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Walking into the club, I scanned around for Richard, but there was not a glimpse of him, I shoved past the sea of bodies dancing wildly on the dance floor, moving off to the bar counter. I ordered a drink; I knew I would not touch. I was not a drinker. Moreover, as far as pretending to belong goes, I need to stay clear headed to fight.

After the endless scanning, I veered off the counter and stalked towards the rooms, various forms of serious shades of greys were going on in them, but I could care less, I opened the first door to reveal a couple, the man was older with a teenage girl on her knees in front of him probably getting him off. They squealed at me, I closed the door in disgust. I tried every one of the rooms with the same response; every one of them was occupied. However, with no sign of Richard and his crew. I cursed silently.

I was walking out the club when I caught a glimpse of Jerry, one of the boys that had specifically attacked me the day I was in the changing room. A heavy chested girl was giving him a lap dance, her breasts jiggling up and down on his chest. I needed the perfect distraction.

I grabbed hold of a bar girl, I gave her instructions to tell Jerry to meet me at the backyard of the club. The place was the perfect place for all sorts of unscrupulous activities, Girls were raped and dead bodies were found at the backyard of Rhea club but they were never reported. The perfect place to assert my revenge. All these years I have been holding in the years of insult, harassment and name calling, though they had not engaged in a physical fight with me that had been the first and I would make sure it was their last. I needed to make it good so as not to make them rattle off on me.

I went out immediately, dodging behind flowerbeds, I waited for my first victim; I will finish him off then make him call the others.

I did not have to wait for long as Jerry sauntered into the backyard, eyes blazing, his eyes were clear and shone dangerously devoid of the near fuck he had been involved in some minutes ago, he had unbutton his shirt before coming out, no doubt the girl that had been straddling him had took it off. His muscles and ripped abdomen shone in the moonlight, he looked ready to kill at having been disturbed but I was past caring for all of that. I would beat them all senseless before the night was over. It w

e could recognize me though only people who were in close circuits with my parents and my schoolmates knew me facially. I rarely strayed around the community except for purposes like these one late at night and my gym.

I dragged Richard up by his torn collar; fisting another punch I delivered it in his face, "I do not ever want to see you anywhere near me ever again. Tonight was just a warning. You fuck with me in school next time. And stay away from Marie or else I will bury you alive."

He let out a painful laugh with blood oozing out of his mouth "You are sick Cyrus; you are not want you claim to be. You are the same as your father. Cold hearted. You will never find love, does the girl you are protecting know you are like this, does she know you are a fucked up bastard who has gone crazy from being unloved?."

I swiped another punch at him and he landed in crumbled mess on the floor. "She knows about me and she loves me, because she and I are alike and we understand each other. You will do well to stay away from her. And remember Richard this is not over, You say a word in school, I will bury you, I know you have plugs you can use to get back at me but think twice if I can do this to you alone. I can expose your plug to the law you see and I can promise you I will come out clean."

I stepped on his broken arm for emphasis, before sending a crushing stamp to his head. He cursed violently before falling back.

I backed away into the darkness. I will surprise them on one by one. Cyrus Kaye was not just a Nerd he could be a protective lover too, and a fighter.

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