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   Chapter 2 Take Things Too Hard

Bitter Sweet Symphony: Miss Every Moment With You By LOIS STONE Characters: 3862

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Inside the YMG Club, Reid Qin sat on sofa with a couple of beautiful women in his arms.

"How can you look so calm, Reid? You've stirred up a big scandal and yet you're here, relaxing," Shawn Qiao said as he took a sip of wine.

"Why not?" Reid merely shrugged his shoulders before going back to his drink.

"Didn't your grandfather say anything?" Ezra Mu didn't think that Reid's grandfather Roland Qin would just ignore this matter.

Reid shook his head. "Let's drop the topic. We're here to relax."

And yet he himself couldn't feel at ease despite the beautiful women he was with. Every now and then, Aria Yan's stubborn gaze would flash through his mind.

That morning, when she saw the red stain on the white sheet they slept on, she just clenched her fists and said nothing.

Reid might have had too many drinks the night before, but he definitely knew what he was doing. If only he had been with an ordinary woman, it wouldn't have caused so much ruckus, would it?

But Aria was anything but ordinary. She was from the Yan family. Incidents like this were bound to blow up.

Reid put down his glass before irritably shoving away the women beside him. After draining his whiskey in one gulp, he announced, "I have to go. I'm leaving now."

"Hey, hey, Reid! You invited us here. Why are you leaving now?" Alden Gu stopped him.

"Enjoy yourselves. I'll pay for all your expenses tonight!" After saying that, he walked out of the private room and headed straight to the garage.

Reid drove his car slowly down the road. At this hour, there was not a soul in sight. Only a few vehicles were left out on the streets.

It was then that a white figure standing by the bridge caught his attention. The lonely aura of the person rendered him stunned.

Aria had left the Yan Mansion and had wandered alongside the river alone. Standing on the edge of the bridge, she braced herself against the cold evening

breeze. A few minutes later, she opened her arms and let the wind carry her hair and her skirt's hemline.

Just then, a powerful arm grabbed her slender arm.

"Ah!" She felt a sharp pain as Reid yanked her down. She turned around and unintentionally threw herself at him. The two staggered and fell down together.

"Miss Yan, you really are an enthusiastic woman. We were together just yesterday, and now, it seems like you can't wait to throw yourself at me again," Reid blurted as he stood up and helped her get on her feet.

"Why is it my fault again? You're the one who came here and scared me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have..." Aria bit her lips before she could say anything more. She thought that nothing good would come out of dealing with him.

"You were saying?" Reid fixed his eyes on her and asked, "Did you take that issue too hard? Were you about to throw yourself into the river because of that?"

If he hadn't seen a woman with her arms spread open and her dress blowing in the wind, he wouldn't have come to the bridge. He wanted to save her out of kindness. He didn't expect that the woman was Aria.

"Why would you think that?" She glared at him before dusting off her clothes.

"I didn't expect that you actually have a strong heart," said Reid as he stared at her.

Last night, she had put on a lot of makeup, tricking him into thinking that she was just an ordinary girl. But now, as he looked at her fair, clear face, he thought her bright eyes, long lashes, and delicate red lips particularly attractive under the moonlight.

Recalling what had happened between them the night before, he felt a tightening in his throat. But seeing Aria gaze back at him, he coughed to cover up his nerves.

"I'm not like someone who only puts the blame on others." Thinking that she might have said more than she should, Aria turned around and was about to leave when a large hand gripped her wrist.

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