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   Chapter 5 Salty Much

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Emma's POV

Why were the other maids in the staff house, and I would be in the guest room? It was what I wanted to ask him but didn't. I took the coffee cup and headed back to the kitchen where I found Halley mopping the floor where flour had spilled.

"Um, Halley, " I began. She made me uncomfortable, like a tiger ready to pounce and attack at any minute.

She looked over to me, mop still in hand. "What?"

"Mr. Hollen instructed that we should prepare a guest room downstairs."

"He's having visitors again, Aggie?" she asked her, turning from me.

"Not that I know of."

"Actually, it's for me, " I let out.

Both women looked at me with awe.

"Mr. Hollen is having you sleep in a guest room?" Halley asked, dropping the mop.

I nodded.

She looked up at Agnes before Mr. Hollen appeared in the kitchen.

"Halley, what's the hold up?" he demanded.

"Nothing, " she replied quickly and took my hand in hers, leading me out of the kitchen.

We walked straight ahead passed the living room, dinning room, a room with a huge pool table and colorful curtains, and another room that was all white. We arrived at four doors.

"Pick one, " she said softly.

I chose the last one.

We entered and started dusting and tidying up. We made the bed and changed the pillow cases. She left then returned with a broom, mop, a bucket of water, and cleaning products. We cleaned the floors and reachable spots. When we had completed everything, I helped her carry the supplies back to the storage room.

"How long have you been screwing him?" she asked when we were back inside the guest room, making sure everything was perfect.

"What are you talking about?" Was she crazy? I was a virgin in every way. I'd never even had a hug from a guy.

"Mr. Hollen never lets the help sleep in the mansion, unless she's screwing him like the previous maid."

"I'm not screwing him, Halley. I don't know why he's allowing me to sleep here."

"And you didn't ask?"

"No, I didn't."

She shook her head and glared at me with a smirk. I had had it with her and her attitude.

It was only my first day and she was acting as if we had been enemies since preschool. As if I had broken her favorite doll's neck, so she grew up hating me for it.

"Thanks for the help, " I said, but she just turned on her heels and left.

I picked up the remote to the air conditioning unit and pressed the red button-- its always the red button. Cool air circulated the room. I was enjoying it when a knock came at the door. I opened it and Mr. Hollen walked in. He looked around like a health inspector. I was nervous just watching him.

"Have Agnes tell you what

you need to do tomorrow. Have my coffee ready at 6:00 a.m, and no later than that. Also, write down your previous address." He handed me a notepad and a pen.

I wrote it down and handed it back to him.

He left.

The guest room was much better than my entire apartment and much bigger too. My own luxury bathroom and toilet were adjoined, a queen-sized bed, a dressing table, walk-in closet, chandelier and air conditioning unit. I looked around in admiration. Everything appeared to be new and clean until I looked down at myself. I was still in a rag.

"There just has to be more to it, " I heard Halley say as I entered the kitchen. She was at the sink washing dishes.

Agnes had her face turned toward the oven.

"Can I help with anything?" I asked.

"Emma, go enjoy your room, " Halley teased.

"Halley!" Agnes scolded.

The red buzzer went off.

Halley dried her hands and picked up the receiver. "Yes, Mr. Hollen? Yes."

"Agnes, Mr. Hollen has a company coming over, so he wants dinner to be ready in less than an hour, " she said as she put the receiver back on the hook.

Agnes seemed to have gotten busier instantly. She moved like a jet, cutting and dicing, seasoning and tasting, here and there. I wanted to help but she insisted she'd do it on her own. I just looked on, picking up on a few things she was doing.

Halley looked at her watch. "Agnes, you have less than ten minutes."

"Okay girls, help me put these on two plates."

We followed instruction.

The door burst open. Mr. Hollen walked in dressed in a fresh suit. His hair still wet from his shower, causing it to shine more. He looked so yummy.

"Agnes, where's the food?"

"Right here, sir."

"Serve it in the wing, my fiancee had already arrived."

He is engaged?! I hollered inside then sighed. Of course. Who wouldn't want to marry him?

"Yes, sir." She put the plates on a tray and disappeared through the door; he followed after her.

Halley studied my face. "Oh, you didn't know he was getting married?" she asked with a laugh.

I felt something hurting inside, but I didn't show it. I couldn't show it. I just smiled at Halley.

There was a board in the kitchen that acted like a time keeper. It told what time we could finish work. You didn't dare leave or finish until it said so. After a bit of time the board read: "Dismissed". At the signal, Halley dashed out toward the servants' quarters and I walked back to the guest room, still hurt.

Why am I feeling like this? What's going on with me? I chastised.

I gathered myself as I fell into one of the softest beds I had ever had in my life, yet the feeling was so uncomfortable.

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