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By the time, Richard and his group were found; they were coughing and pounding on the Janitor's door so vigorously that they alerted the whole school to their dilemma. It was either they coughed to death or risked being exposed for smoking in school. They were sent to the sickbay to recuperate. I knew my plan was dangerous and they could get hurt so I stayed around with the intention of opening the door after a while. However, their hammering on the door got the school securities and teachers on them before my promised time. Thank goodness for small mercies, I snuck away quietly with my bag.

However, Principal Francis found the Cigarette packs they had been smoking; he punished them by giving them two weeks suspension. I heaved a sigh of relief. I would be spared their annoying presence for some time.

That Richard had started getting liberal with me and it was expedient for me to get rid of him. I will make sure I get closer to Cyrus during that period. My only obstacle is Nicole. The dark haired beauty was still hell bent on getting close to Cyrus and Cyrus being the person he was, continued entertaining her advances to lessen the impact of his rejection of her. I was sick to the stomach whenever I saw her trying to cling on to him with her voluptuous figure and her black beauty, she was so breathtakingly beautiful, it hurts. I might not have her figure but I was considered a hot beauty, and this beauty would not be outsmarted out of love. One might call me insecure but Principal Francis had so much hold on Cyrus and if he sees, his daughter was also infatuated by him. He might want to start an alliance of marriage between the two of them, and Cyrus's father would jump at the

loves his girls with curves maybe you should do some butt workout. You have such a flat ass. I could iron my clothes on it."

I was so angry that I picked up my phone and connected it to my laptop in a hurry to achieve my objective. I copied the snapshot of George and Nicole, gazing lovingly at the screen, the particular one I choose was filled with so much love that I could not help but click paste on my Facebook chat with Stacy. The picture was still loading when a heavily disheveled George ran into my room, he screamed when he saw the picture loading on my laptop screen.

"Marie? Please delete the picture, what do you want?" He shouted panting angrily

I chuckled, I had thought my plan would be hard to achieve but this was going to be very easy. Smiling triumphantly, I switched off my mobile data. Whirling my chair around, I faced George, his eyes were heated, if eyes could kill, I knew I would have already been burnt to pieces. However, that could wait; I need to set a very important plan of mine in motion.

Nicole just you wait, I will make sure you disappear from Cyrus Kaye's life. Nothing would get in the way of my love.

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