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   Chapter 2 My Name Is Mary

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It was Mary's first time working in such a place, or to be in such a scenario at all, so she was generally clueless about the way of things. She thought that the middle-aged man had sensed her nerves and was being kind by telling her to relax. And so, she obediently did as he said and poured the wine.

The moment she looked up, Zeke Wu's breath caught in his throat. She was so beautiful, her delicate and fair skin glowing. Mary was not used to wearing any makeup, so she was bare-faced today, as usual. Her thick, arched eyebrows and large eyes were without artificial substances. Everyone in show business was aware that the boss of the XY Entertainment Company liked pure, innocent girls like her.

After pouring the wine, Mary stood to the side with her head down, waiting for their orders. 'Although I've never been to a nightclub before, I can tell from their clothes and temperament that they are not ordinary people.' That made her all the more careful, afraid that she might do something to displease these customers and inadvertently cost her this hard-earned job.

These men were all elites in the business world, and they had gathered together because of a very important person: Franklin Leng. Aged twenty-nine years, Franklin was the CEO of the Leng Group. His conglomerate engaged in real estate, finance, hotel, entertainment, food and most other industries. The Leng Group had even been cited among the top fifty business entities in the world in the past year.

This CEO was young and promising, but he had no wife nor children. He even had no scandals to speak of, which might be why his performance in bed had been questioned among selected circles. The man was arrogant, domineering even, and these traits seemed to be innate.

Once the customers finished their business talk, they dissolved into idled chatter and called a few club girls over. All men liked to play the field, especially suc

cessful men.

Soon ladies started to trickle into the room and sit beside the men. Mary had never been in such a predicament, and she was itching to leave as soon as possible. She took a small step towards the door, and Zeke immediately took notice. Mostly because he had been keeping an eye on her. Now that he had seen an opening, he pounced. He walked right up to her and asked gently, "Miss, may I know your name?"

"Oh, my name is Mary Liu." She had not expected that this big boss would ask her name, so she easily gave it without much thought. She stopped in the middle of her escape altogether, racking her brains for an excuse to leave.

"What a nice name," Zeke complimented. "And you embody the name, Mary. Sit down, come. Sit next to me. I'm sure you've grown tired from standing all this time."

"No, thank you. I have work to do, so I have to go. Please call me if you need anything." Mary made a motion to the door again,

but Zeke was quick to grab her hand. "Never mind that. All you have to do is serve me well tonight, there's no need for you to do other work. Your manager won't trouble you, I assure you, and you'll get a big fat tip as well." He yanked her to him just as he had finished speaking, and Mary found herself plopping down on the seat next to him.

"Sir, please let me go," she protested as she struggled to stand up. "I really have work to do."

"Surely you can drink a few glasses of wine with me before tending to your other duties." Zeke had already made up his mind, and he was determined to have Mary keep him company tonight.

For her part, Mary could be quite simple sometimes, but she knew then that something was wrong. Something in the air inside the room was screaming at her to go, and she heeded it. She struggled even more fiercely, and knocked over a glass of red wine in the process. The drink flew into the air and splashed all over Zeke's expensive suit.

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