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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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I closed my computer and rushed to reach home quickly. I swear that girl is going to be the death of me.

How she manages to get me a boner every time she is near me is scary. She has control over my body that no girl can ever have.

When she entered my office I was speechless for a minute. She was looking like she is ready to get fucked right on my desk.

The thought alone had my cock twitching inside my pants. She started walking towards me seductively and dropped her pen.

She acted innocently like this all is an accident but I know she doing this on purpose. She definitely has something up her sleeves.

She bends down and pushed up her caused her skirt to rise up and I was able to see her panty... she is wearing a fucking thong.

I growled as I know she is taunting me, playing a game but what my little temptress doesn't know is that this game is mine.

I'll play hard to get until she is too deep in the game and I'll make sure she does not be able to get out.

She is like a drug to me. At first, she was just an attraction but slowly she became my addiction.

She has a soothing aura to her that attracts me to her and I forget my stress when she is with me.

With her, my life is not boring. Everything she does makes my world lit up like fucking Christmas lights.

When she pushed the files towards me showing her cleavage and I had to fist the table to contain myself from fucking her into oblivion then and there.

She got out of my office her hips swaying a little more...taunting me and I have to take a deep breath to contain myself from going after her.

I'll take all of my revenge to this teasing when she gets into my trap but for now, I have to wait patiently.

I reached the home and took a long cold shower before going to bed.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. After taking a shower I went to a family restaurant for breakfast.

When I reached the hospital I checked on all the patients that are under my list.

When I was checking the last patient Marylin walked in wearing a middle thigh dress that fits on her like a globe.

When she spotted me her whole demeanour changes. She smiled at me fluttering her eyelashes.

"Good morning Professor", she wishes me and I know she is trying to turn me on.

She calls me professor whenever she is trying to seduce me otherwise she always calls me Prof. Russo.

Whenever she calls me professor it sounds so erotic coming from her mouth. It affects me and she knows it.

"Good morning", I grunted going towards the elevator.

She followed after me. When the elevator door closes she stands in front of me touching my chest.

"Bad morning professor?", she asked me.

"You know I can make it really good if you want me to", she whispers in my ear and nibbles my earlobe.

I suppressed the shudder that went through

my spine. The elevator doors opened and she walked out giving me a wink.

"Christ" I murmured adjusting the boner she has given me.

The rest of the day went uneventful. After work, I went home. I ordered thai for dinner and went to take a shower until the food arrives. After dinner, I went to bed taking my laptop for doing research on one of my cases.

Halfway through the research, my phone dinged indicating a new message.

I opened the lock and it showed Marylin has messaged me. I opened it quickly, thinking maybe she is in trouble or has hurt herself but when I Opened the text it shows "Hello professor" indicating she up to something.

I closed my text after replying to her. After five minutes my phone again dinged. I opened the text and she has sent a picture.

I downloaded the image and my cock immediately sprung to life.

She is wearing a fucking sexy baby doll. It has a heart-shaped cup that covers only her nipples. Her delicious D cup breast is on the display.

Her curves are fan-fucking-tastic. The baby doll has a V-shaped thong that did nothing to hide her shaved mound.

"Did I made you hard professor?", she messaged.

"It's very inappropriate to send these images to you professor Ms Wilson", I replied like I didn't like what she sent but we both know I fucking loved it.

"Oh, professor I was just cheering you up. You seemed rather stressed today", she messaged.

"I'm not stressed Ms Wilson and if I am that doesn't concern you", I messaged.

"of course it concerns me. I'm your good student and I don't like to see you stressed", she writes.

I was typing my reply when another message came from her, "and as I'm a good student you should reward me, professor".

"What reward you want?", I asked.

"Send me the pic of your cock", came her instant reply. She is hell bend on destroying me I swear.

"I won't", I replied to her. For a few minutes, she didn't reply. I went to keep my phone aside when my phone dinged again.

She has sent an image. I opened it and my breath hitched. In the image, her legs are widespread with her hands playing with her clit with her panties on. Her panty is wet with her arousal and it takes everything in me not to barge into her house and punish her for being such a bad girl, teasing me on at every chance she gets.

"I have sent you my pussy and its fair you return the favour professor. I'm going to cum imagining your cock inside my cunt... How you'll pound inside me with that big fat cock of yours and how I'll choke on it when I suck it", she messages me right after she has sent the picture.

"Fucking hell, " I thought. I'm so hard that it hurts. I send her the image of my boxer clad cock.

After sending an image I wrapped my hands around my cock and started moving it up and down imagining ever way...every position in which I'll take her.

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