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   Chapter 7 I Won't Be Polite To Her

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Reid was informed that he was going to meet his future bride, Miss Yan of the Yan family. And as Roland had sent someone to keep an eye on him until he was brought to the designated place, he knew that resistance was futile.

But deep down, he was also curious to see who this Miss Yan was. She must be something if she could influence Roland to make such a decision.

Reid had been living unrestrained for so many years, so he had no idea how to deal with the news of his arranged marriage.

Meanwhile, Aria had driven to the resort in the suburb. The property, which was owned by the Qin Group, had only been open to the public for less than a year. But this was her first time to visit this resort where many rich men and women often gathered.

When she arrived, she was pleasantly surprised to see that the place was situated in a good environment and that it came with an abundance of fresh air.

"Miss Yan, Mr. Qin asked me to take care of you while you're here. This way, please," the resort manager greeted her with a smile as soon as they met.

With a slight smile, Aria nodded and replied, "Thank you so much."

She was then taken to a luxurious villa with a manicured lawn. This was where she waited for Reid.

And it didn't take long before he arrived.

"It is a great place, isn't it? To think that Grandpa arranged for me to meet that Miss Yan here! Does he want me to have sex with her as soon as we meet?" Reid turned to Harvey Hong, Roland's most trusted butler.

"You have to be kidding, Mr. Reid!" Harvey couldn't help but laugh at his ridiculous words.

Among the three young masters of the Qin family, only Reid had the sense of humor to say something like this.

"I'm not kidding! Go back and tell Grandpa that I will try my best to have a good time with Miss Yan. I won't be polite to her, if you know what I mean," Reid spoke through gritted teeth.

"You mustn't bully Miss Yan or I won't know how to face your grandfather," said Harvey.

"Grandpa asked me to come and I did. You can't tell me what to do, Harvey. If you don't want to observe the date, you can go home." Looking at the luxurious villa in front of him, Reid thought that R

oland had been extremely generous this time around.

"You know me. I'm never polite to women. I might do something that you wouldn't be comfortable watching." After saying as much, Reid walked straight into the villa without bothering to wait for the butler's response.

The sound of the door opening behind her caught Aria by surprise. She quickly turned around and saw Reid walking in. And although she was expecting him, the same couldn't be said for the latter who wore a surprised expression on his face.

"What are you doing here?" Reid asked.

"You're meeting me today." Face to face with Reid again, Aria felt a little nervous. But this was no time to retreat, she told herself.

"Oh, yes! I forgot that your full name is Aria Yan. But I didn't realize that you're Mr. Lennon Yan's granddaughter." Only then did Reid understand everything.

Apparently, everything that had happened between him and Aria since the beginning was not coincidence, but a meticulously designed trap.

"I never said that I was not." Biting her lips, Aria thought, 'They probably don't know me because I've been staying overseas all these years. Even Dominic doesn't know this, I guess.'

"Do you want to marry me that badly?" Reid took a step forward, closing the gap between them.

"What do you mean?" Intimidated, Aria unconsciously took a small step back.

"You planned everything that had happened at HJ Hotel, didn't you? You climbed onto my bed, asked some reporters to take photos, and arranged for our pictures on the newspapers so the entire B City would know about it, right?" Reid couldn't help but think this way. He might have been drunk that night, but he clearly remembered Aria taking the initiative to hug him. He could never forget her enthusiasm that night.

But it was very clear to Aria that she had also been a victim at the time. Set up by Vicky, she had no idea of what had happened until that morning when she learned that she had lost her virginity.

"If I say no, would you believe me?" Aria couldn't say more. How she found herself spending the night with Reid was her own business, and it seemed that Reid only got played into that situation, too.

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