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   Chapter 1 Scram You Mean Scrambled Egg

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Standing right next to a luxurious villa, there was the house of an ordinary family.

"Young master, where are you going? Young master, please don't run away!" An anxious voice could be heard along with hurried footsteps.

At this moment, a tall, slender young boy with an indifferent look on his face strode towards the back gate of the villa. As he looked over his shoulder in disgust, he quickened his pace, and with no hesitation, he went out.

Worried that he might be caught, he scanned the area and was disappointed to realize that there was nowhere to hide. However, all of a sudden, he noticed that the gate of his neighbor's house was unlocked. Desperate as he was, he didn't think too much about it and went inside to hide himself.

The old butler quickly followed outside. Gasping and panicking, he looked around for the young boy, but there was only an empty road in front of him. A shiver instantly went down his spine. Things were getting serious now. If anything happened to the boy, he was pretty sure that the old master would definitely beat the shit out of him later!

As beads of sweat started to gather on his forehead, the butler roared at the servants behind him, "Don't just stand there! Hurry up and find the young master! If you fail, I guarantee you won't get paid!"

Only then did the servants begin to take the matter more seriously. They scattered around to look for the young boy. The butler also stepped forward, calling him out at the top of his lungs.

"Young master! Young master Ryker! Where are you?"

As the cries and footsteps began to fade away, Ryker Ning relaxed his vigilance a little. It didn't seem anyone would find him for the time being.

With a slight frown, Ryker carefully examined the place around him. He was in a small, clean, and tidy garden that probably belonged to an ordinary family. But it didn't seem anyone was home at the moment.

Ryker cleared his throat and tentatively asked, "Hello? Is anybody home? Hello?"

Still, no one answered. He was alone in the small garden. Distressed and tired, he walked to a nearby tree and sat on the grass under its shadow. His handsome face look

ed a bit desolated.

Today was his father's wedding day and also the anniversary of his mother's death.

Ryker was aware that his family wasn't like the others. After all, they were all so rich and powerful. Yet what shocked him the most was that none of his family members seemed to know what love was!

His parents got married due to a business alliance, and therefore, their relationship was as fragile as thin ice. Unlike other married couples who had been in love for many years, his parents had always treated each other coldly. So it came as no surprise when his father showed up with a new lover soon after his mother died in a car accident.

Ryker didn't blame his father for getting married again. But he couldn't get past the day he chose to do it. No matter how bad his relationship with his late wife was, they had been together for more than ten years. Couldn't he at least show some respect and choose another date? How could he happily marry another woman on the day his ex-wife died?

Ryker really couldn't understand why adults were so indifferent to each other.

Leaning against the big tree, Ryker closed his beautiful eyes. Slowly, tears began to roll down his cheeks. Only a year after his mother passed away, his dad found a new girlfriend, bringing a lot of changes to the family. This was simply too much for the thirteen-year-old boy to bear.

Perhaps because he had been repressing his feelings for a long time, his silent tears soon turned into loud sobs. Burying his head in his knees, he sadly cried.

"Hello! What's wrong with you?" A sweet childish voice came through.

It belonged to a little girl with big eyes and rosy cheeks. She stared at Ryker curiously. Noticing that he still ignored her, she approached him and stretched out her little hands to push his shoulder.

However, as soon as she touched his collar, Ryker raised his head furiously. Like a wounded animal, he lowered his eyes and roared, "Scram! Don't touch me!"

Obviously, the little girl didn't understand what he meant. Holding her neatly braided hair with her chubby little fingers, she asked in a daze, "Scram? You mean scrambled egg?"

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