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"This is thrilling, " I muttered to myself.

I stood watching the both of them; he was so gentle with her I could not help but marvel. I have never seen my brother this gentle. He was the perfect man.

"George?" I called, "Why don't you get Nicole to the sickbay?" I offered, George shook his head at me.

"She needs to calm down first, she is completely irate and I know you have a hand in this" he accused lifting Nicole into his arms, he carried her bridal style, neatly tucking her skirt to cover her exposed flesh which I saw made his face flush, he swept the skirt down her open thighs.

He was about leaving when something clicked in my mind" How did you come here?"

"I followed you of course"

"Stalker" I charged at him but George only snickered, while Nicole whimpered the more, giving of the image of a weak maiden, I knew too well she was not.

"I saw you asking for someone all around the school, you are not so hard to miss. Therefore, I followed you and I am glad I did. You are always up to no good"

"It makes the two of us, darling. The two of us" Though I knew his opinion of me was true; I was nonetheless enraged by it. I looked at him as he left cradling Nicole. She was such a slimy pest; I will make sure I evict her from Cyrus's life if she does not back off from what's mine.

I took out my phone and took several snapshots of them. It will be useful for me later on.

Annoyed at the outcome of my perfectly mocking session, Fate had been nice to drop on my lap nicely only for George to spoil it. I scoffed, I would teach the both of them a lesson later. First, I need to find Cyrus.

I ran down the stairs going to the changing rooms as I ran along, I was suddenly held back by a hand, my hair flying aro

ry for another child. He wants to leave behind as many legacies as possible. That is what he termed children as. Tools to be used to propel the family name. Mom refused to agree to his demand; she wanted to run a designer chain, which she has finally done. She did not want anything running her figure. She claimed she was going to be the face of her brand so she needs to maintain her shape and childbearing would destroy that. She also confessed that giving birth to me had been a mistake she made during their honeymoon. She called me a mistake Marie. I should never have been born in the first place….." he broke down, tears running down his eyes, I wrapped his arms around my neck, pulling him into a hug. That must traumatizing for a kid to witness. I knew he had more to say but the tip of the iceberg was as bitter as the rest of it. No wonder he had closed up himself to the world. Burying himself into his books to escape his life.

But I will make it right. I will show him every bit of love he deserves.

"I am here for you Cyrus. I am never leaving. I will stand by you till the end, " I promised meaning every single word I said. No horizon could separate our love.

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