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"What did you say that got George so upset?" I asked Marie as I settled myself on her bed, I could smell her scent all over the bed. I sat upright though, not wanting to be suggestive. I had wanted to see her before heading to my destination. I would be bloodied up later so I came to see her first.

Marie blew a blond curl out of her eyes" Nothing just this and that" she replied obviously trying to ignore my question. I knew she was up to her schemes but I did not pressure her. The tempting thing with Marie as headstrong as she was her beauty was alluring. It was intriguing just staying by her side.

She set me on fire for her whenever she sat close; I could not resist any longer. I reached out a hand and dragged her to lie atop me on her bed. Clear hazel eyes stared at my dark ones, her eyes held the kind of sensuality that could cause any man to squirm. Her hair falling all around us, I twirled a curl on my fingers, she smelled so good. I rested her head on my chest, letting my hands find their way down her short skirt, seems Marie has a thing for short skirts which makes what I have in mind so easy. Not that I am complaining, I slid a palm up her leg until I was slowly pushing up her skirt, bunching it up at her waist.

Instead of moving away, Marie leaned more into my touch. I knew I was in trouble with the erection I was currently having and she was not helping matters as she pressed her body ever closer to me. She gave a soft moan in response to my fingers on her upper thigh stroking their way further in between her legs.

I raised her chin wanting to taste more of her, she parted her mouth and I covered it with mine, pressing my mouth into hers, it was our first kiss in days and I reveled in it. She melted into me; we took all we wanted from each other. Shivers went down my spine as I imagined doing things to her, taking these make out sessions of ours a little forward.

Pulling my mouth

, I sent him an acknowledging wave but he ignored me and walked passed me. I was about to call his name when Marie pulled me forward. I knew what this was all about, Whatever Marie had done to George, it was because of me and it must have been unfair to George. I made a mental not to talk to George alone later. We got to the living room in a matter of seconds, sending Mrs. Richwood a smile. I greeted Marie's father but all I got was a skeptical glance and an obvious disapproving look, I was not offended by it, I was used to people giving me that assessing gaze. My Dad's friends do it all the time after they have taken a good look at me and discovered, I was not the quiet and meek nerd, My Dad loves to describe me as. I bowed and left the house with Marie seeing me to the door despite her calling her back.

She kissed me goodbye and I left their house, I did not bother to cover my face. I wanted Richard and his friends to get the shock of their lives when they finally know what I was capable of, they would not even dream of causing trouble for me again might be a nerd but I am capable of other things of which Love was the most ultimate, It was something I would show my parents in days to come also. Bending my head in headed out of the Marie's Estate and headed towards Rhea's Club.

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