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   Chapter 3 You Belong To Me

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Sure enough, Ivanka's cheeks had turned beet red, and she found the kiss so addictive. This was actually her first kiss. And even though she wasn't a good kisser, it was full of affection. Needless to say, no matter how much Bruce hated her, she was still head over heels for him.

It was love at first sight for Ivanka, but unfortunately for her, Bruce didn't feel the same way. He only had eyes for that woman and that woman alone. She had no hope of winning against a dead person. Ivanka suddenly felt like her head became as heavy as a stone. After a while, her mind went blank and she finally passed out.

A teardrop fell from the corner of her eye, and Liam let go of her. He went ahead and wiped the tear dry.

Suddenly, the door was opened. A man in a suit and leather shoes came in. As soon as he saw Liam, he respectfully informed him, "Boss, that thing has been done."

Liam nodded his head to acknowledge it and put Ivanka down on the sofa. Then, he got up and put his suit jacket on. At that moment, the man in a suit looked at Ivanka on the sofa in confusion.

"Do you know this woman?" Liam asked casually.

The man lowered his head and cautiously replied, "I'm not entirely sure, but I think she is..."

Hearing this, Liam gave him a confused look.

"She seems to be Ivanka Su," the man continued, pointing at her hands.

Liam, who was straightening his clothes, paused for a moment. After taking a closer look at Ivanka's hands, a hint of astonishment flashed through his eyes. After that, he quickly walked toward Ivanka, pinched the defenseless woman's cheek, and said in a low voice, "Turn on all the lights."

The man immediately did as he asked. With that, the room became as bright as day.

The woman who was sleeping soundly had a pink nose, red lips, and slightly wet eyelashes. Moreover, she had red spots on her rosy cheeks.

Liam's heart skipped a beat. Then, he lifted her dress and furrowed his eyebrows.

Seeing this, the man in a suit quickly turned away from them.

"Tim, take this woman with you and call Doctor Wu."

When Ivanka finally regained consciousness, she found herself lying in a soft king bed. The smell of disinfectant filled the room. She felt so parched and wanted to drink some water.

But, when she tried to get up, she felt a sting coming from the back of her right hand. She looked down to check what it was and found that there was a tube inserted into the back of her hand. It was then that she realized she was having an infusion.

Wasn't she in the entertainment club? How on earth did she end up getting an intravenous drip here?

"How do you feel?" a voice asked, coming from her left side. Ivanka was completely taken aback. When she turned her head, she found a man sitting right next to her!

He was such a gorgeous man, and his hair had been meticulously combed. And upon a closer look, there weren't any wrinkles on his clothes. He gave her a piercing glare, with eyes that were as sharp as an eagle's. He exuded elegance, but truth be told, he could be quite condescending and snobbish. As a matter of fact, he was rather arrogant and domineering.

"Who are you?" Ivanka asked, confusion written all over her face as she looked at the strange man beside her.

Liam looked back at her coldly, trying his best to control his temper. His gaze was so intimidating that Ivanka felt as though she was going to be killed by him.

"Ivanka." Liam asked in a cold tone, "Are you kidding me? Don't you remember who I am?"

Ivanka simply shook her head. It seemed that she didn't remember him at all. "I seriously have no idea who you are. Whe

re am I? What am I doing here?" She tried to sit up as she said these words, but her body felt sore all over and she didn't have any strength at all.

Liam sneered. Then, he stood up, leaned over and put his hands on her cheeks. With their faces so close to each other, he looked her straight in the eye and said, "You don't even remember your own husband, do you?"

Feeling so confused, Ivanka said in a hoarse voice, "I don't know who you are. Who the hell are you? And I'm married. My husband's name is Bruce Xu. You must have mistaken me for someone else."

"You're married?" Liam's eyes darkened, with a gleam of terror in them. "How dare you get married?"

Ivanka got even more confused. 'Who is this man?! It's none of his business!'

"I really don't know you! I swear!" Ivanka felt so helpless. "I have been married for three years. I've known my husband since I was young. I have never seen you before." A trace of anger flashed across Liam's eyes. "Ivanka, I highly suggest that you tell me the truth. My patience is limited."

"What truth?" Ivanka tried to sit up straight. Liam's face was very close to hers, so much so that she could even feel his breath.

"Why did you go to that club last night?" Liam stared at her, as if he was trying to gauge whether she was lying or not.

"Why did I go to that club?" Ivanka felt a headache and replied, "Something happened to my family. So, I went there to look for my husband. I went there to ask him to go home with me."

"And then?" Liam asked, "Why were you in my room if you were looking for him?" Obviously, he wasn't buying it.

"What?" Ivanka tried to recall what had happened last night. The last thing she remembered was that she got so drunk and went to find Bruce and then the two of them shared a kiss. At that moment, her heart sank. Could it be that he was actually the man that she kissed last night and not Bruce?

That couldn't be! How could she do something so foolish?! Her face turned red in embarrassment and she quickly averted her gaze, not daring to look at Liam.

Taking a deep breath, she regretfully said, "It was just an accident. I'm really sorry. I mistook you for my husband. If I upset you in some way, I sincerely apologize again."

As a cunning smile crept onto Liam's face, he lifted her chin with one finger and said coldly, "Ivanka, you should already know what kind of person I am. If you want to get my attention again, there's no need for you to pretend to lose your memory. Do you know what I want?" As he said these words, his eyes were fixated on her.

At that moment, Ivanka was so scared to death. However, she more or less knew what he meant. She could tell from the look in his eyes. It looked like there was no way for her to get out of this, and no one was going to save her either. After all, she didn't even know where she was right now. If this man were to really do something to her, she wouldn't be strong enough to defend herself.

"You… You can't…" Ivanka protested as her voice trembled. "My husband is Bruce Xu. If he finds out that you lay your hands on me, he's not going to let you get away with it."

"Is that so?" Liam smiled indifferently and said, "It turns out you still don't know me well." His face was so close to hers that their noses almost touched. Seeing his threatening glare, Ivanka couldn't help shivering in fear. For some reason, she found this man so terrifying.

"You belong to me." He looked into her eyes and carefully said, "Bruce is just an insignificant figure from the Xu family. He doesn't even have the qualifications to be my opponent. How dare he marry you?"

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