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   Chapter 3 Drink Three Glasses Of Wine

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"Don't play innocent with me now. You're a club girl here, aren't you? Stop acting so pure, you should thank your fortune that I take a liking to you." It was obvious Zeke had not expected to be refused, much less be soaked with wine. He lost his temper, and laid it on her despite him being a prominent figure.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. Please let me go. I'll pay for your clothes. I'm really just an ordinary waitress, I'm not a club girl. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." Mary's tone had gone low. She knew she had to humble herself in that instant, and only hope that the man would eventually let her go.

"I can do that, of course, but you ruined my clothes so you have to do something about that at least. Well, I suppose I can let it slide as long as you drink three glasses with me. We'll be even then. If you keep refusing then I will go to your manager and tell her myself about how you disrespected the guests and how you lack the qualities that an employee of such an establishment ought to have. I will personally tell her that an employee like yourself doesn't deserve to work here. How about it? What will you do? I'll give you one minute to decide." Zeke had already been lusting after Mary, so the look of alarm in her beautiful face at that moment only served to fuel his desire even more.

"Ooooooh." The rest of the guests were quick on the uptake of his words, and soon a buzz went around the room.

"Mr. Wu, it's clear in her expression that she is still young and inexperienced. Don't be so hard on her. Girls these days prefer the prince charming type, so you should try to be more gentle."

The young man who had spoken seemed to be interceding for Mary's sake, but the other men knew that he was using a snide way to make fun of Zeke.

Everyone watched in anticipation as the fun unfolded. It appeared that this was not the first time something like this had happened. Only Franklin Leng, who was sitting in the far corner, looked unaffected. He

hadn't spared Mary a single glance since the moment she had walked into the room.

She, on the other hand, was in a difficult struggle against herself. 'I can't lose this job. I only have two hundred dollars left in my account. If I get fired here, I won't be able to find another high-paying gig that doesn't conflict with the rest of my schedule. And I'm still a college student. I'll never get hired by a decent company without a diploma.

And if I can't get the job to save up money, there's no way I can pay a lawyer for my father's defense or even pay for my mother's medical fees. But I really don't know how to drink. I have only ever drunk wine once in all my life.'

"Your one minute is almost up, you have to make a choice," Zeke drawled, looking at her with sharp eyes. 'I know for a fact that this girl would definitely choose to drink with me. If she didn't care about her job at all, she would have walked out the moment I stated my conditions. Instead she stayed, getting herself even more tangled in this situation.'

Mary gritted her teeth, thinking it's only three glasses of wine anyway. 'It shouldn't be a big deal. I'll go to the manager and ask to leave right after drinking. I won't cause any trouble as long as I go home immediately.'

And so, she bravely picked up a glass of wine and started to drink. What she didn't know was that this particular wine was strong, and had high alcohol content. Even Zeke, who enjoyed drinking often, would not dare to gulp down three glasses of this beverage in one go.

As soon as the liquid touched her tongue, Mary felt a warm and tingling sensation spread throughout her body. It also had a rather spicy aftertaste that lingered in her mouth.

She coughed violently, feeling her throat burn. But Mary had no choice; two more glasses were waiting for her. Taking a deep breath, she arched her shoulders back and picked up the second glass. The room broke into applause, and Zeke shot her a look of determination.

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