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   Chapter 92 Michael,A Man Afraid Of Heights

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As Minnie noticed that Michael only pretended to be calm, she snickered. Then she looked at the excited child by her side and said, "Bruce, you'd better not cry out in fear later."

Glancing at the woman, the boy retorted, "If you get scared, I'll protect you! I'm not afraid of anything."

At the sound of that, Minnie felt warm in her heart. It seemed that Bruce had learned to protect and care for others.

The next moment, she looked at Michael and said to the boy, deliberately prolonging the last word, "Well, then you must protect your father."

Michael cast a dark look at her. Between gritted teeth, he warned, "Mind your own business, Jessica." In his head, he added, 'Or you'll be the one crying out of fear later!'

All of a sudden, the roller coaster car began to move. Minnie could clearly feel that Michael was frightened as they started to go up.

Although the man's face looked ghastly pale, perhaps because of his dignity or something, he didn't make a sound. Seeing him like this, Minnie burst into laughter until she suddenly remembered that she had experienced a scene like this before when she wasn't Jessica.

Years ago, Minnie and Michael had ridden the roller coaster together. However, at that time, the always so serious businessman got so scared that he couldn't help but scream in the air.

Only now... She was there as Jessica and not Minnie.

In the present, as Bruce began to scream excitedly, he grabbed the woman's hand. She smiled gently at the gesture and then put her hand over Michael's.

'Oh God! He is even more frightened than Bruce, ' the woman thought to herself.

During the entire ride, Michael didn't utter a word, but as soon as the roller coaster stopped, he rushed out of the car impatiently and emptied his stomach into a trash can nearby.

Quickly, Minnie handed him a tissue and said, "I didn't expect a man your size to be so afraid of heights." Minnie couldn't conceal her smile.

"I believe you were the one who held my hand tightly out of fear up there," Michael snorted.

Before Minnie could refute him, she heard Bruce's sweet voice saying, "Jessica, I promise I won't be like Daddy in the future. I don't want you to look down upon me."

As she glanced at Michael, Minnie didn't hold back her laughter. Then she squatted down and pinched Bruce's soft cheek.

With a pout, he complained, "Jessica, you're not allowed to pinch me. I'm already a man, and I can't be pinched by any woman!"

At the sound of his words, Minnie's smile grew larger. Although Bruce talked the talk, he didn't walk the walk.

By then, Michael had also stopped vomiting. He stood up as if nothing had happened and took Bruce somewhere less crowded.

"Hey, Michael, slow down!" Minnie grabbed the man's shirt and said, "Look, it's so lively over there. Let's go and have a look!"


Knowing that Michael wouldn't give in, she looked down at Bruce. Promptly, the kid pulled his father's sleeve and urged pitifully, "Daddy, I want to play with Jessica!" As he spoke, Bruce pointed at the spot with a bunch of people.

Reluctantly, Michael looked at the place Minnie had mentioned and walked over there.


hen she saw the man taking the child, Minnie couldn't help but check her surroundings. As she didn't find anything unusual, she went after them. Somehow, she had a strange feeling that someone had been following her since she left the villa.

It wasn't until the woman was close enough to the crowd that she realized there was a line up to play a shooting game. Boys at Bruce's age loved this kind of entertainment, so as soon as her son saw the colorful balloons and the toy guns, he was anxious to play. As a result, Michael bought a lot of tickets in anticipation.

However, due to his height and lack of strength, Bruce couldn't hit the target after several attempts, so he threw the toy gun to the ground in a fit of anger.

The moment Michael saw the boy's attitude, his face darkened. "Bruce! Pick it up!"

"But... I..." Upon noticing that his father got angry, Bruce was afraid. Tears gathered in his eyes, but he didn't want to let them roll down his face.


Unexpectedly, the sound of a balloon bursting reached their ears. Michael and Bruce raised their heads at the same time and saw Minnie as she seriously aimed at another balloon.

It also exploded.

Bruce sniffed and stared at Minnie. She smiled proudly at the boy and asked, "Which one you want me to shoot now?"

As he pointed at several balloons, Minnie hit all of them. Although the kid was very happy, Michael looked at her with a sullen expression.

Until now, Minnie's background continued to be a complete mystery to him. 'Judging from her shooting skills, I'm sure she's no ordinary woman!'

"You're a good at this, aren't you, Jessica?" Michael asked gloomily.

Minnie jumped at the question. She was so busy cheering Bruce up that she forgot that Michael was right beside her the whole time. Looking at the toy gun on the table, she answered casually, "I've been playing this game since I was a child."

Without giving the man a chance to question her further, Minnie squatted down and asked Bruce, "You know you did something wrong just now, don't you?"

Bruce pouted. "I'm sorry, Jessica. I shouldn't have lost my temper."

As she heard these words, a smile appeared on her serious face. Then she held the kid's small hand and walked out, ignoring Michael.

After distancing themselves from the shooting game, Bruce spotted claw machines, which he immediately wanted to play. Minnie turned around and looked at Michael expectantly.

"Children's game."

Despite his words, Michael still went to buy a few coins. Once he came back, he saw Minnie staring at a doll in the machine.

The doll looked exactly the same as the one Michael got for her years ago.

Seeing her eyes so fixed at the toy, the man was also stunned. Bruce noticed that there was something off with both adults, so he asked, "Hey, Jessica, what's wrong with you and Daddy?"

The boy's question brought the two people to their senses. Minnie held Bruce's hand again and pointed at the doll with a smile. "Look how ugly that doll is. I don't know who would have such a bad taste to want that. Anyway, let's get it and spare others from having to stare at it."

Michael's face darkened.

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