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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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I was in my office reading a new case when Marylin walked in. Marylin is my student for the last two years. She is not like any other students, she is very intelligent and hard-working. Not to forget she is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on.

She looks like a goddess with that figure of hers. She not slim like a model. She is curvy but not too much.

She has big boobs that will fit perfectly in my hands, small waist, and wide hip with perfect round ass.

When our eyes met for the first time I knew I was in for trouble. She has round doe-like eyes, small buttons like nose and pink pouty lips.

Whenever I look at her eyes I always wonder how her eyes will roll back when she'll cum milking my cock with her pussy or how her pink lips will look sucking my cock.

"Dammit", I cursed inside my mind. My cock is as hard as a rock from my thoughts and I'm glad she cannot see because of my desk otherwise she would have run away from me.

"Did you came here to give the report?", I asked her to keep my mind off from my thoughts otherwise I'll have to take her here right now, on my desk.

An image crossed my mind of her bending over my desk, legs apart, ass in the air with my cock ramming inside her from behind. My cock twitched with excitement.?She nodded.

"Very well. Now can you give me your reports Ms. Wilson"? I asked her again, removing all inappropriate thoughts of her from my head.

"hmm....yeah here it is Professor Russo", she gave me her reports. Her reports are neat and well written.

"You did well as always Ms. Wilson, I'm really proud of you", I praised her for her work.

I know I push her hard to work but it is all for her benefit. She has the capability and I want to teach her best so her future would be bright. She will?be in my position in the coming years. I can tell that.

"Umm can I retire for today Professor?", she asked quietly. I nod my answer because I know if I said anything she'll understand I'm lusting after her.

After she left I took a deep breath to calm down. My cock is hard, ready to sink into her pussy but I know its only a wishful thinking. I'm five years older than her and she must prefer the boys her age. I'm no boy, I'm a man. Man who doesn't make love. No, I only fuck and I fuck hard.

I have fucked an uncounted number of girls but I haven't had my first kiss yet because to me it's very intimate and I want to be intimate with only with the women with whom I'll spend rest of my life.

Marylin is that girl and I'll pursue her after she is sett

led. Now our relationship is forbidden but after graduation, she'll not be my student.

Not that I mind persuing her now because I came from a wealthy family. I can always quit here and go for the family business but I want to spend as much time with her as possible before I go to her about my feelings.

You must be thinking I love her. No, I don't love her but I like her a lot. She is a perfect image for my wife, ambitious and hard-working. And I know with time I'll fall in love with her.

I can see all the boys in her class wants to be with her but she is unaware of any of their intentions. I can feel my blood boiling even at the thought of her with another boy.

I'm a very possessive man and I'm more possessive with her as I have already made her my woman in heart. I'm sure of it that I want to be with her for the rest of my life. I'm just waiting for her to settle down before staking my claim.

Before leaving the work I called one of the many hookups Dothory. She is a regular fuck. She is pretty and has curves. She is good in bed too.

I went to my apartment which is just across the Marylin. I can see into her room from the window. Our bedroom windows are facing each other and living room facing each other.

Dothory was already naked waiting for me on my couch. I put my bag on the table and went to her.

I removed my dress and stood naked in front of her. She lit up at the sight of my cock like a slut she is. I roughly grabbed her hair and put my cock into her mouth. She chocked and gagged but I don't care. She is here only for my entertainment.

I fucked her mouth until I came then took a condom from my back pocket of pant and put it around my cock.

I grabbed her waist and turn her over and slammed my cock roughly from behind. She moaned at pain and pleasure.

I was fucking her roughly when I felt eyes on me. I looked up to see my Marylin standing by her window looking at me. Her eyes flickered to my cock and her mouth opened forming an 'O' shape. She is aroused, it is clear on her face. Her hand is circling her clit, I can't see her lower half but from her hand's movement, I can tell she is rubbing her pussy imagining herself of the girl I'm fucking. Just before I was about to cum I pull out my cock, removed the condom, and started jerking off looking straight into her eyes.

I came on Dothory's back and smirked at my women. She came back to her senses and put the curtains on her windows.

I send the slut on her way and lay down on my bed grinning. Tomorrow is going to be very interesting.

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