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   Chapter 20 CHAPTER TWENTY

From Hate to Love By fasheaster Characters: 6537

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Sauntering into the cafeteria in my extremely tight and short uniform, I loved the feel of eyes on me. My beauty was a charmer and I was proud of it. I walked smugly to Cyrus who was busy reading a book at a table, his food forgotten. He was looking so cool and handsome sitting there; I blushed at the thought of those sexy mouths of his that had been on mine the day before. I hoped to recreate that scene soon. He was so transfixed he did not notice me walking towards him and the many stares we were getting. Sliding into a chair next to him, I collected the book he was holding; I leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek.

I could hear the whispers and murmuring but I could care less, I made sure my eyes did not stray from his sensual own

Also ignoring the stares, he asked me politely drawing a cute smile "Should I order for you?" His voice was enough to make me flush red, my cheeks were hot, "Yes, please"

Closing his book, he stood up and went to the line, I watched him go, and loving the way he walked. He might be an arrogant nerd to the school but to me he is the boy whom I want to show all the love in the world.

I was still in my dream world admiring Cyrus as he ordered my food. A hand suddenly grabbed me; I turned, staring into the furious eyes of Anna, Hannah and Mercy. My forgotten minions

Offering them a halfhearted apology, I mouthed" You people can do your thing. I am having my lunch here"

"No, need to explain. It is plain for us to see" A much-clipped voice belonging to Hannah answered.

Keeping my cool, I try to explain to them "I am sorry for abandoning you guys but I really want to hang out with Cyrus today, I will hang out with you guys later"

Hoping that would assuage them but I was wrong. They all seemed angry for some reason.

"What is it?"

Anna was the first to speak and she did it not too gently, "You are going out with the nerd now Marie, How novel. D

when he did not, George suggested we pass the back entrance to enter the club since it would be less attention seeking. I agreed easily, we went to the back only to see an enraged set of Youth boys battling each other on the ground. Cyrus's handsome black head could be seen glistering in the sunlight as he pounced on his opponent. George and I watched the fight to the ending. We rushed away when we saw him coming our way.

"I know who he is, his strength and his weakness. His greatest fear and hope and I would see it is fulfilled and whoever was going to stand in the way of my love, I will not let them be." I yelled staring Nicole in the eye who had come to stand with the crowd ogling the scene. I found her alluring beauty a nuisance to me.

"And no one I repeat can take him away from me…"

"What if I do?"I turned sharply, letting my gaze slit into ab arrow looking straight into Principal Francis eyes. The students rushed about their duties. Mercy and Hannah disappeared with the crowd leaving Anna and I.

"Then I promise you, you will get burned and I will hurt you in the place it aches the most, " I vowed through clenched teeth, my body was literally shaking.

The Principal giving me scornful look, "I want Cyrus and Marie in my office now. Your parents will hear of this."

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