softly as his heart was filled with pride. For some unknown reason, the little girl's foolish expression didn't bother him at all. In fact, it amused him.

While he secretly savored the moment, he suddenly felt a soft kiss on his lips as a sweet candy-like fragrance invaded his nostrils. Ryker's eyes widened in disbelief.

What just happened? She kissed him!

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