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   Chapter 1 Aria's Big Scandal

Bitter Sweet Symphony: Miss Every Moment With You By LOIS STONE Characters: 3782

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It was a hot summer day in B City.

The sound of the cicadas' loud chirping was like that of a restless heartbeat.

Aria Yan was sitting in the garden of the Yan Mansion. A huge tree shielded her from the harsh sunlight, and yet her forehead dripped with sweat as she read the day's newspaper.

It crumpled under the tightness of her grip, but one could clearly make out the headline and the photo on the front page.

It was a lewd photo of a couple. And it just so happened that the woman in the picture was her.

Lennon Yan, head of the Yan family, regarded Aria Yan as the apple of his eye. And she was also the only daughter of Milton He, CEO of the Yan Group.

She had just come back from abroad, and already, she had brought with her a huge scandal.

But the lady wasn't shedding a tear. She merely sat in the garden, lost in thought, from the moment she arrived at the mansion.

It had been late when the servant called Aria Yan back to the hall. There sat Milton with an angry expression on his face.

"Aria, how did you turn out like this after just a few years abroad? When people told me that you were living a decadent life overseas, I refused to believe it. But now, look at yourself! How could you have behaved like this?" Milton scolded her. He pointed a remote at the TV and switched it on. The news was broadcasting an interview of the man on the newspaper with Aria. It was Reid Qin, the third son of the Qin family.

Onscreen, he was wearing a pair of sunglasses that obscured most of his face. And yet this didn't conceal his dignified aura. When he curved his lips into a faint smile, he gave the impression of a playboy.

"Mr. Reid, what do you make of this issue?" asked the reporter.

"I was so drunk. I didn't know how Miss Yan and I... Honestly, I don't know how it happened. Maybe she threw herself at me?" Reid Qin's smile turned into an e

ven wider grin, and yet no one saw the meaningful glimmer in his eyes.

Naturally, the headline was written in a scandalous tone to entice people to read the whole story. The title of the news read, "Aria Yan Throws Herself at a Man, Keeping Two Lovers at the Same Time."

Everyone in B City knew that Aria Yan was already engaged to another man. But she didn't expect that Reid Qin would go so low as to say she threw herself at him.

It was he who actually took away her virginity, but now he pretended like he knew nothing!

Despite the news spreading all over the city, her fiance didn't bother to show up. He didn't even give her a call.

"Dad, I..." Aria Yan wanted to defend herself. But before she could say anything, her father interrupted her.

"You've humiliated me! How can I face others after this? How could you have been so shameless? You're just like your mother!" Milton He shook with fury.

Hearing his words, Aria Yan merely chuckled bitterly.

He could say whatever he wanted to say about her, but he had no right to say anything against her mother.

"Dad, you don't think of me as your daughter, do you?" She sneered, "Yes, what the report said was true. I already have Dominic, but I still slept with Reid Qin. There, I admit it. Are you happy now?" Aria Yan raised her head arrogantly and threw her father a stubborn look.

All of a sudden, Milton He raised his hand and slapped her hard across the face. "I've wasted so much on you all these years, haven't I?"

"Did you even care about me after all this time? I know that in your heart, the only person you consider to be your daughter is Vicky He!" Had Aria Yan remained the same clueless girl she was years before, she would not have said those words to him. But people changed with time, and so did she.

With a snort, Milton He turned around and went upstairs without saying anything.

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