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"What?" George asked sounding winded, his just out of bed hair waving in the air.

"I said you will have to date Nicole and get her off Cyrus's tale. I need you to make Nicole fall in love with you." I said not battling an eyelid, I knew my plan was a delicate one, He might decide to back out if I do not pressurize him.

Stuttering, George stared at me in shock "That's impossible. I mean she does not like me. How can I do that to her, that is plain cruelty. I cannot play with a girl's feeling like that and besides you know I love Stacy and I am not going to jeopardize my relationship with her for one of your stupid games"

I ignored his analysis that was none of my business. I wondered how George came to know what I had been up to with Stacy. I turned to look at him skeptically

"Did Stacy tell you I was chatting with her?"

"Yes, she did and I knew you were up to no good instantly. Why are you doing this? Surely, there must be a reason. You cannot ask me to do that to her, and we are not even friends. I do not like her Marie. And it is basically against my moral values to do that." He deadpanned staring me straight in the eye. He was looking so pissed off. I was afraid he might explode any minute. Nevertheless, I was not moved, I will achieve my plan.

"I saw the way you were looking at her, you seemed infatuated with her, or was it just her curves?" I provoked steering the conversation the way I want it to go.

"I admit she is a black beauty but I do not have any interest in her Marie, Back off" He said angrily, he gave me a skeptical look "L

of excitement I slid down my bed in a hurry, the door to my room slid open, turning to look at my visitor, I jumped on him immediately I saw him. Staggering back to support my weight, he slid an arm around my waist.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was running an errand for Mrs. Adams and decided to stop by. Your Mom let me in though. I saw your brother downstairs. He seemed upset by something. Your Mom said it looked as if you guys had a fight again, everything okay?" He asked, arching a brow at me, fully expecting trouble, I smiled awkwardly, embarrassed to have been caught in the middle of my manipulative sections. "It is nothing. George is just being a sissy, I asked him to help with something and he refused so I might have blackmailed him a bit."

"You know what?"

"What?" scared of what his reply might be? I did not want Cyrus to be disappointed in me. I was doing all for him. The attraction I feel for this nerd scares me a lot.

However, I grinned when I heard his reply "That's why I love you. You are big, bold and beautiful, Queen Bee"

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