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   Chapter 6 Would He Be Willing To Accept Such A Marriage

Bitter Sweet Symphony: Miss Every Moment With You By LOIS STONE Characters: 4893

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With a silent sigh to himself, Lennon stared at Aria, realizing that there were some things in life he would have to let her face on her own, despite his wishes.

"Aria, are you back for good this time?"

Aria's response was a simple nod and then she continued, "Grandpa, I know what I must do. I'll see to it that you move back to the Yan Mansion in the future."

"I have no doubt about that, but I just wish there was someone to help you and support you during these times." Lennon had an ace up his sleeve.

"What are you trying to say?" Aria's nose twitched with suspicion as she wondered what Lennon was insinuating.

"I have already spoken to Roland Qin and we both agreed that you and Reid should get married." Lennon's words were measured and careful, but they rolled through her mind and stabbed at her.

"No! There's no way in hell I'm going to marry that man!" Aria refused to have anything to do with Reid at once.

"Aria, you know that I am doing this for your own good. Besides, the entire city knows about your relationship with him. I think it's time for you two to get married." Lennon had been planning to do this for a while, but he just couldn't find the perfect opportunity. He didn't expect that he would see her name on the front page not too long after she came back.

"Grandpa, am I not your granddaughter? Don't you know what kind of person that Reid is?" The mere thought of Reid made Aria sick to her stomach.

Lennon looked at Aria with affection and said, "Aria, I've seen a lot of people over the years. I strongly believe that Reid is a better suitor for you than Dominic. Besides, you have broken up with Dominic, haven't you? Please, just do as I say this time. "

After bidding Lennon farewell, Aria drove out of the sanatorium. Her eyes were lifeless and her mind was blank, ravaged by the dreadful thoughts of having to be married to Reid. When she came back, Aria knew that the Yan Group was falling apart. Indeed, Lennon was seeking what was best for her because even if she had taken over the Yan Group right now, she was still alone and helpless. Clearly, she needed someone to support her.

But would Reid be willing to accept such a marriage?

Roland's men forcibly brought Reid back to the Qin Mansion on his orders.

"Grandpa, what's going on?" Briefly glancing at the five muscular men standing next to him and then to Roland, Reid sensed an urgency in his expression.


hat do you think I am doing? Did you really think that you could make such a big scene and get away with it?" Roland had been waiting for an explanation from Reid when he came back, but his grandson had stopped taking his calls and hidden himself for several days. Having no other choice, Roland had to send his men to "invite" him back.

With his legs crossed, Reid leaned against the sofa and calmly said, "Grandpa, if you wanted to see me, you should have just called. Was it really necessary to send your goons after me?"

"Well, when you stopped answering your phone I realized that I needed to give you this good news in person." Roland felt exhilarated at the thought of connecting with the Yan family through marriage.

The smile on Roland's face intensified the bad feeling Reid was already having.

"Grandpa, I'm a little tired, so I'm going to go upstairs. You should just enjoy your good news yourself." Reid tried to flee before things got worse for him.

"Stop right there!" As soon as Roland opened his mouth, the bodyguards stepped forward to stop Reid.

"Reid, I want you to stay at home for the next couple of days and prepare for your wedding."

"Wedding? Grandpa, are you kidding me? I don't even have a girlfriend. Who am I going to marry?" Reid shook his head in utter disbelief and scoffed, thinking that his grandfather was just playing a prank on him.

With a serious look on his face, Roland said, "I wouldn't joke about something so serious. I am well aware that you entertain a series of floozies, none of them fit to be anyone's wife, so I decided to arrange your marriage for you. Besides, it's time for you to grow up and take some responsibility for your family and company."

"Grandpa, how can you break your promise to me like this? Didn't you say that I would never have to go to work in the company? Besides, I'm very busy." Reid seemed more worried about having to go back to work than who Roland had arranged for him to marry. In any case, it mattered to him very little.

"What are you so busy with? Are you too busy hanging out with your girlfriends every day? I don't want to hear another word about this from you. It's settled. As far as I'm concerned, I'm still in charge of this family." Roland stood up, shortly after he finished speaking and then walked back to his room.

Reid, however, stood there trying to argue, but his words fell apart before they could pass his lips.

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