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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Nothing special happened between Alessandro and me in the past week as we were busy with patients.

There was an accident and a lot of people got seriously injured during it and due to short of doctors, each student got one patient to treat.

It was very good to treat patients without getting anyone's help. It'll help us in many ways.

I checked up on my patient. She is 15 years old teenager. Her name is Emma and she got her leg fractured in the accident, some bruised ribs, and some cuts here and there.

Emma smiled when I got closer. "Hi Doctor", she wished.

"I'm not a doctor yet Emma if you remember", I smiled.

"But you saved my life and that's what matters. Besides, you'll become a doctor after some years.", she shrugged.

I smiled and asked her if she feels any discomfort. After checking on her I went to Prof. Russo to give reports.

I haven't seen him this whole week. Most of the patients are under his control, and he has to check if students are handling patients correctly.

I knocked on his door and entered the office. He was working on his computer.

"Hi Prof. Russo", he looked up and nodded. He looks really tired and I feel really bad for him. I handed him my reports and went behind his chair.

"What are you doing Ms Wilson?", he asked looking sideways to me. I only smiled and started to massage his shoulders.

He groaned when I added slight pressure. His muscles feel really stiff due to stress.

He leaned back on his chair and let me do what I'm doing. Halfway his eyelids started to get closed.

"Prof. you should move to the couch", I whispered gently.

"Mmmm I have to complete the work", he murmured in a sleepy voice.

"You need to sleep, Alessandro. You can finish the work early in the morning", I said to him.

He stood up and laid on the couch. He looks my way and indicates with his hands to go to him.

When I went closer he pulled me on top of him."I'll sleep if you sleep with me", he says.

I smiled and accepted to sleep with him. That night I slept in his arms feeling safe and loved.

When I woke up in the morning I was snuggled up with a very warm, hard yet very comfortable pillow. I snuggled more into it.

When I heard a groan my eyes flew opened to see I'm lying on top of Alessandro.

Then I remembered everything that happened last night.

"Can you stop moving?", he gri

tted his teeth.

I sit up and my core brushed against him. Then I understood why he was groaning. He has a hard-on.

I rubbed myself against him again purposely. "Fuck", he cursed.

He grabbed my waist and flipped me on my back and grabbed both my hands in his large one.

He pushed his hard-on against my core again and I moaned at the sensation.

"Do you like it?", he asked in a husky voice. I mewled at the sensation.

He added more pressure and I was literally dripping wet by now.

"Keep your hands up", he ordered and started kissing my neck. With other hands, he fondled my boobs.

I was a moaning mess underneath him.

Suddenly he stopped. He brought his lips to my ears and whispers, "You have been a very bad girl, Ms Wilson so you don't deserve to cum."

With that, he stood up and took his things and went out and I just lay there speechless.

I'll take my revenge on him for that but for now, I'll go home and change.

After changing I did my makeup and wore a long coat on top of it to hide my dress.

I smirked knowing what is going to happen when he sees the dress.

I went to the hospital and check up on patients. After completing my round, I went to see Nick.

He is doing very well in comparison to other children of his age will do. His surgery is after two days and I'm nervous about the final results.

I can just hope that he made through it. Nick is really a good boy. He is good at studies, sports and he is very observant.

Nick is very good looking for his age and I know he'll be a heartthrob when he grows up.

Nick and I talked about a lot of things for hours. I left his side only when it was time for giving my daily reports of patients to Alessandro.

I knocked and entered his office and locked the door behind me.

He looked up from his work and when he sees me he leans back on his chair with his arms crossed on his chest.

"What can I do for you Ms.Wilson?", he asked in his husky voice.

"A lot of things Professor", I purred seductively and opened my coat and dropped it.

His jaw dropped all the way to the floor after seeing my dress. He quickly collected himself and swallows hard.

I'm wearing a sexy fitted nurse dress. It is white in colour and it fits perfectly on my curves.

It shows cleavage in the front and reaches just below my ass and has a plus sign in the on my right breast.

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