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It felt good to finally empty my heart out to someone instead of keeping it all in. I clasped Marie closer to my chest; No way was I ever letting go. If she was willing to stay with me after knowing my sorrows and sadness, then I would keep her forever.

Encouraged, I continued my stomach dropping harder; she squeezed my hand in reassurance "My Dad in order to keep up his image and to retain his clean status remained married to Mom…"

Shocked at my words, she gasped, raising her blond head to look at me, "He told her that?" That's cruel"

I smiled bitterly "To them it is not. They both care about the same thing; each had a personal aim they want me to fulfill for them. They have no love towards each other Marie. They are both famous now, and since they have been able to live with the resentments, they fill towards each other for Nine years. It is all quiet now, just that I do not have a loving home. They stole my childhood. Dad seeing Mom was not going to listen to his request of having another child turned his attention to me. I was to continue the Kaye Family's law dynasty. I had many home teachers; they came to coach me privately. That is why I do a lot better at school than the rest" I sighed bending my head on her shoulder, she reached out a hand, patting my back soothingly.

I continued, speaking softly against her shoulder "He handed me over to Principal Francis; Principal Francis is to report my every movement, my friends and all to him. They made me go to competitions and contests on different subjects. I have quite a lot of awards in that regard, but that is not what I need. I need a bit of love. However, my parents are both selfish beings who care only about themselves and had the misfortune of marrying each other. My Mom pretty much ignored me after Dad started loading me up with Law books. She had wanted me to become a model for her Clothing designs, since she claims I have her beauty. But Dad countered that wanting me to become a Lawyer, he told her if she wants to have a model as a son then she should give birth to one"


I heard Marie chuckling, she raised her head scared I would be annoyed she had laughed; "Sorry" she mouthed repentantly.

I stared at her in amazement. It was like a dream that I have so

something I was used to. Physical pain was new to me and I would make sure it was the last.

Limping, I managed to walk into the main school hall. I was walking past the Janitor's closet when a flash of golden hair caught my attention. I looked down; she was encroached in a catlike posture, a black bag rested on the floor beside her alongside a big padlock.

Curious I stepped back from sight, watching my mischievous kitten, not wanting to distract her. I watched as she unzipped her bag. She brought out three fire extinguishers; she arranged them in front of her. I looked on puzzled, it was then I heard faint noises of Richard and his boys coming from the Janitor's closet, it was their normal smoking hideout.

My blood turned hot in an instant. They were jealous of me and hated me for being the nerd of the school but they never gave themselves the opportunities to try on what I have.

Marie opened the door a little suddenly; she picked the three open extinguishers and threw them into the Janitors closet. The extinguisher powder flew out of the bottles in an instant. Filling the entire room. Richard and his gang, started up in a minute rushing towards the door but Marie already bolted the door locking it with her padlock. How she managed to remove the top of the extinguishers were beyond me

She stepped back grinning at her handiwork. She ran back carried her back and made a beeline out of the place. I laughed. I have found myself such a devil for a girlfriend. But that was not going to be all.

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