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   Chapter 2 That's Not How You Kiss

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Bruce got up from his seat and walked toward Ivanka. As the tall and handsome man stood in front of her, all she could do was look up at him. All of a sudden, Ivanka felt a jolt of pain in her chest. It felt like she had always been looking up at him from the moment she met him, yet he had never really noticed her affectionate gaze.

Bruce brushed past her and purposefully hit her shoulder hard. Ivanka's arm was left in excruciating pain. Despite this, she quickly went after Bruce and followed him closely behind, worried that he might change his mind and run away. But, after she took two steps forward, everything around her suddenly became a haze.

Ivanka felt so lightheaded, and she could barely keep herself upright.

Bruce reached out his hand and opened the door of the room. And the second he stepped out of the room, he heard someone screaming behind him, "She fainted!" He turned around to check who it was and saw Ivanka lying unconscious on the ground. He couldn't help frowning. That being said, his cold expression turned into a smug smile almost instantly.

"Bruce, what are we going to do?" someone looked at him and asked.

Without giving a response, Bruce walked up to the wasted Ivanka and gently kicked her face with his foot. Then, he sneered and said, "She's not just acting. She's really out cold."

Without missing a beat, he yelled out, "Turn on the music! And order more drinks. Don't mind her. Let's all have fun!"

"Oh…" Everyone exclaimed. And just like that, deafening music filled the quiet room once again.

A close friend of Bruce walked up to him, looked at Ivanka and worriedly asked, "Bruce, what about your wife?"

"Her?" Bruce sneered. Then, he went on and said, without a hint of remorse, "Just throw her out."

Ivanka felt so dizzy.

She opened her sleepy eyes slowly,

but it was a bit too dark for her to make anything out. Finally, she struggled to get up and leaned against the wall, and the induction light was suddenly on. From the looks of it, she was in the staircase. She felt so feverish and found it hard to breathe.

Her mind was such a mess. She came here for Bruce, but what was she doing here? Where did Bruce go?

In a state of confusion, she opened the door of the staircase and staggered as she looked for the room. She had made up her mind that she would bring Bruce back home with her no matter what she had to do! After all...

Someone was waiting for them at home! For that reason, she and Bruce had to go home. Or else... it would be too late.

Ivanka walked toward the private room, checking the room numbers one by one. After walking around, she finally found it. It was this room! 8859!

Without delay, she went ahead and pushed the door open. Much to her surprise, she didn't hear any loud music or see any debauchery.

She helplessly stared at the dark room in a daze. "Where are you? Bruce! Where are you now?!" Ivanka screamed at the top of her lungs. She finally revealed her true nature.

"Bruce, I'm only going to give you the count to three. If you don't come out, I'm going to break your arm!" Ivanka furiously yelled into the quiet room.

The only thing that was illuminating the room was a warm yellow light in the corner. Under it, a tiny flame was flickering slightly. It looked like he was here after all! Squinting her eyes, Ivanka staggered toward the light.

Under the dim light, there was a man sitting on the sofa. He was smoking a cigar, and his face had been obscured by the smoke. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt. Although the room was poorly lit, it wasn't enough to conceal the noble aura of this man.

Seeing the man sitting on the sofa and staring at her without saying a wor

d, Ivanka flew completely off the handle. How could he still choose to have fun in this place?! Could he even call himself a man?! At that moment, she seriously thought that it was so stupid of her to like a scumbag like him all these years!

Not wasting a second, Ivanka walked one step closer, grabbed the man's collar and furiously said, "You're such an asshole!"

Looking at the woman who had appeared from out of nowhere, Liam Xiao furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

She seemed to have a disposition of a woman that was somehow both mature and young at the same time. It might sound confusing, but that really was the impression she was giving off. Her eyes, which were as cold as the deep ocean, suddenly became so alive, brimming with intense anger.

It was very dark inside so he couldn't take a good look at her face, but he found her bright eyes so attractive.

It seemed as though... He was caught in a daze for a moment. Her eyes reminded him of someone else's in his memory. But, he knew that it was impossible. There was no way she could be that same woman. After all, she...

"Miss, I think you got the wrong person," he said lightly as he looked at her.

Glaring at him, Ivanka replied, sounding so displeased, "Damn it! I've known you for nine years. I will never mistake you for someone else."

She had a strong stench of alcohol and a faint smell of Chanel perfume on her body. These two scents mixed together gave her quite a unique fragrance. Because of this, Liam felt an unexpected sense of familiarity.

He looked at Ivanka, took a drag on his cigar, and leisurely puffed out the smoke. He reached for Ivanka's hand and took it off his collar.

This made Ivanka's heart ache. She knew full well that Bruce didn't like being touched by her. Simply put, he didn't really like her at all. Ivanka's eyes turned red all of a sudden, and a sense of stubbornness rose in her heart. Shaking off Liam's hand, she raised her eyebrows and said, "You don't like me touching you, do you?"

Liam simply gave her a cold stare without giving any response.

Without a warning, Ivanka moved closer to him once again, held up his face and gave him a passionate kiss. "The more you don't want me to touch you, the more it makes me want to do so! There! I have kissed you. What are you going to do about it?"

Taken by surprise, Liam frowned and immediately tried to push her away. But, she managed to quickly straddle him, with her arms wrapped tight around his neck.

Ivanka's lips had the strong stench of alcohol, mixed with the distinctive fragrance of a young woman. Although she was being too aggressive, she wasn't a good kisser.

Somehow amused, Liam let out a soft chuckle.

This made Ivanka angry, so she backed away a little. Then, she glared at him and said, "Stop laughing!"

'This kitten has a bad temper,' Liam thought to himself as he looked at her. In any case, she was really a dead ringer of a person he used to know. He didn't like being touched by women, but since Ivanka was a bit of a special case, he suddenly felt an urge to play along with this kitten who seemed so clueless and dared to kiss a tiger.

He reached out his hand and gently pinched her chin. Then, he whispered into her ear in a low and seductive tone, "That's not how you kiss."

At that point, Ivanka was in great confusion. Staring blankly at him, she asked, "Can you teach me how?"

Liam leaned in closer and gently brushed his finger against her lips. Her eyes were filled with anticipation and her lips were like cherries, like the most sumptuous dessert he had ever seen. His glimmering eyes darkened in an instant. Finally, he puckered his lips and gave Ivanka a passionate kiss.

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