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   Chapter 5 A Small Black Mole

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Ivanka stood up and looked in astonishment at the pictures on the wall. As she looked at them, she felt as though her blood had run cold.

In the photos, a woman was depicted with long hair or short hair, and she was crying or laughing in some of them. Moreover, she looked so beautiful and charming, with her face showing a lot of different expressions. Ivanka felt a shiver down her spine. It was without a doubt that the woman in the photos was her! It was definitely her and not just someone who resembled her!

She couldn't help trembling in fear, thinking that it was too weird.

"Is there anything else you want to say?" Liam's voice came from behind her, sounding quite furious.

"How could you marry another man?"

Ivanka opened her mouth, but she couldn't find the right words. Needless to say, she had no idea how she was supposed to answer his question. There was no question that the woman in those photos was her. However, she had always kept her hair long since childhood. She had never changed her hairstyle except when she was in hospital due to the accident. Ivanka found that a bit strange. What was more, in some photos, the woman had dyed her hair in various colors and even had a perm.

"Well… That's not me," Ivanka tried to explain. However, in the face of these photos, anything she said would probably be useless. After all, it seemed as though every photo was screaming, "It is you! It is really you!"

As Liam inched closer toward her, Ivanka kept stepping back until she got herself backed up against the wall. Right beside her was a photo of a woman with long hair who didn't have any makeup on. At the sight of the photo, Ivanka's heart skipped a beat. Even she couldn't deny that the woman in the photo was the spitting image of her!

Looking her straight in the eye, Liam said, "You are my woman. I will never mistake you for someone else. You have a mole on your left earlobe."

Hearing this, Ivanka was stunned, and she looked at Liam in utter disbelief.

Completely ignoring her astonishment, Liam stretched out his hand to tuck her long hair behind her left ear. Sure enough, he found a small black mole on her earlobe.

"You have a plum-shaped red birthmark on the back of waist," he said. Then, he whispered in her ear and chuckled, "Oh, and there's one more thing. You have a small scar on your ankle. You accidentally got scalded when you were a child. And you also have a very thin scar on the palm of your hand."

Ivanka trembled all over at this point. Confusion and fear were written all over her face as she looked at Liam. As he had said, there was indeed a birthmark on her back of waist, a scalded scar on her ankle, as well as a thin scar on her hand.

"Based on your reaction, I'm guessing I was right," Liam remarked, his ey

es darkening, as though he wanted to punish her. Then, he said, "How dare you marry another man?!"

"I..." Ivanka couldn't defend herself at all. Bruce was already quite unruly, but even he would pale in comparison, because this man was much more terrifying. He might have seemed like a fine gentleman when he was in a good mood, but he was like a demon when he was angry.

"You left without even saying a word then you married another man?" Liam's dark eyes seemed to be filled with intense anger.

"No, you are very much mistaken. I'm not..." Ivanka explained shakily.

"Mistaken?" Liam sneered. With a smug smile on his face, he said, "I have known you for nine years. How can I possibly be wrong?"

Nine years?

That was impossible!

Seeing that Ivanka still didn't want to admit it, Liam smiled and said, "It seems that you don't want to remember, but that doesn't really matter. I'll just help you remember." With that, he leaned over and gave Ivanka a deep kiss.

He kissed her passionately for quite a while that she had to take a deep breath when it was over. As he watched her catch her breath, Liam's eyes were filled with lust.

Gasping for air, Ivanka tried to explain once more, "This is just a big misunderstanding... I'm not your wife." Not daring to look Liam in the eye, she lowered her gaze and continued, "I have never loved anyone other than my husband. I never had those photos taken. I just happen to resemble her a lot. You must have mistaken."

"Ivanka, shut up!" Liam furiously said, "You're not willing to admit it, are you? Then, I will make you admit it." After saying these words, he pushed Ivanka to the ground.

Struggling to get away, Ivanka threw everything she could reach at Liam and shouted, "Listen, don't come any closer! Stop there, or I will sue you!"

Liam, who was noble beyond compare, was much like a demon who came from hell at this moment. He got hit on the forehead by a small object Ivanka had thrown at him, causing deep red blood to start oozing.

Despite this, Liam continued to approach her step by step. Curling his lip, he stared at Ivanka and carefully said, "You can try as much as you want, but you're the one who will be sent to prison first for assault."

Ivanka wanted to get up and run away, but Liam grabbed her by the ankle, rendering her unable to move. He gently stroked the wound on Ivanka's ankle and sneered, "Ivanka, aren't you getting bolder and bolder?"

"Please, let me go." His grip was so tight that Ivanka almost burst into tears. "Please don't do this. I beg you..."

"Beg me?" Liam grabbed her chin and firmly said, "Begging isn't going to help! Because you left me, I..." Liam's eyes became bloodshot. Then, he stared intently at Ivanka and said, "You shouldn't have gotten on my nerves."

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